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General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Dislike :
    the Randoming future is killing ranked matchmaking ,an ally randoms into a hero he doesnt know how to play and he re randoms and same happens, there you go mmr gone before the game even starts
    . even if your ally gets a good hero it's still very unfair to teammates playing with 200 less gold ( unless they random too which is gonna be disaster ). even if he gets a good hero and the team is fine with
    their greedy teammate, it still kills the drafting aspect of the game entirely... many of my games get ruined by randomers everyday
    Solution ? Remove randoming in ranked games


    • DISLIKE: The MMR system is good but still has many problems, mmr black market, toxic players, rages.

      SOLUTION: Restart all MMR accounts by seasons. 2 Seasons in 1 year and and set as 20 games to calibrate.

      1)Lots of players stop playing for months or years and come again... and NO! You dont deserve your old mmr because you dont play the same.
      2)In addition, there is an appeal to the number (MMR) and not to play balanced matches, just the culture of win any cost. This culture creates a snowball of rage and stress in the players.
      3)There is a parallel market for the sale of accounts, which impacts the quality of the games.
      4)Resetting mmr is more than necessary to balance matches according to the player's level in that time period.


      • Originally posted by ElementerZen View Post

        Many dota players are starting to quit dota due to the toxic nature of the community. They are many causes to this.

        One of the causes is having multiple players who want and only can play a certain position, eg. 2 players who only want to solo middle. This causes arguments and the game already starts off on a bad note.



        include role preferences as selection criteria before finding a match. Role means core/support hero. Role preferences is defined as the role a player is strong at playing/would like to play. This helps the matching algorithm in creating a balanced team where any role in a lineup can be played by a certain team mate. This way, we can get lesser situations whereby more than 1 player in a team want to "carry"/ "solo mid". This reduces conflict between players pregame as a team's preferred lane/role are diversified. Multiple roles can be selected. For example, those who only wish to play mid can select "2" under role preferences, or those who don't mind playing any role can select all roles.


        Players will still be able to choose any hero they want, or play whatever role they want, regardless of role preference. Role preference just serves as a way for the matching algorithm to build a team with a more diversified role preference. It also serves as information to teammates, so each player knows which role each teammate is strong in and can adjust accordingly.

        This can increase queue times, however games usually last much longer than queues. Having queue times slightly longer to improve game quality is definitely much more worth it compared to having short queue times and 30 minutes of arguments in game.

        At lower mmrs, players might not know what roles mean. In this case, having role preferences can educate these players and raise awareness of the existence of such a concept, which is a prevalent winning strategy in dota.

        No player enjoys wasting time in a game arguing about "who should have went middle lane" or "who should have carried". With role preferences, players get to know their team mates strengths/preferences in the picking phase, and can play around each other's strengths and weaknesses accordingly, leading to more cooperation in a team and lesser arguments.
        In dota every hero can go on any position. Today i pick phantom lancer for carry, tommorrow for roam etc. Just change build and tallent tree etc...


        • LIKES
          - Competitive
          - Can ban some heroes <Change so that the heroes which are chosen to be banned are 100% banned, remove the chance of ban not going through>
          - Decent Queue times

          - Minimal progression and incentives for ranked matchmaking.
          Besides MMR, there isn't much encouragement to play in ranked matchmaking.
          This could be fixed by performing a complete overhaul on the current matchmaking system. Divide MMR ranges into divisions or skills groups similar to Overwatch, League of Legends and Rocketleague and make it so placement matches are required to move to the next ranked division. Create seasons for ranked which last an entire year; there is a major patch following the international which could signify the end of a season and start of a new season. Reward players for participating in ranked and reaching a skill group which is slightly above average players (A cool set for a specific hero that was popular throughout the year, ranked borders which signify which division of ranked you ended the last season in, emotes, a cool courier, etc).

          - No new Calibration periods unless you have an international battle pass
          create a calibration period for players at the end of each international with the "Big Patch" - (7.00, Dueling Fates) where players are not required to have a battlepass. Also, calibration must be a REQUIREMENT so that players who don't deserve to be at their ranked position are placed back into the correct spot.


          • New MMR System

            * N/A

            * After-game MMR is same for all team players
            * It is extremely hard to increase your MMR, because player effort is not considered during MMR calculation at all

            SUGGESTION - New MMR System:

            * Fair distribution of MMR across team players (getting same MMR for bad play in the winner team not fair and vice-versa)
            * System, that will bring opportunity to all players, to be in charge for their own MMR progresses (current system seems to be locked for most players in terms of increasing their MMR-s)

            what needs to be done, in order to achieve those goals:
            * calculate MMR-s for each player individually, with consideration of their in-game effort
            * under term "in-game effort" should be considered statistical world averages of most criteria (ex: KDA, Total DMG, pushing, supporting fighting, GPM, XPM and etc...)

            So, I think MMR calculations should be done by principle of reduction.
            Every game must impose MMR CAP-s for win and lose for both teams.
            MMR should be calculated for each player individually, with consideration of their in-game effort, hence player in the loser team, who played very well and showed good results in comparison of world averages in the same MMR and with the same Hero, will take less penalty as of -MMR, rather than taking full -MMR as other in the same team, and vice-versa in case of winning.

            Team_A (average MMR - 3800):
            win_cap = function() {some function that calculates win_cap} // lets it be: 35.5
            lose_cap = -Team_B.win_cap // -22.5
            Team_B (average MMR - 4100):
            win_cap = function() {some function that calculates win_cap} // lets it be: 22.5
            lose_cap = -Team_A.win_cap // -35.5

            Lets imagine Team_A loses, but one player in the Team_A, who played with Crystal Maden, did a great job in all aspects of game, had a better results in KDA, GPM, XPM and etc... than world averages with CM for same MMR, but hes team lose and as a result he got same -MMR as other in them team.

            with this new MMR system, algorithm should calculate whole impact and performance of that player and as a result, lets say, he performed 40% better then world average CM player in same MMR.

            For that reason, with new system, MMR for that player will be:

            calculated_MMR = Team_A.lose_cap * (100% - 40%) = -22.5 * 0.6 = -13.5 MMR

            but for another player in the team who performed, lets say, worse than standard by 10%, will get whole lose_cap without adjustments.

            So, in short, player MMR-s will be calculated individually, with consideration of their in-game effort derivations from the world's statistical averages of same Hero in same MMR.

            Advantages of new MMR system over old one:
            * completely self-controlled, dynamic (without any statically defined components) system
            * motivates players towards their best play, and mitigates general abuse level in community
            * player dedication is granted with a real chance to increase their MMR

            This will be unique, universal, ideal and best MMR system ever.


            thanks and sorry for my English


            • Hello! I'm going to comment regarding party matchmaking. I got inspired by this reddit thread:

              -I feel like party matchmaking is great with friends in captains mode.
              Really short que times compared to unraked and matches are not as one-sided as before. (We have about 80% winrate with our 5-stack, many of our matches are 20 min stomps in unranked.)

              - Now for the medal system. In general I really like the medal system in ranked. But I dislike party ranked is capped with certain medals.
              As said before, we like to party with friends. Only two of our 5-stack play solo. So it looks kind of weird that we have two divine player and three legend players, even though our party mmr is higher than 5k. I would like a comment from someone who know why party medal is capped. Dota is a team game and I would think that you encourage playing as a team, not solo. So is it possible in the future patches to get a divine medal as a party player, just not get into the leaderboards? Or get a different leaderboard for ranked.

              Sorry if this post is incorrectly formatted or in the wrong place. Just wanted to post somewhere and this looked like the right board.


              • I have an idea for a new matchmaking. It goes like this: before finding a new match, players should be able to choose what role they are going to play (pos 1: carry, 2: mid, 3: offlane, 4/5: support. For those who don't know). In this case, when in-game, people would know who is going for positiong 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I find this helpful because this will lessen the cancerous "me mid, i carry" mindset since it is already shown before start. If this gets implemented, i bet dota rating would go high again.

                The game is losing popularity because of the community. In 3k bracket and less, it is so frustrating and annoying every game because everyone wants to be carry, no adjusting at all. I have played with ancient+ and ican guarantee that it is less cancerous there. My first ranked game with my new account I was able to play with ancient 2+ but the next games it changed to legend.

                Thank you for your time reading! Reply me your thoughts about this


                • Like:
                  Play ranked games with players of my level without toxic behavior.

                  All the fight for a position before the game starts.
                  This make the players fight and put the team in a bad situation... one guy try pick hc, and another guy pick hc first... and the 50 min of stress and all the toxic behavior starts.

                  Please... put a option for position with the game mode selection, casual or ranked with a good defition of the position. 1,2,3,4 and 5.

                  One of the most common problems in all ranked and casual matches is precisely the confusion of playing in a way that the player does not want to play. This generates insult trading and toxic behavior in these fights by position. In virtually every match this occurs, which is tiring, annoying and frustrating.


                  • from min 52 , game match making is still shit, 4 feeders in the same game ,you did it......


                    • Match ID: 3741478469 team:Me = 4/8Player 2 = 0/11Player 3 = 0/10Player 4 = 0/8Player 5 = 2/6 (Anti-Mage. I'm supporting and trying to save him several times, even do the last hit kill, but always go away and dies alone)I always play as a support 5, I always make the first pick of hero.I do not give any last hits, anyway, I'm the best player in the game, looking at the stats of the end of the match (that green or red marking by the bars), in 76% of all games, even as support.


                      • I recently came up with a neat way to greatly improve the Ranked system which tackles every aspect and fixes every issue from balance, smurfs and new players and since the new MMR reset is coming soon I wanted to post it here to get coverage. Let us know what you all think:

                        While everyone might have strong opinions on the first two sections of that post SECTION THREE I think all users can relate to and probably agree with would be very useful even in the current MMR system as I believe it's the only true way to make ranked mode something more than gambling which it really is right now because you don't know who you will get paired up with and whether any events will transpire such as random feeders or sudden abandons so if the game rewarded/punished less those that do their best then I don't have to worry about other people as much then that's huge.
                        Last edited by Binary_Star; 05-30-2018, 09:54 AM.


                        • Dislikes:
                          That the game says it needs supports but treats them like trash to the point where a large part of the community doesn't want to play them and outright says there's a better chance of winning games by going 5 player cores from 1-4K which based on my testing is actually true. Something needs to change.

                          If these things are true then the game rules should change greatly for those who are in 1-4k. For example at those brackets remove the fog of war fully so everyone knows where the enemy will be at all times and encourage 5 core lineups for fun and key timing engagements.
                          Supports require so much skill to play that people should not come into the assumption that they can win games with them because they can't at that skill bracket, they will actually lose games due to carries not taking advantage of them and supports most likely going against 5 core lineups and feeding since they are such easy targets and the gold amount they give is pretty close to the carry. Supports make the game less fun for everyone including themselves and that's a fact simply telling by the attitude of most players not wanting to play them. If supports really were important then they would not be squishy, feeders, under-leveled and falling off late game too because these are the definitions of a hero to stay away from by simple game design it's anti-fun.

                          The 1-4k community makes up about 90% of the players in Dota so if they want to play a certain way the game must adjust not them not the other way around.
                          The rules should be different 5k and above because they play so differently. It's a different world there so the game rules should reflect that.
                          Last edited by Binary_Star; 05-31-2018, 02:48 AM.


                          • Dislikes:
                            The current matchmaker seems to never match players of similar skill anymore, it only matches players with similar behavior score. This is extremely anti-competitive and MMR/badges cannot be accurate while the matchmaker doesn't matches players of similar skill/experience. Rigging ranked games is just stupid.
                            No Gods but the ones we make


                            • I would like to say sorry if there are a lot of features or mechanics in Dota 2 that I dislike because most of them can easily be abused by the spoilers or smurfs. Well, sometimes I still put some "HOPE" if the developer can make changes to let some suggestions to take place in "Dota 2 beta" instead of releasing the update in "Dota 2" client because we want to know the developer is really concern and read what we posted everyday. I will keep editing/updating in this reply instead of posting next.

                              [RED - MY LIKES]
                              [BOLD - MY POINTS IN SUGGESTION]

                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              I like the courier feature as introduced in Turbo Mode and prefer it to be used in ranked matchmaking because ranked matchmaking really looks good to have such courier system.
                              - Reason: This courier system in Turbo Mode is better or the best compared to current courier system because it allows each player to has his own courier delivery that will not be disrupted by other ally who attempts to abuse, throw or spoil a game.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 1: While we have the current courier system with 1 courier per team. Yes, that is not a problem for Dota 2 courier system to be improved. Multiple players in a team still can use the auto-delivery courier system that cannot be manually controlled by a player to move everywhere or in direction to feed the enemy by using the courier. If the current courier system is mixed with the courier system from Turbo Mode, I believe the courier system can be improved a lot. That's why we require this auto-delivery courier system which cannot be disrupted because in lower tiers always have players or allies argue with each others for one courier.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 2: A team can own a 50 golds courier. An ally can send command to the courier by clicking "Retrieve", "Return", etc button and his command will continuously runs till the command is fulfilled or the hero dies or runs to other direction. The command sent by other ally will be queued up. Therefore, the courier movement speed must be restored back like last time or in a faster way.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 3: Since the game will indicates who is currently commanding the courier, therefore a system must be implemented in order to avoid abuse of courier as well. The current ally who sends command to the courier must be observed by a game system to auto-accumulate the point of penalty. If the point of penalty is more than an amount, then the player will gets auto-low-priority (3 games). The point of penalty such as abusing or never care the courier by simply let it feeds the enemy. I believe this can make players in the team to be careful use the courier or never simply use it.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              I like the stash system but it focus on individual too much and there is no team stash to keep items for team usage such as Observer Ward and Sentry Ward.
                              - Reason: Team stash for keeping items such as Observer/Sentry Wards, Dust of Appearance, Smoke of Deceits, Courier, etc is important to avoid allies from abusing by stealing the items and intentionally keep in their stashes.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 1: A new button for courier to "Retrieve" item from team's stash is needed. This function will retrieve item from team's stash only. When a player use "Return" button to functioning the courier, the courier should automatically returns the available specific items into team's stash as well. Therefore, exceptions for team's items are needed as well for items such as Observer/Sentry Wards, Dust of Appearance, Smoke of Deceits, Courier, etc so that the items will not be retrieved from team's stash and then return to individual's stash when a player use retrieve and return on next play.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========

                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

                              I dislike the current way of Ranked Matchmaking.
                              - Reason: Because I had noticed a lot of smurfs were able to play in my tier and it is very difficult for me to climb up from my tier for almost 5 years! This is not a joke since I was trapped in my tier and can never climb up because my games always have smurfs who brought me down back when I was near the next level of tier.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 1: Match the players based on their number of victories and behavior instead of other factors which are hidden by the developer. I don't know how the developer match the games in ranked matchmaking but doesn't it victory indicates how good a person had achieved for winnings in his life? Players want to win and not profile levels. Many times I can see profiles with low number of wins (around 20 ~ 100 only) were able to join ranked matchmaking. I already reached 4000+ wins but why do I have to play with them in ranked games?
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              I dislike the current chat feature which allows freedom of chat to the players.
                              - Reason: Dota 2 is a very emotional game. However, a lot players always using rude words which could trigger the feeling of others.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 1: Implement a chat system that has AI to auto-detect any player who uses rude words such as "noob", "fuck", "go hell", "eat shit", "asshole", etc including multiple languages based on the languages available in Dota 2. Any player detected will auto-accumulate penalty points within a game where the points will be displayed in scoreboard to show system is observing or warning him. When he reaches a certain amount, then he will be blocked from chatting for 24 hours.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              I dislike the current BAN phase in Ranked All Pick mode.
                              - Reason: I can feel or notice that certain heroes at different Tiers can easily got banned by the system (have higher percentage to get banned), which means if a player nominates that hero to be banned, then that hero probably will just be banned instead of others. Let me mention about the lower tiers first because I have more data in lower tiers. Heroes such as Anti-Mage, Phantom Assassin, Shadow Fiend, Sniper, Invoker, Tinker, etc have very high chances to be nominated in banning phase. If Anti-Mage and Invoker been nominated, I believe Anti-Mage will be the one who gonna be listed as banned. I played thousands of games in lower tiers and I feel how the system during banning phase is very bias or unfair in choosing which heroes to be accepted as banned heroes.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 1: Please make banning phase in Ranked All Pick to be 100% works. One player can nominate one hero only. If he nominates that hero, then that hero will 100% be banned. If a player doesn't want to nominate any hero, then 9 heroes will be banned. If 2, then 8 will be banned and so on. This should sounds more fair like how Underhollow banning phase works to prevent overpowered heroes from dominating in that event. We want a fair judgement of banning result by the system not an UNFAIR or BIAS judgement of banning result by the game system which could give advantage to smurfs or boosters to use their favorite featured heroes!
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              I dislike the current requirements that allow too many inexperienced newbies to join Ranked Matchmaking.
                              - Reason: Too many inexperienced newbies who joined Ranked games and been bullied by smurfs or boosters. Thus, they are known as throwers or spoilers in the games.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 1: One account per one owner. That is something everyone wishes for in order to avoid smurfs or boosters. If a player registers a new account on Steam and wants to play Dota 2 Ranked games, he must links his Dota 2 account to another Dota 2 account that already reaches at least 2000 matches or 1000 wins. Can be a legit coach or guider to receive advantage such as extra or bonus mmr based on the achievement of his junior.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 2: In addition, both of them must play in party if the newly registered account wants to join Ranked Matchmaking. So that senior account can guide junior account in Ranked games. If the newly registered account wants to join Ranked Matchmaking without partying with the senior account, then that account must reaches at least half of the senior's account victory achievement which is 500 wins as well. If senior account has 5000 wins, then junior must wins at least 2500 Unranked games in order to join Ranked games without partying which is solo queue.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 3: If the newly registered account irresponsibly joins the Ranked Matchmaking without senior's notice, then the senior's MMR stats will be pulled down to match with the junior's MMR stats which means if a senior with solo 5000 mmr never look after his junior with solo 2000 mmr, then his solo mmr will be pulled down from 5000 to 2000 when the junior finishing a solo Ranked game without party. This penalty on senior is necessarily needed because senior player must always observes or responsibly guide his junior friend or ally to make sure they never ruin or spoil players' games. Penalty will not be applied if the junior already achieve the requirement of getting at least half the victory of senior's.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              I dislike the current PAUSE SYSTEM with non-optimal time.
                              - Reason: Spoiler or ally who doesn't want to cooperate usually never or will resume the game once after it was paused by a player. I already talked about this problem in 2 years ago (
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 1: Make all players CANNOT resume any pause but can place vote to initiate, extend or cut. I believe this can counter the problem of player who intentionally resuming the game for no reason or without waiting the disconnected player for awhile even 5 minutes to back.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 2: Make any ally of the disconnected player to has the right to initiate or extend the pausing time by 5 minutes per pause (cooldown 25 minutes to prevent spam). If an ally pause the game, then the pausing will starts with 5 minutes countdown. If another ally press to support the first pause, then the pause time can be extended by 5 minutes (2 minutes for a support from opposite). Time expansion is important to prevent zero pause time that caused by voter who votes to cut time.
                              ================================================== ================================================== ===========
                              - Suggestion 3: Make any enemy of the disconnected player has the right to shorten or cut the pausing time by 2 minutes per pause (cooldown 25 minutes to prevent spam). If the pausing time is supported by 2 players from the opposite team, then the pausing time is 10 minutes. If an enemy wants to resume the game, he can shorten or cut the time by 2 minutes or request help from his teammates to cut the time to be shorter or no pause. Yes, it is true that the game can be no pause when the opposite team are MORE COOPERATIVE than the team who has disconnected player and LOWER COOPERATION to help in waiting.
                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

                              Thank you for reading.
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                              [ SEA & Western English are different ~ please understand ]
                              [ If I accidentally insulted or post harmful content, please do notify me or remove it ]


                              • Allowing bot matches + turbo matches to be counted for the ranked acceptance criteria is just plainly unfair. Already this game is filled with smurfs, to also allow low-level people to just ruin matchmaking even more is damn cruel.

                                Matchmaking right now it's a disgrace.
                                "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough."
                                "I don't play the odds, I play the man."
                                "Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men, just want to watch the world burn."
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