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General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Originally posted by enosrasun View Post
    I coded the scripts for some very good games ,is not hard ,if you know your staff,but when are threads telling them this mode is wrong fix it ,give them suggestions, ideas ,and the game is the same for 2 years ,either they do not know how to code ,or they do not read this forum and do not care and this is disrespect to players who support this game.
    it si ok ,after 12 games in a row with feeders (2-20-3 ,3-15-2,) my brother has quit the game, and we deleted dota 2 ,even my son said you can't play this game ,and now all 3 moved to another game.I am very defensive when it comes to my family because this is not the first time when we get toxic players ,but after 5000 hours you can't take it anymore ,you ignore them and the game put them back in your team,really???

    this is my last post on this forum bye .bye
    I did forget to mention that I looked at your game. Your brother built Eye of Skadi on Drow, and you're complaining of toxic players. I'm not going to get into a deep criticism of that game, but there sure can be a time and a place for that build, but it wasn't in that game.

    Procedural programming isn't that hard. The thing that you (or I, for that matter) have yet to mention is that it's not the programming itself that is the issue -- we're complaining about design. That's a completely different subject.

    When you have designed and built your own massively-multiplayer online game with either zero complaints or immediate patches response from you, then I think it would be okay for you to insult and demean the developers of this game. Since you think it's such a simple concept to design a game, it seems obvious to me that you really have no idea what you're talking about.

    As far as feeders go, remember that it's a team game. Yes, sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop your teammates from dying, but most of the time you can give them some direction (without flaming or getting angry), or you can just heighten your awareness of their positioning so that you can help them when they get attacked. If you want to win games, you either have to carry and snowball over all of your opponents, or you have to learn to play such that your teammates play better.


    • Originally posted by dzz View Post
      Here is the most horrible bug ever: This mmr is system is goddamn broken, the game just gives me/you/my friend/your friend 4 guys who doesnt even try to win. 2/3 lost games are lost after the draft stage is finished. Why dont you make every player receive different quantity of points? DotA 2 has very good fantasy point system, why dont you use it to calculate how many mmr each player gets/loses? It would be very good and it will make every player try to win, because his feed, bad plays, cour feeding etc., will only affect his result of the game, why do you make me/you/my friend/your friend lose points because of broken people? With every patch it gets harder and harder to win the game 1 vs 9, some time ago we had troll, sniper, juggernaut and bloodseeker to play 1 vs 9, now DotA 2 becomes more and more balanced, playing as a team becomes more important than solo skills, so MMR system must be changed too
      I agree that different players should have an offset-MMR adjustment at the end of each game due to different factors, but I think it's almost impossible for them to programmatically absolve all but the toxic player of MMR loss. Even a small offset, I think, would do wonders for the system.

      Do you have specific replays/match IDs you wanted to point out? I know it's tough getting out of an MMR rut, but, as I mentioned above, either your skill level has to greatly surpass that of your opposing team, allowing you to just roll over them repeatedly, or you have to figure out how to play such that your teammates play better than they would otherwise.

      I still get some toxic or seemingly ill-ranked players on my teams sometimes, but I know I have better games when I do what I can to help my team out overall.


      • Coming back here to complain and moan and rage at the Devs.
        I was stuck at 3.8-4k for ages. I would win a couple of games, then some would feed, or team mates would fight over who wants to mid, or just some idiot would do standard 3k crap which would make it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to be able to win. I was stuck there for like 2-3 months, keeping in mind I only play about 20-25 games per week max. Then, after being fed up, I started playing ONLY mid, mid or feed strat . over a month, I went from 3.8k to 4.7k. I think I was super lucky as in the 100 or so games, there were only like 20 or so feeders, so I was able to climb in MMR points. Now, for the past month, I have become stuck again between 4.6 and 4.7k. The issue at this skill level is, even if I own my lane, it means little if one or both other lanes get destroyed or if their carry gets fed. And there seem to be more feeders/flamers/afking idiots/and general idiots at the 5k mark than there were at around 4k. Not to mention the occasional 5-5.5k person, with the highest MMR in the match, who knows not even how to last hit properly: The most obvious account buyers. I cannot believe how many account buyers there are. Almost once in 10-12 games there is a person who quite clearly is way below his mmr range.

        So for the Devs, can you please please please please make an algorithm that prevents account buyers from ruining games? Usually account buyers will have high winrate on one server (pre purchase) and then suddenly they will start playing on a different server region and their winrate will drop dramatically, not to mention their hero pool should also change (post purchase).

        Secondly, I beg you to implement surrender/forfeit button. If you do nothing else all year but just add this button, we will be so happy. If you want to make it a purchasable thing, that you have to buy a surrender button, i will pay 50 usd to buy it. I do not have the luxury of time like i did when i was younger. If a game is over at 20 mins, and the whole team agrees, or even 4/5 agree, lets end it there and go next. Yesterday I had a match where we got stomped, rax at min 16, and our mid sold all his items and started feeding himself and the cour. The game was over. However, the lovely opponents decided to punish us and started farming, going for 6 slots. The game ended at min 47. 20 mins of standing in base doing absolutely nothing. (this is at 4.7k btw). Please tell me volvo, how is this fair?

        Thirdly, you need to address the community raging problem. You keep increasing punishments for people who have negative attitudes, but you do not address the reason/problem that causes these people to rage. Your match making and MMR system is utterly flawed and it causes people a whole lot of agitation. Nearly 9/10 games, I win my lane, and I do really well throughout the game. As a carry i get 60-70cs in the first 10 mins and dont die, as a support i work my freakin ass off to help the carry, to ward/deward etc etc. yet, because someone fed, or just did horribly and we lose, i get -25 points as well as everyone else who did well or poorly. Whereas the other team, everyone gets 25 points even if they had one or two people who did utterly horribly. How is that fair or even remotely logical. You need to implement a system that rewards or removes MMR points based on individual game performance in SOLO MM. In party yea whole team can have the same fate. But solo means solo and mmr points should be based on solo performance (yes yes yes i know its a team game but lets face it, if the solo quers always play like a team, you would nto have this issue to begin with).
        Everyone wants to play carry, everyone wants to mid. because there is no incentive to play support. you win, everyone (including the feeder in your team) gets +25. You lose, even if you played phenomenally, you still get -25. How is that fair?
        Why is it that the majority of the top mmr players all play mid. I was able to raise my mmr by almost 1k MMR points by playing only mid for about 4 weeks.
        For supports, 1 mmr point for buying and placing wards in certain ward spots. (this is possible, anyone who has dotabuff plus knows it is possible, you dont want to award mmr points to people buying and placing wards randomly in base just to get mmr points), each deward gets 1 point, each assit gets a point, death -2 points, kill gets 0 points, stackign camp gets 1 point, pulling gets 1 point, etc etc. Such that even if you lose, if you performed well, you can get posive points rather than share the fate of the rest of your team. ALso, it would give people an incentive to play support, by making it so it is easier to get more mmr points by playing supports.
        For carry it would be easier, 1 point for kill, -3 for death, 1 point for decent cs at the min 10, 20 30 mark, 2 points for good cs, 3 for exceptional etc etc etc.
        I mean the numbers can be whatever but you get the general idea. You should be able to get positive mmr points even if you lose, if you did really well in the game regardless of your position. and if you just fed or did poorly, you should get -ve points even if your team wins.

        Please valve, get your shit together and fix these major issues.



        • MM system is over broken.
          Always 5 pure noobs in one team vs 5 pure pro players in another.


          • The matchmaking quality has fallen recently.


            • Originally posted by VVitcher View Post
              MM system is over broken.
              Always 5 pure noobs in one team vs 5 pure pro players in another.
              Super agree!...but most times, I can see about 3 or 4 will spoil the game play of the others in a team.
              [ SEA & Western English are different ~ please understand ]
              [ If I accidentally insulted or post harmful content, please do notify me or remove it ]


              • Matchmaking system of Heroes Of The Storm - Valve follow it

                If something works, even if it's competitor, it must be copied if you can not do better.The matchmaking system HOTS takes into account the amount of matches with wins of each player who puts into smaller groups.For example, a player with 3200 MMR and 100 victories, will never fall against a player with 1000 wins, even if the veteran also has 3200 MMR too.Because Blizzard knows that the MMR system is flawed, then it is important to put in small groups, separated by the number of wins of each player.Of course, this only works in popular games with a very large number of players to be able to target into several smaller groups.



                • MMR system is completly broken. I play dota 10 years, and i will not go our of the game. But there are many ppl that play for fun, and there is no any fun in that game, because of bad matchmaking. Maybe it can be fixed by removing hidden pool and behavior rating, cus it completly breakes the system, because rating is not only skill dependant, but behavior dependent - its not normal. Weak player with good behavior can climb 4-6k mmr, but he cant play dota, while good player can get stucked at 3500 because of hidden pool. And bad behavior rating doesn't mean that such player's behavior is worse - its just random.
                  Also LP is broken, i was tring hard for several month, but now i m tired of that, and when i'v got to LP again i'v just stopped to play that game. Yes i ll play several games a week, but its immpossible to play more, because of very bad MM and LP system. It is said by me - 10 years dota fan, but majority of ppl are just plaing for fun, guess what do they think about all that shit? They ll just go other MOBA with normal MM and LP system.
                  Last edited by StrongDoter; 02-17-2016, 01:01 PM.


                  • Likes:
                    most of the time waiting time < 5min
                    No solo q anymore, since than MMR got even more random! (Biggest shit decision on dota 2 ever!!)


                    • DISLIKES :-
                      1) The ranked matchmaking in dota 2 Just sucks , i have even posted a new thread based on my views and in fact many other people views which i am sure of .
                      2) I came down from 3.7k(solo) to 2.7 which is really bullshit , because many times i have noticed that i am getting qued with either some bots , or its a one sided lobby someone has created , most of the times in the SEA server.
                      3) I might leave dota 2 JUST because of this reason because come on don't you guys want us to keep playing this game ? but improve your matchmaking or else i have no other option to just leave this game and go on to LoL because i have seen that matchmaking there is really good and better than this game . But seriously i dont want to play that cartoonish game , because i have been playing dota 2 since the first dota 1 , where we even had pitlord (please get him in dota 2) and the matchmaking was mainly through garena or RGC where atleast the matchmaking was far more better than this game.

                      P.S : i will be really considering to leave this game in a week because of my mmr coming down again and again , it just goes up 3 games then comes back down to 3 games again , because there are some mmr boosters and some really weird names when i play in SEA , which im sure of are some people who get paid to get mmr down , because i believe i am a good player , and if u dont want good players then so be it , i will be leaving dota 2 if the matchmaking issue isn't realized , PLEASE SOLVE THIS ISSUE TO THE EARLIEST !


                      • Just see this if you dont believe me , how much your matchmaking system sucks , im seriously leaving dota now thats it , fuck this game !
                        Match id :2163611496


                        • LIKES
                          - both sides can only pick one hero at a time
                          - Solo queue time in Australia region is somewhat reasonable

                          - abandoning seems to be very common. Anytime someone rages or gets pissed off, they just abandon or disconnect, making the game even more difficult for the remaining teammates (e.g. Match IDs 2180873795 and 2169427257).
                          - people seem to think they can troll around and behave just as badly in ranked matches as they normally do in unranked, e.g. making bad picks, feeding, abusing teammates, etc.
                          - really dislike how MMR points are awarded (that constant 25 points gained/lost). Match outcomes are so often determined by your picks and teamwork early on. If you have teammates that troll or are only focused on things like the all-hero challenge, your chances of winning (and thus improving your MMR) are slim.

                          A lot of times the abandoners, trollers, ragers, etc. (basically people you really don't want to play with) block their profiles or have just created a new account. This should not be allowed. Ranked matchmaking should require your Dota level to be at least Lvl 10 (for example) to reduce the number of smurf accounts. It should also require your profile to not be set to private. Clean and genuine players don't need to hide their profiles.
                          Secondly, the rules for chat/feed/abandoning bans and punishment in ranked matchmaking should be stricter than those in normal matchmaking. If, for example, you only need 4 confirmed reports to be banned in normal matchmaking, then the number for a banning in ranked should be half of that. Furthermore, if you get banned in ranked, you should be prohibited from playing ranked until your ban has been lifted. Or if ranked prohibition is too extreme, then the banned player should only be allowed to pick a limited number of heroes from his top performing heroes (e.g. his top 15). Again, this is to reduce players from troll picking since they're now forced to play their best heroes to the best of their ability since their precious XPM and GPMs are now on the line.
                          Now, how should MMR points be modified? I really miss an aspect from the earlier version of Dota 2: Hero classification. Each hero's portrait actually showed what role that hero is best played as and at what level: 3-star support, 2-star carry, 3-star durable, nuker, etc. This system could be revamped and utilised for MMR points, using just 3 roles, support, solo, and carry, and 3 levels. The MMR change at the end of a match can use a similar system to the fantasy dota system, e.g. a "carry" hero gets MMR points based on his KDA ratio, a "solo" hero gets points based on his CS, a "support" hero gets points based on assists, activating (not purchasing) a courier, placing wards in proper ward spots, hero healing, etc. And then the 3-star rating determines the multiplier for doing your role's tasks (so a 3 star support gets 3 times more points for activating a courier than a 1 star support). This motivates single-role heroes to stick to their roles (Spectre as a 3 star carry will get a lot of points if she helps in teamfights and doesn't feed) and allows certain heroes to take on multiple roles (e.g. viper used to be 1 star support and 1 star carry. So then he can still get MMR points for doing both carry and support tasks). However, the 25 points won/lost based on the match's outcome should not be abolished. My suggested system should be utilised as an accompaniment so that skilled players still get rewarded for playing to the best to their ability and for helping the team to win
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                          • Likes - you can team with random players without having to set up group your self.

                            Dislikes - The matchmaking has to include hours played as part of the teaming mechanism. Teaming up with somebody that has 1/10th of your gametime played, is only asking for trouble. Experience of your team players has to be more or less in the same range.

                            Also the ranked matchmaking has to have a barrier to entry. I see some players in my team. They play just unranked. And lose EVERYTHING. And then they decide to play ranked. I think you know what is going to happen. This should never be allowed. The gamers have to pass a certain test of skill. And not a small one either. Players playing heroes they never even tested in unranked. And then joining ranked with it? The result is predictable..
                            An example on how to solve it? You have to unlock hero access in unranked before you can play it in ranked. You need to be able to maintain an MMR with a certain hero for 10 matches with one hero. And then , access is granted to play that hero in ranked.


                            • LIKES - Nothing

                              DISLIKE - Team MMR makes no sense (except for real teams that always play together) and it keeps people from playing in team because everyone all wants to improve their Solo MMR.


                              • Feedback


                                - I like that you keep on improving the game (and matchmaking) and bring in new ideas. I know that the bugfixing (a. k. a. bug creation) is a tough job.


                                - I dislike 2+3 vs. 2+3 party games (generally low match quality)

                                Suggestion: Don't allow 3 men parties in ranked mm

                                - Sometimes I play with friends who do not play the game that often anymore. Their MMR is still 4k, but they are much worse due to their inactivity. This is basically an autoloss.

                                Suggestion: Introduce some sort of inactivty MMR penalty.

                                - No doubt that everybody has friends with different skill levels and sometimes you want to play with them. This leads to games with a high MMR delta. Those games have a high chance of a low match quality. If you combine that with a 3+2 vs. 3+2, you have won the jackpot. In addition to that, it happens that you meet players with e. g. 2700 MMR (by far the lowest in their team) who clearly are 1k+ higher players. If the 2700 guy in the other team is real, you chances of winning are low. Example: matchid 2352720316, clinkz mid player, desolator/aquila/soulring/boots 12 min, 2700 MMR (lowest).

                                Suggestion: Restrict the MMR delta in ranked games further. The higher it is, the more it can be abused by mmr boosting strategies.
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