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General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • same shit system and another shit game,
    game id 1607009923

    HOW IN THE WORLD THIS GAME IS BALANCED ??????????????HOW ?????another 20 min wasted ,

    when the fuck you are going to fix this shit system ????WHEN????WHEN


    • 1616997731
      my team has a mid player from 5400, who afkfarmed all game long with lesh, had no tps and did not participate all game long, finished with 0 7 and a 5200 bh who finished 3 17 and gave the enemy our first gem instantly after purchasing (we were up against techies). I really dont get it. I play much better than these clowns every game and I only go down in rating, I am below them and I get these noobs as teammates for some reason even tho i play 1000% objectively better every game. did they purchase their accounts? why are they fucking up mm? or mm is this bad? fix it its getting very old
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      • LIKES
        - I like the idea of a special section, ranked section, where u don't only play for fun but u play to compete... to win.
        This needs a lot, I mean A LOT of restructuring regarding the matchmaking.

        - I dislike the current system of matchmaking in the ranked section because it is so unbalanced. It has been a big stimulus to delete dota2 for good, so far I managed to get thro those moments, but something must be done about this system that puts decent players with the ones that are in it just to ruin games and have fun just for themselves.
        I dislike this this because it goes against the whole idea of separating normal mm from ranked mm. With the current system, there are no real differences between a match I join in the ranked section or in the normal section . This becomes obvious when you can just as easy join a normal match and find only decent players or join a ranked match and find 2-3 noobs/game-ruiners.
        In order to resolve this, in my opinion you could implement something like this:
        1.Keep the current system of giving mmr points to players
        2.Introduce as mandatory for all the players in a game, that at the end of the game, one must rate each and every player in that game with stars 1-5 (just like it happens now with a randomly picked team-mate).
        3.Create a matchmaking system that places the player in a game with others based on 2 factors: A) similar mmr , B) similar star rating

        Simulation of what I imagine as a better system:
        Player 1 - mmr 4000, avg 2/5 stars
        Player 2 - mmr 4000, avg 4/5 stars
        Player 3 - mmr 3700, avg 4/5 stars
        Player 4 - mmr 3700, avg 2/5 stars

        Matchmaking will get Player 1 and Player 4 in the same team/match, while Player 2 and Player 3 will also be teammates/matchmates. In stead of the current system, where mmr is so much more important than any other aspects.

        Thus, I, like many others, only ask one thing: CHANGE THE CURENT MM SYSTEM, IT RUINS THE FUN AND COMPETITIVITY OF THE GAME.
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        • -400 in two weeks and counting, im getting a nervous breakdown soon. I play good, I play excellent and I lose every single game. -400 rating people top that valve


          • Ranked match making system is just poor and bad.Probably worst from several MOBAs i played.Most games in 3-4,5k bracket end up in intentional feeding,leaveing or who knows what.

            First of all this game needs a proper ban system.Second; people that duo queue shouldnt be able to get matchmaked with solo queers or duo should count as solo like in other game that works far better as we know.
            (in so said bracket,duo queers tend not to care about their team mmr so they tend to troll games )


            • Dislike:

              I dislike the fact that matchmaking pairs me with 4 people that have barely more hours than me, COMBINED. (match id: 1640452179)
              And its not the first time.
              I think that you shouldn't equalize a team like that.
              And as far as I understand, when you win unexpected games, you uncertainty as a player rises?
              And you are then paired against stronger players. That kind of a system keeps you on the same mmr constantly! If someone is winning, keep pairing them as before and once his mmr rises, he will be in his skill level and win rate will go to 50%. Don't artificially force it because people keep staying stuck on the same mmr for a year. It is hardly unlikely that no one improves in that time.


              • Originally posted by Dugachki View Post

                I dislike the fact that matchmaking pairs me with 4 people that have barely more hours than me, COMBINED. (match id: 1640452179)
                And its not the first time.
                I think that you shouldn't equalize a team like that.
                And as far as I understand, when you win unexpected games, you uncertainty as a player rises?
                And you are then paired against stronger players. That kind of a system keeps you on the same mmr constantly! If someone is winning, keep pairing them as before and once his mmr rises, he will be in his skill level and win rate will go to 50%. Don't artificially force it because people keep staying stuck on the same mmr for a year. It is hardly unlikely that no one improves in that time.
                Considering the fact that many people have smurfs, hours =/= skill.
                I've actually had many people who have 5k+ hours and are awful at the game.


                • 1.5 years of complains regarding ranked matchmaking, Valve still refuses to improve it. Can you stop overestimating the skill level of players during calibration?


                  • Revamping of the MMR system

                    I'm surprised that valve has yet to look into the flaws of the MMR system after such a long time. This is due to the very simplistic mechanism of adding or subtracting 0-25 mmr per win/lost. This has some obvious reprecussion to a number of players around and below the 4k bracket. :-

                    1) Exceptional players (Especially avid support players) who have been relegated to the ranks of the lower mmr brackets due to the calibration system find themselves stuck in an abyss that leads to a stagnant, or downward spire. This does not go down well on the player experience when sometimes all you hope for, is to play with a decent team that mirrors your personal level of skills and not get constant black sheeps in the team.

                    2) A win or a lost is NOT an indicator of a player's skill/performance. This is a team game and each team member plays a contributing factor to the final outcome. It is unfortunate that at times, players have to get punished for the mistakes made by some of the other team members.

                    There were suggestions to reset the MMRs by a seasonal basis and obviously, this will not be well received by players in the higher bracket. Indeed some may have worked their way up and it is not fair for these players. What needs to be done however, is to re-invent the way MMRs are calculated in order for the ratings to give a true indicator of a player's skill level, thus rewarding personal efforts over time. Afterall, what is the point of a MMR system if what it does is not the case?

                    The dota 2 reborn client has showed a glimpse of some very interesting mechanism in place. In particular, you get a personal chart that monitors your play style. Given that you have a performance monitoring system, valve should look into monitoring performances within each game. For instance, on top of the standard +/-0-25 mmr points you get for the overall win/lost, there should be another point system that gives additional, as well as deduct points based on the individual's performance throughout the game.

                    Ie. 1) for every * wards planted in the game, you get an additional * points at the end.
                    2) for every * assist, you get an additional * points at the end.
                    3) for every * deaths above your kill count, you get a deduction of * points at the end.
                    4) bonus points for having players involved in as many fights as possible in game.
                    5) healing more than * amount of hp of teammates gives you an additional * points at the end.

                    The above mentioned are just some of the many examples that could be used to implement this point system based on individual performance. This is not to say the suggestions were well thought of in terms of the balancing aspect and the potential exploit that may arise from this system, but I'm sure just like how valve constantly balance heroes in game, this should be no more difficult than that. What this also does, is encourage players to develop a mentality that helps a team achieve victory by giving in their fullest while modulating a player's points based on his/her performance, or in some cases, punish anti-social behaviours. Oftentimes, you get a certain group of trolls who intentionally do things that leads to the team's eventual downfall. While the report system makes an attempt to resolve this issue, in my opinion, it does little to deter or change the attitude of these players as reflected by how little the community has changed for the better over the year. This personalised point system, I think, works far better at differentiating the players who are positively keen, and those who couldn't care less.

                    Hopefully, for the sake of the community, valve would really give this a thought.


                    • because devs don't have a clue how to code ranked ,this is a suggestion from my 11 years old kid (my son played dota and told me that ranked is unbalanced)

                      (mmr+time)/2=real rating and after put your queue to find players close to that sum.I hope will help


                      (2000mmr+1700hours)/2=1850 real rating and with this formula I won't have players with 200 hours played


                      (2000mmr+200hours)/2=1100 real rating


                      • LIKES
                        1 out of 50 games you get a normal team where it is actually fun.

                        everything else about it,it is complete shit,the worst matchmaking i have ever seen it is almost always a one-sided match,there is always toxic players who never get punished
                        its really,really,really the worst system that is every created and i dont even know why this shitty sticky is created when u take absolutely nothing into consideration...just remove the sticky and make "which hat do u want next" one


                        • LIKES
                          - less one-sided stomps than public matchmaking

                          - linear MMR point award/penalty
                          a majority of my wins are a result of me being carried by my team
                          a majority of my losses feel like I am way out of my league ( 3.2 - 3.8 k )
                          I feel like I belong in a lower bracket 2.2 - 2.8 k but MMR gains/losses keep me in this mid 3k range despite how poorly I consistently play compared to everyone else. Most games I am flamed for being a noob etc.

                          I suggest awarding MMR points following a curve rather than a flat linear amount. I think player contribution is important and should be used rather than simply using the result of the match.


                          • Dislikes:
                            I had a situation many times where I was paired with people (1 or even more) who had under 100 hours while I had around 4K. Some were smurfs and played ok, others were just what their playing time suggested: beginners.

                            Reason for this seems to be the system that forces 50% win rate. You will get players on your team that are there to lower your chance of winning and "equalize" it to 50%.

                            Suggestion 1: Just pair people with the same mmr in a game, if one team is much better then they deserve to win and to get higher mmr. Eventually, they will get mmr that will result in 50% win rate based on their skill cap, and not made artificially by system. I'm not saying balancing teams is not needed, but prioritizing it might be a reason why people are stuck at the same mmr for a year. (it's not reasonable to think players didn't make any progress after 1500 games??)

                            Suggestion 2: I feel like unlocking heroes in ranked games only after you play it at least 10 times might be a good idea. I think there is a similar system in league of legends which is not bad but it's not perfect.
                            Lets say:
                            - you can play any hero in unranked
                            - in ranked, you can only play heroes you played at least 10 times


                            • my solution to "not on my skill mmr" problem

                              so, many people "whine" about being in such a low 1k-2k-3.4k mmr that they don't belong to just because of "minorities" who can't speak english or terrible teammates or even RQs which made them lose their mmr to that critical level... it's a major problem and a lot of people are angry about

                              So i thought of giving out a suggestion on how mmr should be gained after each game:

                              *current system*
                              winning solo RMM= +24/25 MMR
                              losing solo RMM= -24/25 MMR

                              well, there are lot of reasons to lose since everygame is winnable, sometimes it's bad picks, sometimes it's bad items, bad decisions, even bad players... a lone player can't lead his team to victory (well at least in higher +3.5k mmr levels and so) because he always needs better supports/ stable midlander and an offlane who doesn't feed the other team's carry to hell.

                              so reasons of losing vary, i wouldn't say it's the mistake of the player himself to make his team lose, there are many factors

                              I'd suggest a new MMR gain system:
                              *new suggested system*
                              regardless of winning or losing, everyone will get his mmr up/down in range of 0/30 depending on how he played the game.
                              e.g: better GPM/XPM for midlaners, good LH by certain minute marks for carry, warding/dewarding and how far it affected some teamfights for supports, etc...

                              I know this might take a hard work and lot of time to make, but at least it will make RMM stable and better.. so if anyone's good, he should be in the range he deserves

                              TL;DR : everyone will get more mmr as long as he plays well and does his role in a perfect way.
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                              Originally posted by brandon75689
                              I played gyro and got 15 minutes, Phase, Magic stick, Drum, ring of Aquila, Bkb.


                              • Was proposed countless times before. The answer is no, because this system won't be accurate.
                                Possible solution to foreigners issue
                                In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.