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[Game Breaking] Item Dropping/Dragging System is Incompetent

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  • [Game Breaking] Item Dropping/Dragging System is Incompetent

    Currently, the item moving/dropping system is terrible, which leads it to becoming totally game breaking for the following few reasons;

    It takes too long to drag the item from your inventory to the desired spot on the ground. Compared to DotA 2's Warcraft 3 'lesser' counterpart (essentially DotA but applies to all of Warcraft 3) has a much better system handling moving items. Warcraft 3's system locks your item to your mouse, so you can move your item with your mouse, then simply right click it to a spot in your inventory or drop the item on a desired spot on the ground. What's more is that you can deselect your item drop command when it's locked on to your mouse cursor by clicking your left mouse key saving a lot of time in the process compared to dragging. Don't get me wrong, just because I've played Warcraft 3 doesn't mean my muscle memory can't change. I've completely adapted to the DotA 2 dropping/dragging system, and that is the reason why I noticed this peculiarity and am posting in this miscellaneous thread. DotA 2's system is incompetent because dragging your item by holding your right mouse key puts too much strain on your fingers by forcing you to carefully maneuver where you want to drop your item because if you misclick or change your mind, you would have to redo the process. The same applies to Warcraft 3, but the margin of error decreases when you don't have to hold your right mouse key for the entire duration you have to move/drop your item. At the end of the day, the Warcraft 3 method is more reliable, and saves more time.

    The second issue with items/dropping items is that whenever you drop an item at an encased or in closed area, the item tends to 'disappear' sometimes. Disappear is the correct word here because that's exactly what it does in theory. The game searches for the closest spot for the item to be dropped from your cursor drop point. In an open area, you would see that there is absolutely no problem with dropping/picking up items. However in small and narrow places in DotA 2, this drastically changes.

    Take a look at these images:

    Image 1

    In this screenshot, you can clearly see that I'm trying to drop my item in the corner of these trees to hide it because I perhaps have placed one ward, and don't want the enemy team to see that I have one leftover ward for example. The end result of me dropping this ward in the corner results in this:

    The item drops substantially farther away from the allotted targeted area. I'm not sure how this works entirely but perhaps the item hitbox is too big for the small narrow area to fit, so the game tries to find the closest spot to move the dropped item, which results in this happening. But I noticed a lot of peculiarities when this happens. The red circle I drew around the area of the dropped observer ward represents the area which the observer ward ends up after dropping it on the same spot multiple times. The item inconsistently ends up any ANY point inside this red circle. The item literally ends up in 4-5 different places after dropping it multiple times. What's more is that smaller items like ironwood branches inconsistently end up in more narrow places that observer wards cannot. This is probably due to the size of the observer ward compared to the ironwood branch. Nonetheless, both items ended up in 4-5 different locations inside the red circle therefore two different things need to be addressed here. The first is make it so items can actually fit in small and narrow places and the second is to fix items dropping inconsistently in different places that the game believes is 'the closest spot to move the dropped item'. If you fix the first problem, it will compliment the second problem, but fixing both independently reduces the margin of error if chance allows this to happen in the future.

    The third thing I'm going to address is dropping one item on top of another. The game does not allow you to drop your inventory item ontop of an item already on the ground. For example, there's a gem on the ground and you want to pick it up, so you drop an ironwood branch on the same selected area of the gem. What happens here is that since there is already a gem in that spot, the game does not allow you to drop your ironwood branch on that spot either, so your action of dragging your ironwood branch all the way from your inventory is void/null. A fix to this problem would be to allow DotA 2 to 'move the dropped item from your inventory on top of gem to directly beside it' instead of of having the entire process voided like it never happened.

    The forth and last issue is concerning placing observer and sentry wards from your inventory to certain places on the map. This problem will be fairly easy to identify if you are an avid support player. When placing an observer or sentry wards, sometimes you try to place them a bit close to 'impassable' or 'invalid' terrain. What this results in is that the game does not allow you to place the wards on terrain that looks like you can place the wards because it's actually not a valid observer ward spot. This is a problem because you lose a lot of time during the duration you keep attempting to place the ward. This is especially apparent with sentry wards when chasing invisible heroes at the edge of treelines for example, where you are unable to place sentry wards in places that look like you can place them. This problem should be solved by the game automatically placing wards to the closest spot from your targeted 'invalid spot' to the closest 'valid spot' with limitations of course. If the game were to auto correct your ward placement to a farther 'valid location' the ward would have essentially teleported.

    I took screenshots and made a reenactment of the first time this problem #2 happened to me. It was a complete hassle because I didn't know items would not fit in small areas.

    Screenshot 1: I casually place a ward on the cliff, however I do it without letting my enemy know I have a ward.

    Screenshot 2: Next I go to the back of the treeline and dump the observer ward there to make it less suspicious.

    Screenshot 3: VOLVO PLS. I spent 2 whole minutes wondering where my observer ward went in that game and had to use a courier to find where it dropped because it HAD to be in the area or else where would it go?

    All bold letters are TLDR's of each problem in each of the four paragraphs. These problems are game breaking and should be addressed.
    Last edited by NyCe; 08-15-2013, 07:25 AM.

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      Good thread, thoroughly written.
      I have experienced most of these things myself as well.

      I also suggest some mod (or OP?) move this to the Gameplay Bugs forum as well.


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        I still think there should be a Drop option in the same menu as Disassemble. It's really annoying to do this in crowded Rosh pit for example, where you might accidentally try to force your Wraith Band or GG branch into an allied inventory that is full or on another item, say previous GG branches of previous Roshings, just because the hitboxes collide with your dragging.
        Last edited by Hamara; 08-15-2013, 08:38 AM.


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          I agree that the system isn't perfect but the fact that items cannot be put in trees is pretty new. I think it has been added like two months ago to avoid people hiding your items in trees. I could be wrong!


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            You have no idea what "gamebraking" means.
            Gamebreaking is something that makes you unable to play, like the game crashing when loading, or in a single player game where you can't continue playing due to a bug.
            This item moving/dropping is just a minor nuisance.


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              Please god


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                Originally posted by Mazza View Post
                You have no idea what "gamebraking" means.
                Gamebreaking is something that makes you unable to play, like the game crashing when loading, or in a single player game where you can't continue playing due to a bug.
                This item moving/dropping is just a minor nuisance.
                It's not game breaking to the absolute extreme but I do believe it's a problem even though it's a small problem. But you know, small things add up. For the most part, I say it's game breaking because you can lose precious time if this is your first encounter. Trust me, it's something you absolutely do not want to experience because if you were playing a serious game for example and never had this happen to you, chances are you wouldn't be forgiven so easily. Sure you'd find your item eventually, but there's more than just time lost if you divert your attention to completely finding the whereabouts of your missing item. But this is just an example. Most cases are less extreme but you can never be too careful.


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                  totally agree. even im quite fast with "shifting" items now and learned it somehow in my 2000 games, it's still slower than it was in wc3 and bothers me.


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                    There should be right click option "Drop" just like "sell".


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                      Inventory management especially needs to be addressed after the recent gem change. Where in the past if an enemy gem was on the ground you could quickly deal with it by a-clicking, now you have to drop your teleport scroll or sentry wards or whatever before picking it up if you didn't already have an empty slot, and it can be really frustrating doing so.


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                        wouldnt this prevent using items from the inventory? like actives. i know there are hotkeys for stuff like that but I still use the inventory occasionally for stuff like tp scrolls and tangoes etc


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                          Originally posted by Renusek View Post
                          There should be right click option "Drop" just like "sell".


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                            Originally posted by Renusek View Post
                            There should be right click option "Drop" just like "sell".
                            Originally posted by Cordwainer View Post
                            ^^^, + everything the OP said.

                            Now that I think back on it; although I didn't play DOTA competitively (I played TONS of custom maps; usually RPGs, which had tons of items), I can recall its click -> move -> click system to be much faster than a click-hold -> drag -> release system. Though, that system is slower for quickly moving items around in your inventory, IMO.

                            Can we sell items by dropping them on the shop? I've never tried.. If not, then there's another thing I'd like added!
                            Edit: Yes we can, good.
                            Last edited by DAOWAce; 08-30-2013, 08:47 PM.
                            Matchmaker was tweaked, but sure as hell wasn't anywhere close to fixed:


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                              +1, I always do this as well.