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Dead God = Nyctasha?

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  • Dead God = Nyctasha?

    It is heavily implied that Bane killed Nyctasha when he pulled a chestburster on her, making her a dead deity.
    When killing Anti-Mage, he says "I must have reminded him of someone he hated!", obviously referring to the Dead God, whose armies slayed all of Turstakuri but Anti Mage. Possibly we will get more info on this when Soul Keeper comes out, but until then, is it safe to assume that the Dead God is Nyctasha, and that she is not called Dead Goddess because none has ever seen the Dead God (every influence it has had on the lore has always been done through her own armies (AM, Undying)

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    Alas, the rivalry line of Bane's is more than likely a joke on Heroes of Newerth. Anti-Mage's clone there was called Magebane.

    So no, it's not safe to assume that Nyctasha is the Dead God because frankly, none of your theories there make sense at all. It's completely illogical to assume that a goddess that was in charge of dreams and stuff would go on to become a Dead God in her afterlife, the being that slew her also staying in the dark about her eventual fate. Because come on, he still has blood dripping from his form and evidently uses her powers that he outright chewed off in combat. I doubt she'd be able to become anything aside from a divine mess of a corpse, let alone take on a guise of a Dead God.

    I understand that references to other games isn't something that Valve does often, but that makes a good lot more sense than this.
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      I believe the reason why bane has this line is because he has the power to show people their nightmares, so bane shows am the dead god.


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        no, i bet 1337 is right, it must be a joke on magebane, i don't think that's the only one directed towards HoN.
        Originally posted by daed
        This is another example as to why the developers should never seriously take in consideration any post on the dev forums.


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          Yup. In HoN I think the jugg equivilant was called Swift blade.
          And so Jugg has a line saying "my blade is swifter"

          Or atleast that's what I was told
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            I think the "I must have reminded him of someone he hated" refers to Terrorblade, Anti-Mage's hated twin brother. And since Bane brings nightmares, maybe he gave Anti-Mage a nightmare of wonderful bromance.


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              It's only safe to assume when you're not assuming.


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                Originally posted by Shadrone View Post
                I think the "I must have reminded him of someone he hated" refers to Terrorblade, Anti-Mage's hated twin brother. And since Bane brings nightmares, maybe he gave Anti-Mage a nightmare of wonderful bromance.
                I have always thought that is what bane meant about him showing something he hated. I didn't know people have different ideas about it though.