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General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #76
    Likes: I guess you can say at least they tried...I guess

    Dislikes: In my experience, Ranked mmr is based solely on your win/loss ratio. If you lose a game, it doesnt matter how well you performed in that game, your mmr goes down based solely on the fact that you loss. Clearly anyone with half a brain would realize that measuring individual rank based on wins vs losses in a team game is absolutely ridiculous. Im gonna post a few matches to illustrate how stupid this is. - Here I was Phantom Lancer - Riki - Luna

    In these matches my mmr went down simply because my team lost despite me being either the only one or one of two players to play well. The formula for mmr might as well be
    wins/losses x 100%=mmr. Now Ive had games where I didnt really play well and we loss and it seems that mmr goes down the same amount as it does if you go 30/0/17 and lose so it would be nice to know if anything besides wins/losses is taken into account, then exactly what determines when, and by how much your mmr goes up or down. If it is only lose and it goes down, win and it goes up, how is that a valid way to give a person any kind of meaningful ranking.

    Ranked is no different from normal mm. A few games with decent/good teammates then when you have won a few they find the absolute worst players to team you up with
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    • #77
      You call it solo mmr? Such a joke 3300 mmr and playing with even worse people then i played in normal matchmaking with 51% win rate good job valve you sucks. Wonder why you are even making this shit sticky thread when you aren't even checking it.
      Bez názvu.jpg

      Such trash / garbage this mmr

      Most easiest hero in game templar assasin lossing mid and ending up with boots only and score 0/8.
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      • #78
        explain me this anyone ?

        btw i got -27 on it

        im grateful to valve for the mmr but this to much srsly
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        • #79
          - Finally Exist
          - Que time is short.
          - I dont even gonna bother myself writing how shitty ranked matchmaking is... you can see what other players wrote... but WTF why there is no SOLO RANKED MATCH MAKING GIVE OPTION BACK!!!1
          - x100 Worse than normal matchmaking
          - All games ending up with stomp dire or radiant.. there is no such thing 50/50
          So Basicly..
          The teams are balanced. (Each team has a 50% chance to win.) Lie
          The discrepancy in skill between the most and least skilled player in the match is minimized. This is related to team balance, but not the same thing. No Idea
          The discrepancy between experience (measured by the number of games played) between the least experienced player and the most experienced player is minimized. More on this below. No Idea
          The highest skill Radiant player should be close to the same skill as the highest skill Dire player. BULLSHIT
          Each team contains about the same number of parties. For example, the matchmaker tries to avoid matching a party of 5 against against 5 individual players. Hafl Truth
          Players’ language preferences contains a common language. Lack of a common language among teammates’ language preferences is strongly avoided. Lack of a common language across the whole match is also avoided, but less strongly. BULLSHIT!
          Wait times shouldn’t be too long. True
          JUST MAKING SOLO RMM AND PARTY: 1 1 1 1 1 vs 1 1 1 1 1 OR 3 2 VS 3 2 BUT NOT LIKE THIS 2 2 1 vs 2 2 1 or 4 1 vs 4 1.


          • #80
   -> The entire front page is comprised of matches since removal of soloqueue, every single one of them has been a one-star-rated horribly frustrating mismatch. I cannot believe the kind of people I have been getting matched with, honestly. Twenty matches of grinding frustration, no fun to be had at all. I could care less about having lost a full percentile point of WLR and a 200 drop in MMR since the calibration matches, if at least the few times I managed to carry the game to victory had not been, at times, even worse games than most of those losses.

   -> This last one was particularly baffling. I cannot fathom how any serious MM system could deem that Razor and that Witch Doctor a good match for me and the other two guys.

            You know what really fucks me up? I loved Dota 2 so much it's pretty much been the only game I have played consistently for the last year. I invested money on it that could have gone to several other games, always convincing myself that it would be a good investment, even though the only possible way to have decent games was to use the soloqueue option, which I had been consistently using for the last couple of months since it queued me for matches that were much, much better and much more fun than I had ever had before. Unfortunately, it took me too long to finally realize that this company doesn't give a single sh*t for the playerbase, does not respect the investment we make on their product, neglects their clients and works in a way that, if this wasn't a virtual product, could be sued under business malpractice. They will still keep our money, though.

            Without soloqueue this game is over for me.
            Originally posted by CvP
            Get better at dota.
            A matchmaking system that emulates five-player parties based on teamplay-oriented recommendations--->


            • #81
              Only played ranked solo queue.

              - Visible score gives you more information about how balanced the matchup is
              - Played 7-3 in the placement, it went pretty much 2-20 since that, completely uneven matchups

              Can't really be bothered with a 10% win rate compared to constantly > 50% before, no matter the reasons, it's just not an enjoyable or even tolerable experience so I guess I have to stop queueing for solo ranked, too bad, I had high hopes for this mode.


              • #82
                I am absolutely disgusted by the matches ranked has given me. I had nothing but shit tier games all over the place with skill gaps between players so big Gabes ass can fit between them.

                It is so bad that I am done with Dota2. Done. I went from 6 games a day minimum to barely even wanting to touch the game. Well played Valve. Well fucking played. You know what made me quit dota in the last 8 years? Nothing. You did it first. Amazing really it's not the game that pissed me off it's the shit you put in the game.

                To hell with this matchmaking until AT THE VERY LEAST solo que is implemented. IF it's not then I will be looking for another game to play.


                • #83
                  -Like : obviously nothing

                  -Dislike : forced 50% winrate and don't tell me it doesen't force 50 because as soon as i got 3950 rank a started to lose every game and now i am at 3700 rank GG VALVE


                  • #84
                    Oh and another thing. Adding only the shittiest of the shitty modes to play in ranked DOES NOT HELP IT ONE BIT.


                    • #85
                      -Like : I can see where am I placed in general

                      -Dislike : Game aways forces me to play with players with lower rating than me in my team( Yes I check everyone every game !!!) most of the time have no idea what to do.
                      This is the result :

                      Great in the next game I had a person with 3900 rating in the team guess the outcome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                      • #86

                        I have something to play for and I can see a value that reflects my performance as I win or lose games
                        Games are generally a bit better than normal queue (3800)


                        There needs to be system to compare and contrast your ranking with the masses. I need to know if I'm below/above average, etc.
                        A Captain in Captain's Mode shouldn't be "who clicks on the button first", there should be a sensible automated system that chooses one of the teammates as captain.
                        The calibration system shouldn't start from your casual base rank, it should be from scratch. The uncertainty variable should be very high and winning/losing games should have a bigger impact on your ranking until the ranking stabilizes and the uncertainty variable becomes more robust.
                        Required games to unlock ranked matchmaking should be double
                        Some teammates are out of place. I have 1700 hours played, I shouldn't be matched with someone with 300 and doesn't know how to play his hero
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                        • #87
                          Absolutely nothing

                          1.)The system fails to match you based on awareness and mapsense by completely ignoring skill but only taking into account how well a Riki pubstomped in his last 5 games.

                          Stop ignoring the number of wins.

                          2.) My solo rank is being calibrated and Valve sends me against a 5 man party.

                          This is not even too difficult to fix, the new patch accounts for 5 solo players but me and another solo player were part of a 3 man stack versus a 5 man stack.

                          Not that anybody cares about these posts but well..
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                          • #88
                            OK next game 3200 ranting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                            • #89
                              supports are not greatly appreciated it seems by the ranked matchmaking
                              what gibbs ? support is the most important role, count the fucking team items we make, the number of wards, smokes, dusts, all my gold goes to team-oriented items, never items for myself only...
                              show supports some love, that's one of the reasons ranked is shit at the moment, everyone trying individual plays, not team-oriented plays in the selfish strive to win.


                              • #90
                                Need a lot of work to be done but I have to say the ranked mmr isnt that bad as people call it to be,in fact i find it way better than normal mm, start judging yourself first, then u will realize this world is pretty simple.