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General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • lmao good game. Love that 'solo' queue there Volvo.

    Petition to remove Single Draft. All Random is more balanced than Single Draft.


    • Hello, Valve and Dota team.
      Must to write you an mail with disturbance.
      And im sorry for long read. BTW.
      Ive play with your raiting system alot of time and i find it fully useless under 4k.
      My first mmr 3 years ago with fun and w\o any pains because i donot know what is raiting starts from 2500. (i played before garena\battlenet\iccup about 1-2 years)
      its slowing down some for years to 2100-2000 and stay it, but there alot of NEW players with no skill after HYPE around TI and Dota.
      After many years i play much better but time to time i see leaves, noobs, haters and i have 1 of 10 games that interesting and balanced. Raiting down to 1700.
      Ok. Season raiting comes. I foresaw superprofits if Valve allow with ti16 compendium reset mmr and give 1 year chance to recalibrate it. Its been my dream and most wanted idea last half year, yeap, i also think about to advise it for your team.
      But what i see at new calibration process. 2 games with interest, balanced, alot of farm, great stats. But lose, next 4 games with full noobs, one of them with feeder that dies 20 times them farm rapira and drop it. OK. ill try to do something, realy, but cannot get fine kda, almost fisrt or second in overall damage. next 4 game with no problem, interesting, with full dedication, once at high kda.
      In each game i play with low skill players, they was all games, most players with 1k hours played at all an less, instead of my 3k hours.
      And what i saw. My raiting was not changed, system think that my raiting accuratly is as my current raiting 1700.
      WhAT? Seriosly? My rating after years of game doesnot changed and gets worse? Just because of teammate looses? Just Because system cannot create matchmaking with same skill players? Its great mistake if your system balance the players skill basis on avarage TEAM skill in solo mmr.

      I'm depressed, I no longer want to play, you do not disclose the truth about what is not possible to change the rating. Only professionals can do it, but then, why most of them only grows rating but winrate is stay around 55%?
      You must stop and change this horrible and unfair mistake.

      Raiting must grow with not static changes +25-25, its must to depend on ALL player ingame stats + depend on diffriences in mmr in each moment of game. when i kill most mmrskilled player i got more of endgame points. if avarage time of standed wards thru game ive done thats more points. ETC, and loses points must be avarage diffrienses in MY action, not wining or loosing. just imagine how its funny to hunt most wanted player to get more points!
      Also Most important is matchmaking with allover time played by gamers does MATCH and not in team avarage with best player with huge skill and other with lowest - its dumb. the same situation with personal lvls.
      upd after some cogitation
      all great things is simple:
      Valve, you must buy dotabuff startup and use it statistics.
      And after match system must autodetermine which strategy used by player and decide which stats must be analyse for thus hero (gpm\apm\lh\damage\wards\kills\assists\denys\any other success actions etc for supp\carry\midplayer)
      In % spread of all players points, and give a bonus points compared on all hero season stats.
      And you must really reveal ranking formula at all.

      Your game is becoming boaring and looks like routine for steroid sportsmens, with nothing for non-pro profit.

      I hope you can comeup something and do more but only create compendium quests and rewards and change hero balances each season and gotta moneyhype with nearly nothing improvements? YOU VALVE TEAM with great in-buissenes strategy with VALVE BOOK, is it too hard to promote the idea to create GAME for PEOPLES and true GAMERS?

      With best wishes your fan, hope yet dota player.
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      • Dislike:

        SOLO MMR
        This should be


        It isn't based on MY performance at all and with random teams you have almost NO control what so ever on feeder, bad players, people that won't listen.

        Sure, being nice helps some but that's where it stops.

        You can ask someone over and over and over not to feed. You can get a million kills. You can ward entire map. You can rosh 5 times. You can take 10 towers and be the single best player evar.

        Then lose because one player is bad. And one player CAN throw the game. Everyone knows it.

        So why does MY MMR get tanked from these players. Sure sure, report blah blah be nice blah blah. At the end of the day, one player can drag down 4 and it has NOTHING to do with YOUR OWN GAME PLAY.

        It needs revised badly. The feeder can lose 25+ mmr, good player could lose maybe 5. Then the good players move up, even if punished, and terrible one go away.

        It's a REALLY bad system and needs a major fix.


        • after 4 months ,I said lets give dota 2 another chance but... YOU DID IT !!!!! you completely destroyed the matchmaking system REST IN PIECES dota2 . game id 2417258532 I am with sven .even bots are better..shit game if it was a game!!!!!
          as for the devs I state my opinion ,......even my 7 years old kid can code better than you.THAT IS A FACT.80+ pages of feedback and the system is worse.....

          I don't get it wtf??????????????? is so hard to code ????no words simple no words.................quit your jobs you suck


          • Funny these acc buyers.. Had this kid in my game, who has a winrate of 33% in the last 3 months:


            thats a 77% lose rate. All those boosted accs and bought accs slowly start to ruin all the fun in the game...

            Edit: well update boys, I now had a 26% winrate trash in my team, not once but twice:

            I myself have around 60% winrate in the last 3 months. Got one degenerate with 33% winrate and one with 26% winrate. Now tell me, there is no
            shit in the game to drag you down I mean I had a nice run, raised like 250MMR or more. Now I keep getting such scum in my team. Whats the reason for that? To force down my winrate closer to 50%? You be the judge, I provided you the numbers.
            Last edited by WastedPenguinz; 06-13-2016, 06:17 PM.


            • "Matchmaking Rating, or MMR is a value that determines the skill level of each player."

              As a dota player for over 10 years, I believe it takes much MUCH more than just individual skill to be a good dota player. One should be able to communicate and coordinate with teammates, make rational decisions, have the decency of listening to your teammates advice and so forth. Coming from the SEA region, I can tell you that it is bloody rare to find decent teammates whereas solo-gameplay wannabes roam freely around. Lets say there are 4 good players in the team with 1 "i solo mid with techies go away guys I got this, trust me", the 4 players work their asses off to gain a victory while the 0-11-3 techies gets the mmr courtesy of his teammates' hard work.

              What if there was a system which allows players to influence your teammates mmr?

              You would want to "commend" a teammate which might add 5mmr points in addition to the usual or "dislike" a teammate which would deduct 5mmr regardless of win/loss. That way, the better players would have the chance to move forward while the sucky toxic players would get what they deserved.

              It's just a humble idea with the purpose of hoping to improve the community and I hope there are changes in the near future. I am never afraid of how good the opposing team is, it is how bad my teammates are that frustrate and ruin our gaming experience.


              • The MMR has potential to be a good metric, but it's still way behind.

                The main issue is with "WHO" you allow to play ranked matches. Right now, A player needs a certain level of experience to play ranked matches, which is nice, but really doesn't prevent noobs from joining ranked matches as soon as they have played a couple dozen of games. A player SHOULD NOT be allowed to play a ranked match with a hero he has no experience with, for a starter.

                So my suggestions are as follow:

                * You can't choose a hero in a ranked match, that you have not played at least 10 matches with, and have at least a win rate of 40% with it. You can change this to 30 or to 50, as you see fit, but not outside this range.
                * You can't start a ranked game unless you have at least 5 heroes that you are eligible to choose from as per the first point. (only noobs will stick to one hero, your hero might be banned or chosen by someone else, you should have a little variety to pick from based on enemy).
                * Commends and reports should increase and decrease MMR, respectively.
                * A team should be allowed to ban/kick a player if all other 4 members vote for it, but only if said player has a certain K/D ratio or lower.


                • So, i don't know if this is the right place to post about what happened today but here is what happened, I started searching for a ranked match(solo queue) played the whole game dota servers went down for a while and when i finished the game something really weird happened i got party mmr instead of solo mmr and i was totally playing solo queue ranked. I'd liek to know what happened and get solo mmr instead. Appreciated.
                  MATCH ID: 2484726976


                  • I almost make no mistakes, always top1 by GPM in both teams, but i'm losing MMR more and more. I was 4300, and now i'm 3300.
                    So i think that system forces players to 50% winrate, while i had about 70% winrate. Also, probably system places players with good GPM and bad GPM in one team, but it makes game for players with extra good GPM almost impossible. I have about 7-9 points on GPM graph on support and 9-10 on core role.
                    But in low priority i have much better games, cas there is no your broken MMR system, i win about 5 of 6 games and they are usually very fun.


                    • I like that there is ranked match making.

                      I dislike the way its changed the community
                      I dislike the fact that I will have one month a 70% win rate or so, then after so many wins (win streaks of 8 or 9) I will then lose 10-13 games, then I will have around 50-60% win rate for the next week or two, then this whole system will repeat itself.

                      I have bounced from 3.2k to 3.8k mmr constantly for the past year now.

                      It is irritating to get unbalanced games like this which cause these huge slides.

                      I think the majority of the time games are lost, because of these main reason in order:

                      1. People rage each other
                      2. People refuse to play as a team [X wants to solo caarry to 5k cause they think they have to "solo" carry eveyr game, even though they are not capable of solo carrying since its a team based game, this often causes toxicity]
                      3. Abandons, feeders, people abandoning or feeding
                      4. Party's that don't give a fuck so just troll ranked mmr [play for laughs and completely without caring], since its their party mmr (which means nothing) -->[I do this myself and i'm sure others do to]
                      5.Players who are having bad days who will feed 0/5 on lane, and have been doing it for the past 3-4 games they played that day.

                      I very much dislike that the alternative rto ranked mmr (Normal matchmaking), has given me games where I have had allied 1k below my mmr, despite there not being a party on either team.
                      Why as 3.5k am i playing on a team with an average mmr of 2.6k mmr in normal queue?????????????? I'm the highest guy on my team and its ridiculous. [Calculated from reading the people's profile ranks mid game]

                      I also hate the amount of boosters and smurfs I see. I've had a guy who says he is booster, he is playing invoker past 30 games invoker all wins, then when I first pick a mid hero he tells me to fuck off and starts to feed instantly, before I even get to say I'll move to another lane, he continues to feed all game, because he knows he can just boost in the next and that 1 report won't do much.
                      Last edited by Crowfeather; 07-10-2016, 04:52 PM.
                      Originally posted by Typhox
                      Nope. Windows Explorer is not a database
                      Take a look into the mirror! You think you are completely unfailable. With your limited knowledge, you think that you know more than someone who is very deep in the matter/an expert.


                      • I like that it exists.
                        I like that there are solo, party and team mmr.
                        I like how it differentiate the skill of people.

                        I dislike how unaccurate the mmr system is, bad players in high mmr brackets and good players trapped in low mmr brackets.
                        I dislike the fact that solo queuers can be paired with 3-2 party queuers.
                        I dislike that there is not an option for 4 (+1 random) queue.
                        I dislike the mmr gain/loss system, I believe that win/loss should not mean mmr gain/loss, KDA, gpm, xpm, and roles should be taken in count.
                        Example 1: A very good carry in 2k is paired with average 2k people, that carry gets 20-3-20 KDA, over 600 gpm/xpm but still loses because all 4 teammates have a 0-15-5 score. That carry SHOULD NOT lose any mmr, it justs stays where he is, and if he stomps the game alone, then he gets ADDITIONAL PLUS MMR because of the great work (kda, gpm and xpm).
                        Example 2: 1 terrible player in 3k is paired with other average or above average players, he fed the enemy team, maybe not in purpose, but got 1-10-1 score, but he still won the game thanks to the team, he also SHOULD NOT win any mmr at all, he justs stays where he is because of the mediocre work.
                        Example 3: If a ver good support is paired with 4 mediocre players and loses even though he did his job placing a lot of wards, not dying, assisting and in some cases pushing and killing, his mmr ALSO DOESN'T move. And if he wins -->alone<--- then he ALSO gets an additional plus mmr because of the effort.

                        By "Alone" i mean, doing a great support job, getting a kda over 4 and winning even if his 4 teammates got a kda below 2 or 1.

                        This will help good and bad players get what they deserve, and not getting affected by other solo queuers UNFAIRLY.

                        Thanks for reading my post.
                        Last edited by LeuLeAlbus; 07-24-2016, 08:31 PM.


                        • Just had game like this, I was duo with friend and got 5-stack against us. Great matchmaking system for making bs like this, usually it's fine but this is just too much. I'd like to know why this is even possible?

                          Originally posted by Iratus View Post
                          lmao good game. Love that 'solo' queue there Volvo.

                          Yes, I'm salty af now, and my name is message for valve


                          • this is some bullshit and this site is retarded to make new threads just finished trying to find a game found one before hero selection on the loading screen and my computer turns off turn it back on and the game says i have a abandon twice in a row this is some bullshit


                            • I said let give dota2 another chance ,bought the season pass and tried ranked international

                              worse than normal ranked

                              teams are made like this 3+2=1+1+3
                              1+1+1+2 =4+1

                              and so on, shit matchmaking system

                              shit mmr balance my mmr is 2100 (I don't know how you calculate this useless shit ) but every game I have players with 3000-3500 mmr but still average mmr is 2100 ,wtf???? RETARDED

                              toxic players all over ______----->>> swears curse ,all the away, racism

                              now I am streaming on youtube to show others how bad dota is and what you get when you spent money on stay away from this shit.let see how is it when starts to hurts your pochets

                              DOTA 2 DOESN"T DESERVE A PENY


                              • I dislike that the MMR system is totally broken and not in any way balanced at all.
                                I'll elaborate: In theory you should be able to win every single game with good team play and lose if it's bad but that's just not the case.

                                The matchmaking system appears to be deliberately stacking games against you after a certain number of wins in a row. It should be 50/50 every single time. Like, for example, I had a game recently where everyone on both teams was a similar MMR except one guy on my team who's MMR was around 72. 70-bloody-2!! Why on earth was that player matched on that team!?? Needless to say he (I'll assume it's a dude) ruined the game for everyone on my team. This happens far too often to be coincidence. Fix this for the love of all that is good.

                                I dislike also feeders, boosters, smurfs and all the other BS that your average player has to put up with. The pre-requisite for ranked play should be set MUCH higher.