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Enemy Mana Bars

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  • Enemy Mana Bars

    The healthbars in dota 2 essentially allow you to know how much health your opponents have (thanks to the 250 and 1000 tick marks). My question is, if you have this implemented, why not show enemy mana bars as well? If it is considered skill to click on an enemy and check their mana, why is that logic not held consistent for the health bars? As I've mentioned in previous threads, I respect the skill vs new features debate, but you need to be more consistent with basic mechanics of the game such as this. I for one have no issues in showing the enemy mana bars.

  • #2
    no just because one reason! imo its port d1 into d2 also there was disscusions about if yes or no and the answer is no just think about chasing 1vs1 if you dont have time to check enemies mana


    • #3
      I don't think they should have done it. I also think they should remove the tick marks on the opponents.
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        no way


        • #5
          I like this as a usability improvement, but it has some significant balance implications


          • #6
            My opinion about this is simple:
            if selecting enemy heroes shows you their current mana, enable enemy mana bar.
            if selecting enemy heroes doesn't show current mana, no need for mana bar.


            • #7
              Truth is: If valve put manabars on enemy heroes too, 50% dota1 players wont play dota2 just because of this . If there is a thing what ppl rly dont wanna see implemented in dota 2 its this.
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              • #8
                If they add it now we'll see cooldown indicators, roshan respawn indicator, "if the enemy has TP" indicator for ganking...

                its good the way it is, dont make the game play itself


                • #9
                  Why doesn't starcraft 2 add mana bars for enemy casters? Why doesn't warcraft 3 have a health pot indicator on top of enemy heroes if they have a potion available? There's a lot of things that makes the game "more useable", but are not desired.


                  • #10
                    Please no, it's really not that advanced to click on enemy heroes to see their mana pool. There is no need to add this, sure it would be great, but so would a cooldown indicator as well, but then you are punishing the people that 'feel' it out or actually count to themselves. Part of the game is knowing when an enemy can and can't cast spells. Taking that away is a drastic change that I don't think would be for the better.


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                      Why show enemy mana when you click on them?


                      • #12
                        I am always against this. This adds a huge advantage for both sides and remove's the element of surprise from the game.
                        It isn't always so easy to check your enemy's mana while chasing them and this many times results in unexpected things.

                        Just another day.


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                          Originally posted by blaow View Post
                          Why show enemy mana when you click on them?
                          So you can check if they mana!


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                            Originally posted by Gkfzz View Post
                            If they add it now we'll see cooldown indicators, roshan respawn indicator, "if the enemy has TP" indicator for ganking...

                            its good the way it is, dont make the game play itself
                            Unfortunately, most of this stuff already exists. Lots of teams at LAN have a sixth player that sits over their shoulders and keeps track of things like enemy Black Hole cooldown, Roshan respawn, MIA calls, etc. So it's a bit more complicated of an issue than just "is it taking the gameplay away from the players?" The pros are already frequently doing just that, so I regret saying it, but that ship has sailed.

                            I'm not sure what to do about it, but it's worth thinking about. The sixth player thing could be banned at LANs, but it's not enforceable for online tournaments for obvious reasons. Either way, it raises questions about what we're comfortable with having as the responsibility of the actual player.


                            edit: I realize this doesn't have much to do with the manabars topic itself, since the player at the controls still needs to actively do the click on the enemy, even if he has a friend watching. But it is relevant to the broader theme of how much information we spoon-feed players, so I figured I'd mention it.


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by blaow View Post
                              Why show enemy mana when you click on them?
                              THIS! Either hide current mana completely or give mana bar.

                              People who are against MP bars, why do we have HP bars then? you can just click and see hp, right?
                              Also, if hp bars were not present, heroes could bluff opponents even with low hp...
                              Try disabling hp bar and play a game without'll see how many times you get fooled.