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General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • agreed, ist annoying. it also should consider winrate. i have a 57% winrate for ranked, but sometimes i get People with <= 43% winrate in my Team and thats a loss most of the time.
    i wanna be grouped with other People that are rising from my current mmr range. not with guys that drag me down cos they got rated to high.
    so at least 50% winrate guys in my Team would be fair.


    • yes, that is another reasonable idea. statistics over time show that there are in fact often <50%-winrate players when my team loses and furthermore there are people with like 20% abondonments of all their games.

      i have 8 abondonments in 2000 games. so i want people that dont have higher abondonments than 1-2% in all their games.

      this should be relatively easy to implement into the matchmaking. don't know why valve not already worked this methods in...
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      • Poor, poor and poor MM

        I have a very simple question from devs(or whatever) behind the MM system which is how exactly the the match making system finds players and based on what parameter(s)?
        It takes 5 mins for dota to find a match and finally the result is one team is LGD and the other is kindergarten team from retardestan (no joke).Like most of the times one team has 3 or 4 noobs or new players joined in it(let alone the flamers,intentional feeders from min 2 or 3 and worse) and the other one is full of like 8k pros who completely dominate the game from the early mins.
        I have been in both 1st and 2nd case.No fun at all in both cases.Why no balance?You barely find a match which takes 30mins +.I have no problem with losing a game.Every one has bad games but I want at least a better MM not very very poor and weak one like this!
        The dota 2 community now looks like to be a kindergarten full of kids,flamers and those who rage quit by dying only once.The ranked MM is worse.Just try searching similar threads on the internet.
        So,how exactly the the match making system finds players??? and why the results are poor??????


        • My post has been moved here from another sub forum,I just saw it now.I try comment and post in the proper format next time.Ty.


          • 2015-09-19_00001.jpg

            game id 1804422892

            this is the proof that dota2 ranked system is shit and devs are with no doubt ,on my brother is playing on my profile and is a 2k + hours played profile ,and this shit system got him a 103 hours player,check pudge

            and to admin ,don't remove my post ,because ,I write only the pure facts and truth about this game and Valve ,and they don't give a flying fuck about it,

            I really want a answer from a devs ,WHAT THE FUCK IS SO HARD TO CHANGE RANKED MODE?????


            • Matchmaking is getting out of hand

              As a 4.6k mmr player, WHY on earth am I getting constantly matched with low 3k mmr players? Just in my last game there were 4 people with less than 3.5k mmr and one even had 2.9! That's 1.7k difference! It's understandable if this happens when somebody has 6k or more mmr since there are not enough players with that rating but at 4-5k range? Ridiculous. Does the matchmaking even do anything else besides getting 10 random people? From now on I will just restart the matchmaking once it reaches over one minute. Or we might as well stop using your broken mm and just use the lobbies like in the old days.


              • MMR Still broken


                i thought reborn will bring us a new mmr system which is not broken but unfortunately i still plaing with players who have an avarage 300 xp-gold. also they got very low support skills and actually they got like 1k skills. No that is not normal and unfortunately dota does not help the good players to increase their mmr and save the low skilled players to drop down. Why? because it mixing the good players with bad players. All team usually got a 2-3 low and 2-3 good players. the result with this will be that the team going to win which has better high and better low players. But even if you are a good players in the next game you can easily lose because you might get 3 noob in your team.

                Why valve not put the same skilled players in the same bracket? why still mixing them randomly while finally got the data to not mix them. I would put the low skilld players in 1 team and the players with good stats in the high skilled team, and once for all finally we could make the mm system not broken. I can clearly see in my game whos got low skills and high skills, and after the game when i check their stats i can clearly see again that they never buy wards, they not participating in pushing fighting etc. It would be so easy.

                It is so unfair that i am trying my best but it very rare when the game depends on me. It always depends on whos got more low in the team.

                From the other hand what i really can not understand when i plan 10 ranked/ game i encounter at least 2 times with an afk in my team, 3 who randoming (usually they are the low skilled ones) and 3 rager with mid or feed battle-cry.

                I know there is still a lot of bug outhere but please at least let me know that this mm system gonna change soon. Otherwise there is no chance to play a proper ranked (in 3k where am i standing atm).
                Yesterday i won 5 ranked in a row with ridiculously easy games which i did not enjoy, today six lose where i had an avg 600 xp/gold except when i was support.
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                • LIKES
                  - I like the idea to have Ranked matchmaking in dota 2.
                  - I like y aspect of Ranked matchmaking.

                  - The solo ranked matchmaking in a team game.
                  cmt: Nothing much can be done about this. Just how I think about the solo ranked matchmaking.
                  - Solo ranked matchmaking connect to some party 2 ranked matchmaking.
                  cmt: Solo is....solo why did one bad player have the power to bring another play who will mostly focus on his friend with him ?
                  - Current point in winning/losing games in ranked mmr.
                  cmt: We can have an additional matchmaking combine with the current one.
                  Ex : We can add the options to choose which point we will win/lose (10,25,50,100,etc....). Combine with their current mmr score so that 1k mmr players won't meet 3k players no matter which option they choose.


                  • MMR abuse and lp.

                    I have 5,500 AP games.
                    I was just reported in a row by 100games acoounts feeding enemy team because I didnt feed.
                    Now I got 3000games+ teammates in low priority game.
                    Nice joke, fix it please?


                    • Personal banlist or something similar is a MUST

                      my thoughts and suggestion, please read
                      I'm sorry that I'm not using your format but again, please read

                      1. Everyone wants to win and nobody wants to lose

                      2. DOTA is 5 player game, a teamwork game not a solo game

                      3. Nobody wants to team up with bad player. You know, the NOOB one that does not know he/she is NOOB and blame other people for his own mistakes.
                      I’m sure you know exactly all those people.

                      4. The dota2 officials even divided these noob into 3 categories: (1) Communication abuse, (2) Intentional Ability Abuse, (3) Intentional Feeding Abuse.
                      While we know that there are others category abuse such as, “not helping team and go solo all the time on purpose abuse” or AFK and etc.

                      5. No one can predict these noob when the game just started. We just have to found out their NOOB skill AND/OR attitude throughout the game.
                      This game usually cost you 25 MMR, Emotional Problem and sometimes makes DOTA not fun anymore.

                      6. After such bad game experience, you decided to report in game, report in steam profile and mute this noob.
                      We do all this because (1) we hate this kind of people, (2) we do not want to team up with them anymore in the future, and (3) sometimes we expected them to be enemy in the next game.

                      7. I don’t need these kinds of NOOB people to be banned. I just don’t want to teamed up with them anymore, I even want to meet them as enemy.


                      9. I know that our game is grouped by how much MMR we have + other parameter in your system.
                      But we all know that sometimes there are some people that their skill AND/OR attitude doesn’t match their MMR. (I’m not talking about people who buy account )

                      10. I want to win the game but I know that we can’t win every game. Winning is fun, but sometimes losing is fun too. Winning and losing are parts of the fun game.
                      But teamed up with NOOB people is NOT FUN, it’s something different.

                      11. So again, “WHY DO I HAVE TO TEAMED UP WITH THIS NOOB AFTER I BLOCKED THEM?”

                      12. Do you remember when the game just started, and you checked the score bar and you find one of your team already muted?
                      The bad mood flows in when you thinking about what about to happen for the next 30+ minutes. (can be faster than that )

                      13. So my suggestion is: () please put the “block for future team up” button for every player profile. Please add this new parameter for both normal and MMR matchmaking grouping system.

                      14. I don’t recommend () “expect for future enemy” button even though I liked to meet these noob as enemy. I don’t recommend it because it will likely to be misused by some people to boost their own MMR.

                      15. Remember what we supposed to say at the beginning of every game? GLHF, Good luck Have Fun. Yeah we hope the game would be fun.

                      16. Remember what the system says after we reporting these Noobs? Thanks for making better Dota community.
                      Well I think the community will be better after we can checked the “block for future team up” button

                      17. Lastly, I know it’s called PUB (Public) game for a reason, but even in RL (Real Life) there are people we liked to talk to and there are people we DON’T want to talk to.

                      Sry for bad English. RIP English
                      but this is what I can do to help Dota community better
                      Last edited by Suwargo; 10-04-2015, 04:44 AM. Reason: english


                      • I like how different servers have inflated MMR averages because a disproportionate amount of players play on one or two servers, yet their MMR is weighed the same as any other server.
                        I like how one MMR value determines every playstyle in the game, from how well you support, carry, play mid, etc.
                        I like how I continue to get non-english speakers in my ranked games even though my language setting is english only.

                        No, wait, those are things I hate.

                        Fixing matchmaking is hard without making some kind of complicated system. You'd have to either find a way to convert game knowledge and skill into a value, or you can have separate MMR values for clusters of servers, such as NA, SA, EU, SEA, etc. Although, you'd have to have more uncertainty for the calibration matches, as your unranked MMR would still be inflated.

                        For the language issue, don't force the primary language choice to be steam language. This didn't solve anything as most people use the english language for steam anyway.


                        • Playing style in MM is bullshit?Take a look please!

                          I remember the time when devs confirmed/claimed those who their playing style are similar or close to each other,will be put in a team together.Since the reborn stuff came like playing style and graph shown in the profile and players are now more aware of what their style is or would be, it is much easier to think that its already implemented as a factor in the MM.At least this was what I believed for long.Until this game came out.
                          Note:This is not a "I am sad and angry of my lost game" thread.So please read to the end.
                          Match ID: 1859953927,
                          The first noticeable thing is my team (Dire) all went carry except pudge who went mid.Result can not be too hard to guess,Radiant wins very ez.
                          I was so curious about the other players in my team so I checked their profile (They dont have a dotabuff so you can locate them through the reborn client by game ID). All of them except pudge were playing the same hero in the last 10+ games so their versatility was very close to 0.00! And then I checked the enemy team profiles and all of them (their style) were normal.Nothing interesting about them.
                          My versatility is 0.80+ and the question is how did I end up with these players in a team leading to an ez lose?!This is not personal and anyone could be there with a very different playing style parameter.
                          Even if we consider the fact that the 3 players playing style were the same,how they end up with me and pudge? And why the enemy team wasn't like us?I mean if we had 3 players with 0 versatility in team,only If the playing style factor in MM were true,There could be at least 2 players with 0 versatility in the enemy team.
                          How MM system can miss that?
                          Am I missing something here?


                          • The dev post you are referring to simply stated that they are working on a system that matches flamers or leavers with other flamers or leavers. Two things to take away from it:

                            1. They said that they are working on it, doesn't mean that it was ever implemented. There are some other features which Valve said that they wanted to include that were ultimately left out of the game.
                            2. In that post fletcher never said that actual gameplay style will somehow be used, he was talking about general attitude.

                            I don't think that they use this playstyle hexagram for actual matchmaking, but it's possible that they might do it if proves to be accurate enough.
                            Possible solution to foreigners issue
                            In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.


                            • Fletcher and the rest of volvo's dream team are some kind of amateurs learning how to code or something.


                              • Originally posted by Redthirst View Post
                                The dev post you are referring to simply stated that they are working on a system that matches flamers or leavers with other flamers or leavers. Two things to take away from it:

                                1. They said that they are working on it, doesn't mean that it was ever implemented. There are some other features which Valve said that they wanted to include that were ultimately left out of the game.
                                2. In that post fletcher never said that actual gameplay style will somehow be used, he was talking about general attitude.

                                I don't think that they use this playstyle hexagram for actual matchmaking, but it's possible that they might do it if proves to be accurate enough.
                                How they can determine and track flamers?Only if they watch games (randomly maybe) read chats.Also every leaver is not a flamer so there is no way to detect flamers or trolls.The post was referring to abuse of sandbox (which results putting u in shadow ban pool) and those who their play style are similar. The flaming/raging issue you are talking about was supposed to solved by a "hidden pool" thing which is not confirmed.
                                1.If they never implemented such a thing,that's true.Then playing style as a factor in MM is bullshit.
                                2.What kind of general attitudes? ...
                                And the hexagram is just a visual thing shows what really every player is doing in dota2.
                                But I don't see such factors so hard to implement.
                                Whether they did not implement or they did it incorrectly.