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General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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    Que times take a really long time, i guess thatls how you know they are only putting you in matches you belong in.

    So far I like the ranked MM, until you win a few games then it expects you to 1v5.


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      - Can see my point
      - I can refuse friend stack requests


      - Ranked MM is not competitive as it described in the game. People don't care to win and still troll the games. No different than unranked expect shown point
      - Parties add too much variance to the game. Just like the example you give in blog, there are way more better and worse players playing a game which reduces the fun 1000 times. Game is not ok when gpm chart crosses zero in 30 min mark. It is fun when players are in same skill level. There is no fun to play a game where a 2000 MMR player and a 3000 MMR player play against each other or at the same party.
      - Solo ranked is a total mess. Skill levels and play levels in consecutive games are beyond explanation.

      - Moderate ranked games!!!!!! Don't allow more than a certain MMR difference in a game. Don't put 2K guys and 3K guys. Give mroe reports for trolls, feeders and clueless captains(forgot to pick, randomed etc.. don't allow this). Make it a serious business like IXDL.
      - Give solo option for solo players. Don't expect win for random players against tryhard 5 stack.
      - Hire a proper professional for ranked system, pay him/her a decent amount and increase our experience/fun level in the game. Don't insist on your fail methods.
      - Moderate ranked games!!!!!!
      - Moderate ranked games!!!!!!


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        people really appear to be playing better in ranked, which is good


        people able to use ranked MM (which i understand as a queue to have good games with people trying hard to win) as training ground for heroes. this can lose you the game.
        solution: make it so only heroes with a performance bar OR with a performance bar above average can be picked by the player (if you play -cm or -cd and draft you still can only play those heroes you have already played some times)


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          Dislikes: 5 solos vs 5 man stack

          Likes: Better communication and less trolling. Overall better games!
          sigpic <-- My work is done, if this gets implemented
          Also: つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Soloqueue!
          Need some incentive to start a match of dota?

          Originally posted by DarkLite
          Valve has abandoned the game! The game is now safe to leave.
          No statistics will be recorded.


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            Useless thread. The whole purpose of this sticky is to prevent discussion on this topic and to have a "catch-all" thread for this particular issue so that it can more easily be ignored.

            Don't get me wrong, I'm sure your welcome to discuss it here, but after 20 pages, it's more like spitting in the wind than it is having a discussion. Meanwhile, people are not going to be allowed to have discussions on this topic outside of this thread.

            As far as my opinion on the subject? Likes: can see rating. Dislikes: It's basically tryhard+ mode in most games. You get a little bit better games but at the first sign of trouble all the usual difficulties with regular matches seem to become amplified. People give up sooner, flame harder, point fingers more, disconnect the moment they don't like team makeup or see foreigners, etc etc.


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              we finally have the possibility of Ranked matchmaking
              the overall game quality has improved. If i play ranked most of the players take the game seriously while in unranked you can play less seriously and don't get full serious enemys.

              Update 30.01.2014: this isn't true anymore! normal MM is full of smurfs that play 100% serious because the rank in RMM after the calibration matches is to 90% decided by the rating normal MM gave you. (and i actually think you can't blame the players for that but your system regarding the starting Rating in RMM). while this happens in normal MM, RMM is now full of leaver because if they think they have no chance to win with their lineup/against the enemys lineup/teamdistribution they leave before firstblood/2mins mark. And RMM is full of trolls which is the reason those early leavers appear.

              disabled Ranked matchmaking for Low Prio Guys
              also a quality improvement

              Update 30.01.2014: muted players shouldn't be allowed to play RMM

              you need a certain number of games to get in RMM
              no hard smurfing, and also prevents to get total beginners in the calibration matches


              even the most players have the right mindset there are still some gameruiner in Ranked matchmaking
              Some Guys still don't want to play this game in a comp. fashion (f.e. senseless picks as Captain, insta-lock certain heroes in AP, no communication in all modes) but are searching for ranked just because they like to ruin games or because they think they are the best etc. which might be solved with new report sections that only accure in ranked and have less limitation.

              solution to the captain issue might to make a seperate option when searching for a game. you can tick an option to be a drafter (like servers, language etc.) the captain/drafter of a team gets double the points (in both ways + and -) after the match the team can upvote and downvote the drafter (like on reddit: works only once per account and you can rethink your decision) if you get matched with other players who has enabled this option the player with the most upvotes gets the slot!

              Update 04.04.2014: Another remedy could be that after the darfts finished both teams can vote thier drafts. if one team (without the drafter) is unanimous assent that this lineup can't lead to a balanced game they can vote that way and the match is forfeited.
              Of course you still lose some MMR in result of that but not much (make it like -5) and the other team get the same amount plus, but at least to avoided wasting ~20-40mins with a troll captain/lineup and lose 25 or more MMR because of that. because the fact that you still lose MMR it wouldn't make sense just too use this to avoid specific heroes lineups in my opinion.

              no or less teamsynergy because playerroles are overlapping in Ranked matchmaking
              in unranked this doesn't matter this much but in ranked where everyone want to play their A-game there should be an option to make more preferences into the search considering the role of a player (mid, offlane, support, carry, 2nd support-jungler-roamer) the communication is way better which makes this solvable in-game but sometimes you still got 2 or more players who wants to take the same role because they feel most confident in it, any other role would take them out of their comfortzone and make them play worse automaticly. (so there is a chance a game gets decided just by who got the better teamsynergy in terms of roles)

              Update 30.01.2014: Another factor why there is no synergy is that RMM is so full of noob even in the 4k+ section that nobody trust each other and want to play a hero you can snowball with and carry the game alone! plz fix your rating to actually match the players skill and not something else.

              90% of player are ranked/matched correctly, but you got mostly 1 guy on 1 team that is just out of place in my opinion
              At least 4 games of my 10 RMM were decided by this 1 guy either for my team or the enemys by just being not captable to keep up with the other 9 players on the field. Example: Jugger was the one here even the stats might be ok-ish in the replay you will see that the other 4 were try to do stuff while jugger kept farming way beyond any defense line and got caught off several times while his farming ability was so bad that our Bristleback who was fighting with us the whole time even got more cs, also when teamfights happened he sarted with his ulti and than either starts chasing (of course way too deep) in case of won teamfight or were fleeing with almost full hp in the case the teamfight gone not our way making it a 4vs5 everytime (and look his HD even the 2nd support had done more dmg to the enemys!). 2nd ex:, here very simple LC just went into woods which leads that our dual vs trilane lost of course while giving no ganks or impact in return, look his HD tells everything. kept farming whole game. 3rd ex: in this one tiny were the one to blame ignoring the fact that his item choise was poorly he managed to get caugth of several times on his lane without ganks by just very poor positioning, never joined a fight if it wasn't on his lane and kept tossing allys into the enemys (again HD and also TD shows enough!). 4th ex: maybe i stop after this but this rubick was just literally the only reason our enemys lost that game. he was so out of position very time that it was really easy to pick him of before teamfights that we could engage 4vs5. this was almost intentional feeding - only running into us would have been a worse situation or bigger mistake in the most cases.
              Ofc i don't know how to prevent this but these guys have to get a dramaticly decrease of their rating or they will ruin more game if playing on with this performance.

              Update 30.01.2014: it was 90% (calibration matches and the games right after them) now its like 40% only!!!!!

              In RMM you shouldn't lose points if someone in your team abandon the game unless you are stacked with him or you have intentional game ruiners in your team
              In the last game i had a two-man stack which lost the game on purpose and than left the game which resulted in an abandon, still we lost points in this obviously because the enemy crushed us 5vs3.
              in my opinion you shouldn't lose points when some unknown guy at your team left the game.
              If i imagine there could be several games where the same thing happens, this would make the ranking system flawed, since your rating should be a reflection of your skill and performance instead a reaction of an unknown guy in my team!
              the problems of having just "bad" teammates isn't the real issue cause you will also have teammates that may carry you if you have a "bad" day
              the real problems are guys who lose on purpose or determines the game alone by their own actions (like feeding, picking absolute shit as captains, abandoners etc.).
              But how do you get this into the formula...i think it's nearly impossible!
              the only things i could imagine is:

              1. if someone abandons a game and you are not stacked with him (to avoid abusing) you will lose no points (and the increase for the winners is split up to match the points lost by the abandonner and his party).

              Update 07.02.2014: wow impressive now the abandoner needs to feed firstblood beforehand to ruin a game! this is a joke! remove this condition, make it absolut for the case of an abandoner. But on the other hand change the way it's working if the team of the abandoner still manage to win the game! or you put the new pause rule i have created below to prevent unreasonable abandons

              2. if a player was reported in this game and during a specific time was punished afterwards or straight after the game you will also not lose points. So intentional feeding etc. will not reduce your MMR (or even increase if you were in the enemy team). ofc this will only works if the ruiner is a repeat offender but i think this will do a lot of work!

              [S]Update 30.01.2014: new possibility for the 2. suggestion! whenever you reported a player ingame you can leave this game without losing MMR and without getting an abandon punishment. since you got only 4 reports a week you can only leave 4 games. If you get the report back because he was a repeat offender than it was right to leave the game in my opinion and you get that "freeleave" back.
              this way trolls will not having so much fun ruining games and they will slowly vanish (at least i hope so) and you don't have to fear that everytime you queue for a game you could waste 40 min of your life

              But i can't imagine any other solutions atm. which is mostly due the "zero-sum" effect.

              Update 30.01.2014: if anyone of the dev's is reading this section why isn't this suggestion added yet?
              it has absolutly no disadvantages towards the current non-existing abandon protection (at least the first point)! i can only assume you arn't reading this. PM me if im wrong please.

              you get/lose points based only on the matter if you won or lost (attention: rage section deleted.)
              it seems to doesn't even matter how good you actually played in a game just if you win or lose. I think it's really hard to get a formular without giving players the possibility to abuse this but W/L alone isn't right (even pro's say you learn more in a lose than in a win, which isn't only the case in dota so MMR doesn't even slightly fits your skill because you will improve even when losing while your MMR is always decreasing).
              Also ranked MMR is based on your normal MMR making me regret to queueing with some friends regulary who are fairly new to (bad at) DotA, making me lose a lot of matches because i wasn't playing 100% serious in those games and did more of a coaching job to them .
              Even if you get better and better and manage to win almost every game you get around 25 points with every win so it takes a long journey from let's say 4000 to 5000 but with a new account it will be way easier, which shouldn't be the case in my opinion. And now take my points at the dislikes this will fuck this up even more (losing games you shouldn't lose or even winning games you shouldn't win based on your performance and also teammates performance; this will result in complety "RANDOM" ratings). Update 30.01.2014: which i think already happened!

              Update 24.01.2014: i think a more individuel formula is possible, but you don't need just the after game stats (like gpm/xpm/kda etc.) instead you need to look this hero were at midlane the first 5 min. so you can assume he was the midplayer and with things like this you can now use the fantasypoint system to calculate the players game impact. and with those "live-stats" you should also be able to see intentional feeding, gameruining etc. and therefore determine the outcome of a game with more intel/data than just the MMR of the players combined. so for example that a lost game on purpose from some guys because of feeding won't inflict the rating of the others as you noticed that and instead of a 53%-47% you gave from ratings you gave a 20%-80% because of his actions.(sorry for the bad english here but i don't know how to put it in other words).

              Still i can understand that the win is the goal of the game and if you lost you failed to reach it so you could make the system this way: every player that is in the winning team gets +points, every player in the loing team gets -points but the amount of points is based on the fantasyscore for the respective position. (this way soloplayer without teamwork that only want to polish their stats might be the one who gets the least -points but because they didnt take sacrifices for the team they undo their chances to might have won the game and got +points, so you are teaching those player to change their attitute as a bonus)

              ATM this Rating would be only a reliable value if everyone plays as a 5man team or if you play 1vs1. Another possibility to make your current system works is that the ranked MMR should / have to be related to the players "true skilllevel". The main issue why RMM is so bad is that players are missrated because their starting RMMR is based on their normal MMR which is affected by many games that wern't played seriously, were played to coaching friends (before the coaching tool was given) or with lack of concentration etc. or even by sharing their account to others (and i assume many have done this in the phase were only a few betakeys were around) making their rating in normal MM way to unreliable to actually reveal their skillevelin case that they might be better than the MMR they got but this also works vise versa since the rating in normal MM wasn't seperated in solo or team before you introduced RMM there are also many bad players that have a high MMR beacuse they were carried by their stack/friends all their games. A solution could be to set everyones MMR to 0 and let them play the calibration matches again but this time everyone starts on the same level! increase the amount of those calibration matches to make sure you don't get luckily got carried by others 10 times in a row and recevie a rating you shouldn't get. I know this will result in total unfair matches and stomps in those games but i think it will be the best long-term solution.

              Increasing difference in MMR if search take too long
              the search range in RMM shouldn't get over some point where the rating differ too much from another (after 1:30 mins already 500MMR) .
              ofc you can argue that the reset of the search range can be done manually, but i think you are in the charge here also to regulate this issue
              in RMM more people want quality matches and not fast matches. but i also think this should be possible in normal MM also.
              Same thing with ping checks and latency limits!

              RMM isn't "Ranked"MM yet it's just normal MM wih your rating visible
              but there are no ranks no ladder nothing really to have to get a comparision. you have to watch streams of pro's and ask on reddit to get an idea where you stand i think you could also make the MMR visible only for yourself again but make brackets that are shown to each one like in CS:GO.

              make a website where all players (that share their gamehistory) are listed and sorted by rating and some filter on so you can look for only one contry f.e.
              Update 27.03.2014: Now add a team ladder aswell for all those 5man stacks searching ranked or at least just for TeamMM i think this is as important as the solo ladder.

              it shouldn't be that hard to make this.

              Rework the pause system in RMM
              if somebody disconnects from the game you should be able to "force" the pause being 5 min if someone of your team is disconnecting, since it can be that he has to restart pc or router so it would take a while. Some enemys will unpause after the minimum amount of time already which might force you into a 4vs5 teamfight which could easily decide the game.

              But make the timer for the disconnected person keep going in pause so if he doen't return into those 5 mins pauses he will get the abandon and the game resumes. Ofc the team of the disconnected one has the option to unpause if they fell like they can win 4vs5.

              Update 25.01.2014: you need to realize way faster that someone dropped out, there is too much deadtime between the connection lose and the note ingame!!

              Update 06.03.2014: please disable the pause in the pre-game time if nobody has a dc, those pauses because of counterpicking without losing gold etc. becomes more and more annoying in ap and if someone really is afk this early into the game for long time he shouldn't search for a game anyway

              Calibration matches were better than the real ranking games
              can't explain it to myself, but it's true.
              would like to know why

              Update: 18.01.2014
              Rating actually says nothing about players skill /performance
              this is the most crucial point in the whole summary. i played with guys that were ranked as 5k, but lacking generell knowledge and i was also playing with 3.8k guys that were so point on in every decision they made i can't believe they had that kind of a rating.
              when someone who is at 4.5k buys battlefury on bounty hunter first and not skilling shuriken or got 30 last hits after 10 min as a safelane spectre protected by 2 supports against a solo offlane i just can't understand how you are rating players but it's clearly wrong. i would like go play at the pro's level (which i know i don't belong) just to check if even in the 5.5k+ section the rating-skill behavoir is as random as in my games. and the above mentioned things are not something that can be put on the "bad day" excuse. this is just lack of skill or knowledge!

              Update 18.01.2014:
              make the language selection absolute
              i defended your politic in that case for a long time but tbh this game is about to making me a racist.
              everytime i see cyrillic signs in all-chat i can determine the outcome of the match in favor of the team who got the less russians.
              90% of these people can't communicate in proper english and are so arrogant and ignorant. the last game out of 10 players only 1 guy was russian but he was talking and writing in russian with such implicitness that all others can understand what he says that's making me speechless. even after we told him (our team aswell as the enemys) that we don't understand him and if he could express himself in english please. he started to flame everyone.
              Also the most of them are playing so overaggressive it's almost suicide, i can only assume this has to do with the fact that the majority of them are playing in an inet-café and want to play as many games in a short periode of time. Or something is wrong with the generell attitude in this country.....

              Update: 17.02.2014:
              MMR-calculation of stacks/partys
              this is one of your biggest problems after all and in RMM it is even worse. i played with 4 friends yesterday a couple of games were one or 2 of them are simply just worse than the other 3 including me. this would be ok if we face average players which might be better than the 2 not so good players but slightly worse than the rest but since you put a diffenrent formula than just the average to calculate a party MMR the biggest noobs MMR arn't even included into the calculation which is the reason the games were completly stomps. i checked the xpm and gpm graphs they were so hard one-sided that your system should have recognized them as bad games but instead of changing something when we were searching for the next game, the exactly same thing happend.

              Update: 06.03.2014
              Team composition
              i did some researches in my recent games and in the recent games of my friends RMM is most enjoyable with a 5-man stack which imo isn't a surprise but what happens beyond that is that the W/L ratio in a 4-man stack is drasticly way worse all the time as in a 3-man stack or smaller and i just realized why!
              Most player searching alone have a bad attitude and want to play their own style no matter what not willing to adapt to the others etc. i mean there is a reason why these people play alone without friends...i have the feeling that someone who searches 90% of his games as a solo player tends to be ignorant and nocooporative. give those player solo queue back it will increase the match quality if those people vanish from the normal queue!

              Update 27.03.2014: insteat of banning 4-man stacks from ranked it would be better to ban 5-man stacks from RMM cause they have TeamMM which they can use. of course this means you have to improve TMM to make it attractive enough and like i already said above a leaderboard for TMM is also needed.

              Update 14.04.2014
              Seriously why are 4-man stack still banned from RMM, the ones who bitched around because of this are now bitching that they get a 3-man stack + another solo against 5manstacks, you are actually punish "teamplayer" because "egoistic solo player" need an excuse for their bad plays! in 90% of all cases the solos are the one who ruin the games not the stacks. And the arguement of "4+1v5 is unbalanced" is not really true since the only real reason the fivemanstack has an slightly advantage, is the draft (which can also be nullified if you have 5 player who actually have enough gamesense) and the coordination in teamfights, everything else is also possible with complete randoms if you use the communication valve give us in-game (assuming they are all dedicated to play in team and want to win).
              And because in a 4or5manstack there are mostly guys that are way weaker than the rest i personally think this advantage should be nullified in all other phases/aspects of the game. And even if they are actually pretty near in MMR the stack advantage isn't giving them an advantage in the laning phase at all and if they only come ahead in the crutial teamfights because of the "stackbonus" than it should be still a relative balanced/even match. maybe you can adjust the points you get lose but the current situation is unbearable.

              the most people (NOT ALL!) who say "we lost because against 5man stack" are just searching for a reason to blame it for their lose.
              Nobody is bitching around if they got a 4man stack with them and were winning against 5 solo player, because they don't care about this as long they are winning!.

              the real problem is if you got guys in your team you can't communicate with (let it be because of understanding problems /language issues, or just because they don't want to), which is crutial if pings aren't enough in some situations. which are mostly russian stacks (because they maybe don't understand english) and egoistic solo players which put theirselves above the other teammates (doesn't matter because of general mindset or because they lost faith in the teammates MM gives them)

              Or people who don't take the game serious, trolls, leaver etc. but this have nothing to do with stacksize besides you reduce the factor when you increase your own stacksize.

              Update: 08.05.2014
              Please add RD to RMM
              I can't belive i forgot to mention this the whole time, since this feedback forum is active!
              this by far the most competetive mode that doesn't require a person to take the captain's seat
              so in my eyes it is the perfect mode for non-5stacks publics. i think it will be used quite often since many player are
              sick of facing the same heroes over and over again in AP or of being outdrafted in CM/CD starting with a disadvantage from the beginning or being the ones who outdrafted the enemies and rolled all over them.
              this mode requires gamesense, startegy, hero-knowledge and the most important fact versitility/diversity
              it would be very popular i guess, so please Valve hear me at this one!

              Update: 18.07.2014
              New idea to make MMR more riable on individual Performance: after having some games with the new awesome favorite hero Graphs i got an idea since you guys already make some Kind of brackets with the MMR of Players why not taking it to the next step.

              Like my previous idea the main Goal to win a game is still the most crutial part and ultimatly decides if you are gaining Points or losing some but the amount of those Points is decided by your Performance with this particular hero you are playing in this match. the Performance is measured like the Graphs from the fav. hero challange but not just by you but from every Player in your skill bracket who has played this hero in a certain Periode.

              example: you are playing DK winning the game with 550 gpm and 600 xpm (obviously you have won) now the average gpm and xpm for DK in the 4k-4,5k MMR section is 400/500 so you get let's say +25 Points (exact values can variate) same with the next game, same hero but 300 gpm and 400 xpm still won the match tho.
              you get +10 Points because in the end you managed to win but you obviously were playing worse than the average Player in your bracket with this hero same vise versa with loses. since the average gpm and xpm are determinded by loses aswell as wins from the specific hero you should always be able to reach/overcome the average when you were playing well in this match and properbly never do so if not.
              You could also seperates those values of gpm and xpm into average when winning and average when losing to increase the effectivness of this System.

              at last i encourage you to fuse soloMMR and partyMMR to determine a Rating that is somehow related to the Players skill.
              right now there is a huge Problem when you are stacking with friends that have to much Deviation in Terms of actuall skill compered to their MMR.
              example: 2 Players (Player A = 3000MMR party, 3000MMR solo; Player B = 4500MMR party, 3000MMR solo), because Player B always stacks with his 5k MMR friends when playing in a stack his Party MMR is far off from what it should be based on his actuall skilllevel/performance. now Player B who is theoretical as good as Player A is stacking with him and they are searching for a game Player B's boosted Party MMR will properbly lead to a one-sided game, since they will facing better Players.

              Like my normal MM feedback i will keep updating this one regulary so keep it in mind and read it again after a certain time there will be changes or more points or better/other suggestions/solutions.

              newest Updates will be written in red, while older updates will written in dark blue!

              since i don't know if you read old posts again once someone gone through it i will post every update new if you want to prevent this send me a short PM, thx
              Last edited by FelicesBladewing; 07-18-2014, 04:35 AM.
              Originally posted by DarkLite
              Valve has abandoned the game! The game is now safe to leave.
              No statistics will be recorded.
              powered by Bashtime

              my view of the current MM:
              and of RMM:
              and of solo-q vs party-q:


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                Some games are very intense.

                Players from qualification can be placed in ranked game. They not always can match speed of the game and end up feeding. And it happen very often.
                There is no solo ranked at all. Essentially it old one normal with visible rating.


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                  4000+ mmr =&gt; Bounter Hunter with Midas and Battlefury

                  Looks like the power's going to the heads of these new moderators. I'm starting to regret asking for this forum to be moderated in the first place. The idea was to help deal with trolls, not to make them moderators!

                  I'll repost it in here, so as to keep this account from being banned for a little while longer, though it does now seem inevitable unless Chairraider takes an interest in moderating his new moderators.


                  4000+ mmr => Bounter Hunter with Midas and Battlefury

                  If we even need more evidence that the ranked MM is totally fubared.


                  There we go. Nicely buried away so that no one will see it, let alone discuss it. I'm sure there's no ulterior motive to this rule, but the effect is that is suppresses discussion on the most serious issues. Previously, we've cicumvented this problem by bending the rules, but when you give people power, you have to expect them to use it, I guess.
                  Last edited by Craig; 12-16-2013, 09:45 AM.
                  To avoid LPQ:

                  Don't draw attention to yourself
                  Don't use voice or chat except for 'ss'
                  Mute all at lvl 1
                  Only play in parties
                  Get alternate accounts
                  Limit your usage to one or two games per day per account
                  Don't play too well
                  Don't play on Sunday or Monday
                  Wait until the developers reset LPQ status

                  If you're getting matched with trolls or feeders:

                  You may have been placed in a hidden pool. There is no known way out of this, apart from moving to a different account.


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                    Luna in my team : 4k mmr.

                    Slark in the other team : 4.6k mmr.

                    Restarting the search range every 2 minutes.

                    For two minutes there is a skill difference of 0.6k MMR. Unacceptable and unwinnable.


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                      No solo MM option


                      Please make solo MM only have solo players. In the 3 ranked games I've been in, there were stacks on both teams and I wish I had gotten stronger solo players than those stacks who go 1-10 on average. The stacks are not balanced too; here's two examples (you don't even need to watch the replay to know what went wrong)

                      Match ID: 425284042

                      Match ID: 425214559
                      Supports stealing farm from carry (as usual)
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                        Nothing .. maybe I like the idea of RMM.

                        Everything [from - to]:

                        1) Random guys are connected against solo que. players.
                        2) Rank was calculated after 10 games which were completely unbalanced. E.g. In one team 5 decent players against 2 decent and 3 retards or newbies [Yes, you can't influence this but how you can calculate rank properly after 10 games?]
                        3) If you win game ~20+ points, I you lose game ~20- points => doesn't matter if you are lvl 25 or well farmed. RMM doesn't consider ratio of destroyed towers or GPM, ExPM, K: D:A Ratio ... etc. It's just WIN = + some value LOSE = - some value
                        4) If you lose you can't get + points
                        5) A guy left from my match "Stats aren't recorded" ... got minus points anyway
                        6) Waiting time 5+ min (as usual)
                        7) Language filter doesn't work (as usual)

                        How to fix that? (Or at least give a 'clue')

                        1) Link solo players together not against parties
                        2) Calculate rank after +- 30 games and consider enjoyment from the game (game rating after game [1-5 stars + more options like 1 star a) feeders in team b) newbie players c) etc. ]) - If game was lost only because feeders at the beginning its stupid to calculate this game into final rank calculation and I am not saying that evaluation 1-5 stars is something good - just take this as one from the many variables, consider gold per minute, experience per minute (not in average but if nuker has high ExPM at the early game than probably he knows what he is doing), consider gold spend on wards and other support items if somebody is playing support, assists as a support, LAST HITS as a support .. I am bored of farm stealing supports, K: D:A ratio for players etc. It looks difficult and stupid maybe but how can you make good RMM when you can't consider all variables for all roles. And finally at least join together people with similar rank and win rate together for rank calculation.
                        3) Give different amount of points for players on base of their evaluation (level, GPM, ExPM, towers destroyed, roshan kills, last hits, kill:death:assist ratio, number of barracks destroyed, gold spend on wards as support etc.)
                        4) If you lose and you are good just + points
                        5) If somebody leaves due to afk and he will not come back during game (let's say 5 min after abandon). Stats will not be recorded and the afk guy will get minus XXX points
                        6) I just can't tell you where the problem is.
                        7) Connect people with the same language filter together. Yeah so difficult it is. I am so bored of getting Russians who write and speak in russian alphabet all the time and swear to you and they are rude at you and I have only 2 [two] {tuː} 1 + 1 = ?? .. yes => '2' REPORTS per week (and some extra for successful reporting) .. this is just a joke. I was learning russian language for about 3 years so I know what they are saying. And ... add some 'report' feature that allows people to 'report' players for bypassing language filter, or 'report' for being retard (Don't know how to call a guy who had only midas and farm for rapiers and then just gave these rapiers to enemy void or void that ulted tower for no reason instead of defending base).

                        I wanted to add some Match IDs but ... my profile is bugged ... again ( {And yes .. I lost so many games mostly because of retards like Necro 1:21 etc}[don't have the ward bug in my collection yet ... cursed cursor]) If you don't understand well send me a PM I will try to explain this in better way. I am just a person for whom is English very difficult language.
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                          Originally posted by Craig View Post
                          Looks like the power's going to the heads of these new moderators. I'm starting to regret asking for this forum to be moderated in the first place. The idea was to help deal with trolls, not to make them moderators!

                          I'll repost it in here, so as to keep this account from being banned for a little while longer, though it does now seem inevitable unless Chairraider takes an interest in moderating his new moderators.
                          I don't know about the other new moderators but I have NO IDEA how Kryil became a mod. He was a very antagonistic borderline troll for ages who ruined many discussions and I called him out of this several times. Just because his nasty attitude and trolling towards other posters was pro-Valve is a HORRIBLE reason to make someone a mod.


                          - I like that we finally have the beginning of a ranked matchmaker. It makes games feel more "important" and you can finally view progression.
                          - I like that the modes for RMM are limited which forces players to use the game modes intended to be competitive(If you pick all-pick in RMM then you can't complain about the results).

                          - Currently ranked matchmaking is really just normal matchmaking with your rating visible to yourself. That's how normal matchmaking should have been from the start! In-order for this to be a TRUE ranked matchmaking we need ladders, graphs, and more indication of where you stand in relation to other players. Some arbitrary number doesn't mean anything if you have no idea what tier it's associated with.

                          - Players playing ranked matchmaker know what they're getting into and do not need to be held by the hand. MMR for both teams should be visible to all as soon as the game starts.
                          Ladder = gives players incentive towards winning. Encourages team work, cooperation, and less selfish play.

                          Mute system = Discourages the majority of communication outside of miss calls, removes accountability, and gives bad players the ability to bully anyone they wish.

                          Makes perfect sense to me when you consider that Valve wants to make the game as casual as possible in-order to compete with League of Legends and sell more hats.


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                            Originally posted by Destro View Post
                            I don't know about the other new moderators but I have NO IDEA how Kryil became a mod. He was a very antagonistic borderline troll for ages who ruined many discussions and I called him out of this several times. Just because his nasty attitude and trolling towards other posters was pro-Valve is a HORRIBLE reason to make someone a mod.
                            Yeah. He's always been like that on these forums though he has toned it down a bit over the last few months or so. I was very suprised to see that he hadn't been vetted properly beforehand. I doubt it was anything like a pro-Valve agenda, just an oversight, I'd say. I wonder if he has been given the ban hammer. If so, I'd imagine he'll use it for no good. It already seems that he's grinding some old axes with his newfound power.


                            Visible Rating


                            Quality of matches has gone down considerably.

                            Very large skill differences between players.

                            Seems to be correletaed with server selection that give me bad pings. I never get the Luxembourg server anymore, even though I select only English, W. Euro. We're probably all playing on the Russian servers even though we don't select that region.

                            No reason given for why so many players that a significantly below the High skill level are now playing in the Very High skill level matches.
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                            To avoid LPQ:

                            Don't draw attention to yourself
                            Don't use voice or chat except for 'ss'
                            Mute all at lvl 1
                            Only play in parties
                            Get alternate accounts
                            Limit your usage to one or two games per day per account
                            Don't play too well
                            Don't play on Sunday or Monday
                            Wait until the developers reset LPQ status

                            If you're getting matched with trolls or feeders:

                            You may have been placed in a hidden pool. There is no known way out of this, apart from moving to a different account.


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                              Finally ranked matchmaking!


                              -Requirements to unlock RMM is too low imo, should be at least 600 games played or minimum of 300 wins.

                              This is a clasic example why:
                              look at that replay and you will surely understand
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                                Imagine a tournament final. One team used voice communication in a tournament cabin while the other team is unable to use any communication and play far apart each other except text chat. This is the fairness of solo ranked queue.