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How should Phoenix look like?

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  • How should Phoenix look like?

    Vote here:

    I want to see if I am alone with my opinion.
    Please mods keep it open.

    For everyone who didn't notice it yet, they added Phoenix materials to the game which look like this:

    btw, Phoenix was supposed to be a bird earlier, according to the voice lines towards him:
    Just like a bird
    human attributes (human face, arms, etc)
    I Don't want to have this hero in Dota.

    The poll is expired.

    Last edited by Typhox; 01-08-2014, 01:39 AM.

  • #2
    Yes he needs to remain as a BIRD.


    • #3

      A true demon can never die.

      I dare you to show me your bones.


      • #4
        changes sometimes are good but some things are okay as they are and dont need a change.

        phoenix is a bird in dota 1, why give it human form when a bird was perfect. no need to touch this. just make a phoenix.

        OH WAIT... I THINK I GOT IT. valve is afraid of blizzard because they have a npc wich is named phoenix and is obviously a phoenix. clearly blizzard owns and invented phoenixs and anything similar should be considered as copyright

        first time i 100% support you typhox, would die for you, keep it up we want a bird not a human.


        • #5
          Phoenix is a phoenix !! ! ! Don't make it retarded or something ugly.. ffs !
          How hard can it be to design a nice phoenix?

          Sued by who ? by mythology?


          • #6
            Pretty obvious poll answer.
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            • #7
              Remember, remember the 1st of November


              • #8
                I'm guess Phoenix now Icarus from Greek mythos.


                • #9
                  This poll is not good enough. I expect a category of "birdular" or no votes.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by rockonrob View Post
                    This poll is not good enough. I expect a category of "birdular" or no votes.
                    The second one. Mix between bird and human (similar to skywrath).


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by Typhox View Post
                      The second one. Mix between bird and human (similar to skywrath).
                      I do not see Birdular.


                      • #12
                        mix should be fine

                        or lets go full BIRDULAR


                        • #13

                          definitely not a fan of a human-like phoenix -_- ...


                          • #14
                            Dude i just saw that texture and i want to cry, seriously, i dont know wtf they were thinking... i look like a retarded version of puck with flames....

                            Im a motherfucking Phoenix. A bird on fire. THERE IS NOTHING NEW TO ADD VOLVO, DAFUQ ARE YOU TRYING. IS LIKE SAYING ZEUS WAS THE GOD OF WATER. Srsly what is this shit?

                            I hope they change this as they changed Elder's Titan alpha human face.

                            Im pissed off and sad. Waiting 2 years this day to have that ugly bitch texture.
                            PAS HALL OF FAME


                            • #15
                              Black bird, with feathers turning orange then yellow and tips of feathers in fire. Original head, nothing like common birds and with some crazy looking feathers like in peacock.

                              Fhoenix is a magnificent creature, not a crazy ass funny fairy. Why they changing something which shouldn't be changed?

                              Storm Spirit: fat boy -> generic male
                              Lion: ugly fat boy -> generic cat looking face with not matching fat body
                              Puck: fatty crazy looking fairy (small eyes, fat face) -> slim face, big eyes
                              Venomancer: kind of a bug -> snake like Cobra (it would be far better new Viper look)
                              Phantom Assassin: kinda interesting ugly face -> pale generic looking female face
                              Dazzle: no comment, just awful

                              When they should just going generic they trying to make something original, when they should be original they going generic, I can't understand.

                              Excuse me my english.