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[Suggestion] Option to make neutral spawn boxes and range of wards visible

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  • [Suggestion] Option to make neutral spawn boxes and range of wards visible

    I very often see top teams totally failing at warding, and lets just not talk about the rest.

    What i am suggesting is that neutrals spawn boxes are displayed with a white border, if you try to place a ward inside it becomes a red border and it stays red while ward is up, of course if enemy places a ward in it the border stays white. The range of wards also visible while placing them and when active, also while placing obs it should show the post placement vision with a blue tint, showing how much actual vision that ward will provide.

    This would make the game more newbie friendly, and allow like 100% of the dota players to step up their warding game.

  • #2
    This won't harm the game in any way.
    (now we have to wait 1 year for Valve to implement it)
    This is how Dota2 games should look like! Game 1_Game 2_Game 3_Game 4_Game 5_Game 6


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      Sarcasm aside, I would really love to see something like this made available in a practice lobby when cheats are on. Like what they've done with the range indicator.


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        since they removed dota_range_display from both online mm and private lobbies/bot games, i highly doubt Valve will consider your suggestion.
        Furthermore i personally believe that its okay to leave dota as difficult as it is, IF you provide ways to learn these things in single player or tutorials.

        it cant be much effort to implement console commands or cheats that are only available in single player.

        i suggested that they make commands to display every range of every item in inventory and spawn boxes aswell as ward range and a "cheat" to remove stock cooldown for wards.

        Dota 2 should NOT make playing the game easier, but learning it must be made accessible to everyone.

        I need to visit 3 different sites to know all spell stats and interactions since dota 1 and valve hasnt changed a thing about it. Plus, since they removed the "learn" tab ingame, i dont even think they are even trying.
        to me, it seems like they are trying to teach dota it in an "epic" way with full scripted tutorials on different maps. nice idea, but doesnt help when you release 1 tutorial a year while it takes only some hours to implement said "cheat" commands.
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          @Stinkepete what i think about this is:

          make easy mode available and add it there (not all other modes) so that new players can easily see were to ward etc...
          If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.


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            Originally posted by Jan2011 View Post
            @Stinkepete what i think about this is:

            make easy mode available and add it there (not all other modes) so that new players can easily see were to ward etc...
            thats a nice idea but in my opinion the old easy mode of dota 1 did more harm than good for players with the aim to improve their gameplay, as they get used to less twr dmg and dont even care about lh etc.
            for the casual players who want play that mode all the time or just troll items one game its awesome though^^ id like to see easy mode back

            on the other hand it rises to many questions and problems: what game mode is it then? always ap? ppl gonna complain. you divide player pool and increase search time, ppl gonna complain. beginners who transition from easy mode to normal gonna feed HARD, ppl gonna complain. i believe you also have to change server setups and ingame UI for new gamemodes. its so much trouble for valve, i could even understand if they say its not worth the effort.

            I can not understand however, why they dont make it available in single player for those who want to practice seriously because that shouldnt take much time and workforce at all!
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