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General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #31
    -Public Matchmaking isn't a place to apply EPEEN values that have no real value whatsoever
    A better place to apply ranking systems would be guilds/clans and tournament mode, or make it so teams similar to WOW arena teams have a shared ranking and are put on a ladder, solo queue is too dynamic in who you play with to ever have an accurate rating, and will just promote negative behavior such as "NO COURIER UPPED GG ABANDON NOW REPORT SUPPORT." Public matchmaking should remain a place where players can try new things without some overshadowing ranking system that ultimently has no real actual value to tell how a player truly plays, for example I excel at ganking, but kind of suck at ricing and a ranking system won't tell players that me playing zues mid would probably be better then me playing AM.


    • #32
      - Its rank, everyone would want this.

      - Higher chance to queue with noobs in my team.
      - Gives me a higher chance to lose because of a retard team.
      - Broken matchmaking, it said even or 50-50 right? Well it's not. I was in a game just recently with people who are in 100 wins. If it was matchmaked due to win/loss ratio, Valve needs to start thinking properly because its obvious that someone with 100 wins and 200 games doesnt share the same skill level as someone with say, 500 wins and 1000 matches.

      I have not once played a match in ranking that is seen as a 50-50 chance to win. It's either, completely dominate or be completely dominated in one-sidedly manner.

      I suggest the matchmake to be done with the player's number of matches in mind.


      • #33

        -This update said that it would add ranked matchmaking?
        -And still I see no changes, can't a dota player get a little peace
        It's war on the cyber streets caused by a volvo beast
        Instead of war on LoL
        They allow noobs to bother me, even mo
        And I ain't never flamed a noob I ain't have to do
        But now I'm back, mute n low pro, giving it back to you
        Don't let 'em jack you up, back you up
        Crack you up and wimp-smack you up
        You gotta learn to hold your own
        They get jealous when their cosmetic-buyers get owned
        But tell the v-cops they "can't touch this"
        I don't trust them, when they try to rape I play like navi'den
        That's the sound of my anal lube
        You say it ain't cool, my mama didn't raise no noob
        And as long as I stay pro, I gotta keep em godlike streaks
        And I never get to lay back
        Cause I always got to worry 'bout valve's premade defeats
        Some crap stack that I reported up way back
        Coming back after all these hours
        "Mut-t-tat-tat-tat-tat!" That's the way it is


        • #34

          - eliminates players very low


          - system is unable to distinguish between players who are above a certain level of the game, who know how to farm, and to use the skills to do all the standard things.

          i special test :

 - 1 unremarkable
 - 2 unremarkable
 - no brain invo, feed solo all time, no push, farm in jungl with 6 slots, ruin game special.
 - stupid guys, feed all, all stupid pick.
 - 3 unremarkable
 - feed and leave...
 - low skills in my team.
 - feed + leave.
 - feed jungl commander, easy lane no carry he jungl.
 - low skill in another team.
 - commander special crash game go in double hard lane and feed.
 - stupid pick in another team.
 - 4 unremarkable
 - 5 unremarkable
 - 6 unremarkable
 - feed silencer
 - 7 unremarkable
 - stupid pick in another team.
 - feed + low skills in my team, hard carry in easy lane haved 50 min 350 gpm with bh in team.
 - low skills in my team, cm+veno bought midas no wards vs furion, bh with meka.
 - 8 unremarkable ( 4 people all the time in the ult magnus )
 - feed + low skill, very low skill.
 - feed + low skill, very low skill.

          total :

          23 game

          8 whithout leavers, low skill and similar.

          10 game qualifying:

          3 whithout leavers, low skill and similar.

          2 game with leavers.

          algorithm should include:
          1.)comparison of your level of play with respect to the members of your team.
          2.)comparison you perform the role and perform a similar role Professional player.
          for ap mod:
          1.)consider the choice of your character for the team.
          2.)when the game is not balanced considered choice in most detail, and penalize players make a bad choice.

          2 years, people who are responsible for the selection of players, can not solve this problem, they are based on data collected in the game kda, gpm, and other statistics that do not show the level of the player who has passed a certain threshold.

          So it is necessary to force these people to come up with more sophisticated algorithms for calculating, based on the fulfillment of a role player in the game.

          Take new people with new ideas to the team, it is desirable to people playing dota more than 6 years of professional people dota2 scene.

          - system is unable to assess the true test of the game and the level of reward / punishment for her glasses

 - this gam i haved -pts.


          Same as above
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          • #35

            -A reason to play for
            -A bit better matchmaking system(No leavers on my team)


            -How dumb can that MMR be when a solo player plays with a 5 man or 4 man stacked?
            -I am 3911 Rating and playing with 3400-3500 players who feed. Not that wise.
            That's how we suppose to show our skill?


            • #36
              I have only one thing to say and it is this: I was just teamed in solo ranked matchmaking with 2 groups of 2, none of which spoke English Vs. a group of 5. this seems to me a complete and utter failure of steams matchmaking system which states that they will try not to match solo players Vs. groups and they will try to place you on a team with people who speak the same language. I have played over 800 games and I can honestly say that that was the single worst game of Dota that I have ever played, made worse by the fact that it was rated. I believe that steam should just change a few options to make this situation impossible because even with their quick chat I was't in a position to communicate with my disparate team Vs. a nearly perfectly coordinated group of five on the opposing team. I don't know whether to expect rectification by steam in response to this post but If anyone has any Ideas as how I may have game 428139653 struck from my matchmaking record I would appreciate them.


              • #37
                Have a rank is nice

                A. Still getting non-English speakers on my team - BUT HEY I GOT THIS NIFTY CHAT WHEEL RIGHT?!?!?!

                B. Balancing is still HORRIBLE. I'm 3700 for my rank, Whenever I'm on a winning streak the game rewards me with non-english speaking noobs to ensure I get a couple of losses. I.E. last night I was jungling as LD, we had a beast master random who went solo long lane, juggernaut who went mid, and an Ursa random who went safe lane. So the last guy thankfully picks a support (CM), but then he goes long lane with our beast master. We proceed to ask him to go bot against the Necro/BH, but he refuses and gives up 3 deaths all back to back. He then finally leaves the lane, and proceed to jungle on CM. At this point he's extremely out leveled, feeds their BH a bunch who already got a couple of kills against our solo lane ursa, and then it's GG by 20 minutes with mass feeds going on.

                Oh, he was South American too (not racist, just saying that my experience with south americans in Dota 2 is 9x's out of 10 a bad one - not speaking English is a major factor of course).

                C. When is Valve going to FINALLY get it that this game needs an option to let us QUEUE region only and enforce it by IP location? This IS NOT THE SAME AS A FORCED REGION LOCK, it is simply an option for region lock for those who want it. I honestly don't care if my queue times are 10 minutes so long as I get all English speakers who are at a similiar skill range.

                D. I would like to know why I get queued with players who are new to Dota. It's not the normality, I've had some very good balanced close games in ranked matchmaking, but then every several games I get queued with a group of south americans who just feed and don't understand the basics of Dota - and it's while I'm on a winning streak so it's not like I'm losing so I am getting queued with worse players, I should be getting queued with higher skill players.

                E. I'm tired of me and my friend that I queue with being the best players 90% of the time on our team, I'm not being arrogant, it's just the reality. I honestly wish I was queued with people better than me, I miss those days when I was newer to Dota and I'd get queued with amazing players (relative to my skill level). Am I just stuck in a place where there aren't as many players near my skill range? Or is matchmaking just awful?
                Last edited by Zacharybinx34; 12-18-2013, 05:10 AM.


                • #38
                  Likes - Well it's ranked.

                  Dislikes - It's darn shit, it does not view your stats and circumstances in the match ( Gold, Xp advantage, how many kills/deaths your team has)
                  It's just a shitty - Win you get points, Loose - you loose points rank system. No effort was put in this.


                  • #39

                    1. Its happen.


                    1. Dont Work totaly.
                    2. Havnt ONLY Solo Pull seach.
                    3. Havnt ROLE Seach game. like ( Carry/Support/Initiator/Offline etc..)

                    I play my last game on CM mode, Captain pick for me Mirana on Offline, il do my best, kill offline and dominating, afterall my team goes build totaly sh*t and feed.
                    My stats : 20/9/16 on OFFLINE. And RMM decrese my points at 30-35.
                    Exit from dota2.
                    Delete local content.
                    Close steam.
                    Goes forum to say bye bye.
                    Realsed usless RMM totaly wrong.
                    Last edited by Diemond; 12-17-2013, 06:19 PM.


                    • #40

                      -People abandon in early game <6-7 min (sometimes they didnt pick a hero), and what the system says? "Stats will be recorded" WTFF, WHY??? = game lost = MMR down. I really think this system is retarded as fuck. Example: ID 428704152


                      • #41

                        Still the same issue. The MMR is not accurate enough. Still getting teamed up with dudes that don't want to play proper dota, even in CM mode. 4 men party not even good.

                        Match ID : 428761302
                        Captain Picking BS, then makes 2 bkb. This guy is supposed to have 4.3k MMR in party.


                        I reinstalled this game 'cause of the new ranking system. I guess I'm quiting once again.
                        Tired of playing with scrubs.
                        Last edited by eZork; 12-17-2013, 08:13 PM.


                        • #42
                          - I like that they are ranking people

                          - You get matched with people who are shit at DOTA and are being calibrated, even after you receive your MMR
                          Suggestion: Don't match people without MMR with people who have them

                          - You lose points even if you're the best player on your team of feeding idiots, because your team lost:

                          Suggestion: reconsider how you award ranking points. Why should I lose the same points as a 0 - 10 NP or 0 - 10 CM? How could anyone win in a 1v5 or 2v5 game?


                          look at this fucking piece of shit pugna. why was he in our game? To go mid and ruin it and make it unwinnable?
                          Last edited by RMM = FUCKJACKED TEAM; 12-18-2013, 08:44 AM.


                          • #43
                            1. many things. Ranked MM is a awesome idea.

                            1. Pretty hard to change a bad rating. Well. During the calibration period,ive played to try to help my team,playing any role needed. Lost many games,cause someone picks carry and plays terrible. Just keep feeding entire gaming. I got like 7/10 stomps,with teammates 1/10+. So,i've being ranked on a low rating. Now,i always get a low skill team who keep feeding. I fast look on all my solo queues proves that i just can do nothing. The difference between my team Ranked and my solo rank is almost 2k ( 3200 solo / 4800 ). I lose all solo ranked games without can do anything. Its pretty easier down the rank than get better rank. I suggest some calibrating during streaks. after a x number of lose the system start recalculate your skill again.


                            • #44
                              - RMM is really great, most of my games are extremely balanced and people try harder to win. (~5000 rating)
                              - I love what you did with 150 games before being able to play RMM, no more smurfs ruining games!

                              - No way to filter RMM range.
                              The most frustrating games (from my experience) come from wide MMR spread. Please give us a way to filter MMR range!

                              - Solo queue removed.


                              • #45
                                - I can see my MMR and watch it change over time.
                                - There is a glimmer of hope that matchmaking will improve in the future.

                                - I can't see everyone else's MMR. Suggestion: If someone is playing ranked matches, their MMR should always be visible to other players.
                                - Thus far, ranked matchmaking has proven to be just as bad (if not worse) than regular matchmaking. I still end up with just as many incompetent, troll, etc. players as ever on my team. In fact, it became markedly worse after "calibration" was finished. I suspect that the "calibration" started from hole that regular matchmaking has left me in.
                                - Very few games so far have been even remotely close. They are usually stomps either one way or the other.
                                - The formula simply does not do what the blog post claimed that it would. A clear case in point is this game that I just finished. With 700+ XPM, it shouldn't matter that I'm on the losing team. My MMR should be going up, not down. And there are also several other matches in which my individual performances were good, but I lost 25 MMR points each time. Of course, when I win in a complete stomp, what happens? My MMR goes up by only 25 points. Suggestion: Actually implement the system described, and give less weight to wins and losses.
                                - This thread will fall upon deaf ears. Suggestion: Read the thread and realize that matchmaking is still utterly broken, at least for some of us.