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New Low priority queue punishment

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  • New Low priority queue punishment

    Ok, so I got disconnected from a game the other day for a critical Windows update, seems to have been a crticial vulnerabilty one as it's the third game in the past few days I have seen that happen to someone in, and I almost never get force restarted by windows updates, they just wait till I log off. I rejoin after the update installs but it's too late, I am greeting with a low pri message after the restart. So I'm in low pri, and see that it's now 5 games instead of 24 hours. Fair enough, I think it should be a bigger deal and that people shouldn't just have "play something else for a day" as a choice of punishment. My circumstances might have been BS but I can't expect dota or valve to sort that out except for maybe a longer reconnect time..can't expect pugs to pause for people and my punishment really shouldn't rely on the patience of the dota community to hold a pause as that's a moving goalpost. So there's a gigantic inherent flaw in the system already, but anyway... I figure I'll serve my sentence and be done with it. First two games are full of the type of uncooperative, trolling trash you would expect in low pri but I finish them out. 3rd game, someone leaves the game and gets abandonment; safe to leave...sweet I'm down to 2 games, right? Nope..that game doesn't count even though it was "safe to leave". Which brings me to what I really really hope is a bug...or at least a gross oversight. You folks can't possibly expect me to finish out 'safe to leave' low pri games in order to remove my punishment. Not to mention, low pri games finish less often in general, someone's always leaving as you get the 'lifers' that just never make it out and rage quit. I supported this game enough that I bought access during the beta, have bought a few keys, announcer, background and some items etc. I'm fine with the punishment system in general, but don't force me to finish already abandoned low pri games to get out, that's just plain bullshit... It's a miracle if a low pri game actually finishes. (Hell even getting one to start is a feat)

    Now I understand what may be Captain Obvious's next response here is "well see what you do when you quit games hmmmkaaay?" Yeah, except I have to deal with everyone else leaving too, as do we all. I'm putting up with it at probably 20 times the rate that I'm forcing others to put up with it. It sucks but you have the choice to play it out or not. Real world stuff happens, disconnects, windows updates etc. If your time frame is so short that I can't get back in before getting a leave if I have to restart, then you're punishing me for something out of my hands, and then forcing me to finish ruined games, which is the punishment not fitting the crime. Anyway, please fix this. It might be working as intended and not bugged, but if so it was definitely a serious mistake. I'd rather take my time and gaming dollars elsewhere than sit in DOTA hoping a low pri game will actually finish. That 5 game sentence could end up being 10 for all I know.
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    I really don't like any of the community updates that were presented in this new update, but especially this one (I don't get into LPQ, but if I did, it'd be quite annoying) I don't see the direction they were trying to go with this at all.