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General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Originally posted by Florin View Post
    Allowing bot matches + turbo matches to be counted for the ranked acceptance criteria is just plainly unfair. Already this game is filled with smurfs, to also allow low-level people to just ruin matchmaking even more is damn cruel.

    Matchmaking right now it's a disgrace.
    I fully agree with you and we can emphasize the absurdity of matchmaking bringing together players with hero pools very different (eg 5/10 with 50/100) on the same team... noob picks ~ ruined games ~ gg Gaben, give vouch to everyone to play ranked ~ we lost. It's Valve's fault this bad habit of the players to practice heroes who do not dominate in ranked matchs too. Ranked > Unplayable!
    (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


    • - I dislike that I lost 700 mmr (4525 -> 3847). Could you please restore it?

      I achieved this MMR this season with my friends, why was it taken away?


      • Likes:
        - Position-based matchmaking is the best general concept for dota 2
        - Most of the times the constelation of ranks are balanced per game.

        - Queueing takes extremely long compared to before position matchmaking was a thing, even though I'm playing Hard Support only and even when my party has soft support as well.
        -> make queueing less strict, allow higher ranked players to be in your game. or even lower ranked in order to get faster matches.
        - I wish you'd sometimes get queued into a higher ranked game, which would give you a chance to gain more MMR than in your bracket, implying you win.


        • 1 this game is worse by year..really!!!
          2 when we start a game ,I want to ban e hero ,it is simple ,not ban then you select 2-3
          3 smurf ACCOUNTS are shit!!!!! game id 5054117576 (I am with bb)...wind ranger...if I am so bad ,how the fuck I have "such a good player" in the game??
          4 I don't get it,in league of legends I play well and have high rank... only in dota mmr goes from 3200 1600..and I started to play this game in if I play this game I get worse at it!!!!!! really???
          5 how many years will pass until you solve this problem???? smurf account .0 fun....o fun dota is dead!!!! in lol was the same thing until they solve it!!! now is better than dota...
          6 I play for fun ,but in this game there are only ...cheats ,scripts ,and cheats!!!!!


          • LIKE:
            I like that Valve tried to improve the ranked matchmaking waiting time with the recent fast queue Update that was released today

            It´s weird to see that you have a waiting time around 10 minutes when u search hard support only. I´d love to see that either hard support get into fast queue by default, or that the role which is needed most right now gets marked by Valve (should be hard support in 99% i guess?) and if it´s chosen, the player enters fast queue aswell without a token. Just think it´s weird to see that hard support players get punished with an arificially increased waiting time in slow queue and players who dont even want to play hard support (and just marked it to get fast queue) find a game faster, even though there are people looking forward to playing hard support.


            • They need to fire the guy who suggested separate mmr for roles and faster queue charges for playing role-in-demand. And right after that they need to fire and then sue the guy who gave it a green light.

              Because this made ranked games unplayable. People join as support and don't care for their support rank as long as they get fast queue as core. So they don't put ANY effort into winning because its basically a match that doesn't count(so other people suffer)...


              • Move along, nothing to see here, match making working perfectly as intended.
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                • my language settings are ignored by the matchmaker I posted everywhere but there is no salvation, please help me.


                  • Like : quite fast to get a match.

                    Dislike : the match we get.

                    Solution : rework the matchmaking and the ranking progress. Currently you can stay Herald for life with this system, fighting against smurfs or with feeders noobs. You should take the experience of the player in account and some achievements to progress to upper ranks more easily, and be less penalized by bad match, and no regress to lower ranks. Take example on others game, which are more grateful.