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  • Pas Chat is dying. Help.
    James "2GD" Harding's career as a Dota 2 host on Valve events
    * 25.02.16 - † 26.02.16


    • Originally posted by GermanViet View Post
      All the cool kids are asleep.


      • Originally posted by Noo View Post
        You know what they say about assuming.
        You said talking about it should be bannable.
        You talked about it.
        The rule does not exist, but if it did, you would be banned now.


        • Noo is literally EESEES-

          - cuz he scrublrod


          • Okay, let's take a vote.

            !ban Noo 1/5


            • WAIT, isn't that Noo basically asking to get banned? I remember someone (IIRC he had a black guy in the avatar) getting banned for precisely the same thing.

              Jan pls provide and I will make you the greatest in Koridai! OR ELSE YOU WILL DAI


              • !ban Noo 4/5
                Drow is love, Drow is life. I fap every day.


                • Originally posted by Dramaideale View Post
                  WAIT, isn't that Noo basically asking to get banned? I remember someone (IIRC he had a black guy in the avatar) getting banned for precisely the same thing.

                  Jan pls provide and I will make you the greatest in Koridai! OR ELSE YOU WILL DAI
                  If we get 5 votes then I'll get myself banned.


                  • !ban Noo 5/5
                    Drow is love, Drow is life. I fap every day.


                    • Originally posted by Jimmy81 View Post
                      But I am butthurt. I made that pretty clear. I have (had) to suffer these insufferable gifs.

                      Originally posted by Phoenix.
                      2013: 10 heroes, 3 reworks, 4 events, hats, 1 arcana and TI
                      2014: 4 heroes, 2 events, 2 arcanas, hats, 1 rework and TI.
                      Lazyness. Not to mention the lack of bugfixes, and the amount of new ones with each new content added

                      Credits to Phoenix.


                      • I also give my vote to ban Noo then

                        JAN PROVIDE WE GOT 5 VOTEs


                        • Let's watch games instead.
                          TT vs Fnatic


                          • Originally posted by Physicaque View Post
                            Nice joke.


                            • welcome to the twilight zone

                              get your popcorn ready shits about to go down
                              If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.


                              • found this brand new copypasta on playdota

                                When are You (Valve) going to fix the stinking punishment systems? Punishing 9 players by ridding 1 of His/Her communication privileges doesn't really make sense to me when you can just have people a) Mute people you don't want to talk to or b) Mute everyone because you know you'll get reported if you say something they disagree with (how it's currently working; Player A doesn't agree with Player B and Player B gets punished). The low priority system is worse now than it used to be, and it used to be awful. The old system of spending X amount of hours in the low priority pool was better (not good) than the current one because you could just play on a different account or play another game, the current one allows for no such thing. Common scenario: I'm on the Radiant team and I completely dominate the top lane playing 1vs2/3 => team goes on to feed like morons and they don't listen to my advice (or WELL PLAYED/GET BACK/CARE in this case. Thx Valve) => I don't want to stay in the game because I'm not pro-grieving => I get punished for their bad behaviour.

                                Also, when will the mods stop closing threads that have insane amounts of value to them? Whenever a thread hits too close to home it gets deleted (OMG YOU SAID THAT PROS SUCK OMG I MUST CLOSE YOUR THREAD!!! OMG CLEARLY A TROLL GUYS. YOU SAID THAT AN IMBALANCED HERO IS IMBALANCED. OMG Such insolence... such arrogance... must be PUNISHED! in this case). It's pretty damn obvious to any non-retarded person (and probably the retarded ones too) that this forum is MAINLY being used by fanboys to talk about the lowbob tier competitive scene of DOTA 2, and not important stuff such as THINGS THAT NEED CHANGING ASAP.

                                It would be pretty darn sweet if the player base would stop idolizing bad/overrated (read average in relative terms) players and actually start to work on their game. The play is just as dull at the start of beta as it is right now. Jk. It's far worse. Hue hue. I don't want people who don't realize that item builds are situational, that some items are a complete waste of gold, that support doesn't refer buying wards/courier or that carry refers to a hero, etc. When the absolute average skill level of players is much lower than the relative average skill level, you've got a very bad team game.