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Matchmaking Feedback

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  • Matchmaking Feedback

    So lets match 5 people, all with the same clan tag, with 40% more wins than losses all on the same team. No problem there.

    And lets put ANYONE ELSE on the other team. Anyone else being two players with less than 10 games, and the others I didn't even have the courage to go look. But I'm sure they were just as bad, if not worse.

    Yea, that leads for an awesome game. Sat afk from 10 mins onwards when I got ganked by a Rhasta with Blink and Arcane boots.
    Fuck that for a joke.

    So lets try again. Shake it off.

    Lets match a party of 5 against ANYONE ELSE in the matchmaking cue.

    Yea, that leads for a game ALMOST as awesome as the previous one. I random, everyone else picks carries.
    You can take that one and run with it.... NOT.

    One more try.

    I look at my Wins / Total Played. 75 wins, 65 losses, 5 abandons. Puts me at 53% wins. Pretty average, I know. Let's enter Matchmaking alone and see what happens. 206 online players and myself, shrug that last game off, Matchmaking will work properly now, right?

    Oh, look at that. Less than 30 seconds and I got a game. AWESOME!

    Alright, Void Lich, Venge and Riki.
    WAIT, WHAT!?!one!one1one1



    /rant. Sorry.

    Again, I apologize. But either you guys need to place a big fat warning that says DO NOT MATCHMAKE ALONE IF YOU INTEND ON WINNING, or maybe take another look at this so called "algorithm".

    I can't possibly be in the same player skill level as these guys. Not saying I'm good, I'm right there on the average button (probably because I MM alone so much, but these guys were terrible. I mean TERRIBLE). I won't name anyone as the point is not to single out individuals, but to express severe anal-pain at the process of matchmaking Dota2 alone.

    Oh, and for bonus points, here is a magical screenshot. I blurred out Riki's name as its not the intention to ridicule the individual, but the role he plays in this story.

    Last edited by alwaysgorandom; 12-07-2011, 11:09 PM.

  • #2
    still beta so obviusly the mm isnt at peak performance. i get some good games sometimes tho which makes me happy. is for sure better then what i was doin in dota 1 so i cant complain.

    i solo mm all the time and actually a lot of my wins come from that.


    • #3
      and now?

      same shit as in hon, lol and on dota clients

      whats ur problem?

      if they make it SOLO then u have to wait 2000 years to play one match


      • #4
        Originally posted by alwaysgorandom View Post
        Sat afk from 10 mins onwards when I got ganked by a Rhasta with Blink and Arcane boots.
        You deserve to be matched with Riki and Void every game.


        • #5
          this isn't a problem at all in hon

          my guess is that it's only a problem in DOTA2 because of the relatively small pool of players


          • #6
            Originally posted by KillDeer View Post
            You deserve to be matched with Riki and Void every game.
            And drag out that rape fest for an additional half hour?

            No thank you, I have a job, a woman and a drinking habit. My time is a little more valuable than that.


            • #7
              Originally posted by schisch01 View Post
              whats ur problem?
              the problem lies not with solo vs. solo queues, it lies with "obviously awesome players" vs. "clearly fresh to the game players" matchmaking.

              Its supposed to MATCH MAKE, not provide the tools for Mass Murder.
              Last edited by alwaysgorandom; 03-21-2012, 11:07 AM. Reason: wording


              • #8
                Mass Murder...sounds nice

                Hate to say it but MM simply cant work perfectly with this low amount of player count.


                • #9
                  I am not happy with the way MM works either. Maybe it's because there are too few players in the queue so they are keeping the search range larger than the intended retail version.


                  • #10
                    200 players in US-East alone when I posted this rant.


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by alwaysgorandom View Post
                      200 players in US-East alone when I posted this rant.
                      I expect like 10.000 players in US-East queue during peak times after the retail. I might be pretty off with the number though, I am just expecting this game to have a huge player base. 200 players might still be too few for the algorithm to work properly. I am not absolutely sure the reason is the low number of players though, I just know I am not happy with the current state.


                      • #12
                        200 is a really small amount

                        when there's 10,000+ players, I imagine it'll work a lot better


                        • #13

                          I proceeded to ask them if they knew where the dev forums where.

                          Ask me if they knew what these forums are for.
                          Ask me if they knew where these forums where.
                          Ask me if they had any interest in contributing.

                          .... anybody got a shotgun I can borrow? I promise to leave no fingerprints or blood splatter.


                          • #14
                            90+% dont even know that there is a beta forum


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by Zasz View Post
                              I am not happy with the way MM works either. Maybe it's because there are too few players in the queue so they are keeping the search range larger than the intended retail version.
                              this.. "probably" it would be fixed later more better... and that 200plyrs, mybe they were 100 n00bs (read: new players) and old one were allready matched in game or just online..afk.. :/ something like that..but must agree with this, just at the moment, too few players to see how mm properly works.. you maybe have another option.. last night, around 2-3am it was getting hard to mm with people from europe, my time zone,(everyone had life, so they slept -.- ) so i activated US region.. and must say pretty fun and good games.. mybe 1, or none new players.. or i was just that darn lucky

                              offtopic: random goes nuts .. better liked your trollololol post on PD :P