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General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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    now 3600

    winrate 49,89%
    now 49,10 %

    nice ranked system
    ty valve


    • we need a full stats wipe for everyone to make the rating proper
      and i still think there must be only 1 rating for both queues.


      • Ranked Matchmaking is beyond broken. I started off 4.5k mmr and have gone down to 3.8 mmr. I have lost 16 of my last 21 games, of which I was only responsible for one. My teammates every game either abandon, intentionally feed, afk grief, destroy items, or stop playing because they say they don't care. I always have at least two people with 10 deaths on my team. All of my friends have told me that they have never seen anybody with as bad of luck as I have.


        • I've no idea why I gain 23 and 28 points in these two games.

          Game 1: 442993012
          Clearly, this was a tough game. We were even close to lose sometime. The kill ratio is 52:43. I am the slardar. I did well in this game 12/7/22. For such a tough and balanced game, I gain only 23 points.

          Game 2: 443103934
          It is a unbalanced game. The final kill ratio is 35:3. I and warlock and got 8/0/13. It's very weird that I gain 28 points in this game.

          Please fix this asap. I don't want to see that I gain more points in a unbalanced game. When I spend significant effort in a well balanced game, I gain fewer points. That's ridiculous!


          • Originally posted by wallr1985 View Post
            I've no idea why I gain 23 and 28 points in these two games.

            Game 1: 442993012
            Clearly, this was a tough game. We were even close to lose sometime. The kill ratio is 52:43. I am the slardar. I did well in this game 12/7/22. For such a tough and balanced game, I gain only 23 points.

            Game 2: 443103934
            It is a unbalanced game. The final kill ratio is 35:3. I and warlock and got 8/0/13. It's very weird that I gain 28 points in this game.

            Please fix this asap. I don't want to see that I gain more points in a unbalanced game. When I spend significant effort in a well balanced game, I gain fewer points. That's ridiculous!
            two things are clear. if you win and the different between your deaths and kills is high. you probably increase your rank
            when you get a lot of kills and zero death? even if you be a pro you can't kill whole opponent team by yourself there should be two things happening
            1-the opponent team has noobs in it whom are feeding your team.(unbalanced game) unbalanced game means not a good game, not a good game means match making sux
            2-you've matched with better players than the opponent team you have better mid lane hero you have better initiators you have better supporters in your team whom know warding and etc. (steal unbalanced game) . . . the same result in number one
            in both situation you earn more points and you win game but we play for a balanced game not a boring game which you know you're the winner since minute 10
            besides i want to blame those who random in RMM you are a good player but you can't play kotl as well as your playing as example pudge. you random you get kotl you ruin our game there's no match making fault in this situation. sometimes i want to report those who random and don't know how to play with zeus in mid or how to not feed with medusa they're good players but they just can't play with certain heros . . . i can't understand why they random


            • Dislikes: Matched with people out of my region and language settings. This is the biggest problem with Dota2 overall, but I refuse to even finish my placement matches due to the number of players I am forced to deal with on a regular basis who do not speak English, and are not from the US.
              Petition to remove Single Draft. All Random is more balanced than Single Draft.


              • What i dislike? I dislike that literally 6-7 people are muted per game and that the games become literal shitfests due to that.
                People cant discuss their picks (probably the most important aspect in the game) and they cant discuss strategy while playing, which leads to bad lane compositions and default losses ---> stompgames.
                My last 3 games we had a lastpick pudge on either my or the opponents team, even though the pudge pick makes no sense in that composition and leads to a default lose.
                In the two games where that pudge was on my team, he wasnt able to talk and thus couldnt communicate to us what he wants, leading to double mid compositions with pudge and sf -> default loss in 15-20 minutes each.

                How can valve think that this forced mute system has any place in ranked matchmaking?
                Forget about yourself being muted. If you get matched with muted players its also a default stomploss.

                Lets be honest here, the mute system is a big failure.
                It does not prevent people from flaming. As soon as they are unmuted they flame again.
                Dota is a very competitive game and people get hotblooded pretty fast. This is also true in regular sports.
                Now what does the mute system actually achieve? It achieves that games with muted players are unpredictable for the MMR system.
                Sure that player might have a 5000 rating, but as soon as he is muted, this does not hold true anymore due to the communication barrier.
                He will inevitably lose a lot of games if he keeps playing while his mute his active, which punishes the other 4 players in his team (and also the opposing 5 players, because they get a stomp instead of a decent game).
                Those people then come to the forums and complain about bad matchmaking, when in reality, the root of the problem lies within the mute system.

                I do not belief for a second that the mute system has a large enough effect on people to restrain them from flaming.
                I see flamers every single game. I see muted players every single game.
                Isnt that a sign that the mute system doesnt accomplish what it is intended for, but instead only destroys games on a regular basis?
                Last edited by gh0un; 12-28-2013, 04:23 AM.


                • The mmr rating drops for every game you loose, and increase for evry win. That tells me that the system only looks at either WIN or LOOSE. That dont impress me at all!

                  Because I want to play with players at my skill level and when it comes to games u are playing solo, you cant look at win or loose!!!!! U have to make a system that looks at each solo player at the end of the game and compare f.eks last hits, denys, xp/min, gold/min, most kills, most assists etc (U know numbers that says something about your skill!!) and give the players more or less points from that???

                  I dont understand, can someone explain whats wrong with my example system here?


                  • FFS I stopped playing MMR because I'm always teamed up with shitface noobs who can't speak English or can't follow simple things we say. Thus I'm making few suggestion here that might (more or less) reduce our problem (if volvo decides to listen to my idea -.- ) :

                    2 Phase Calibration :
                    Valve resets all our MMR games we played (yes meaning our win/loss stats gets removed) for all of us to start clean.

                    Phase 1 : 10 games will evaluate our performance (hero roles, K/D/A, etc...) to determine if we are pros or noobs or in-between category.
                    Phase 2 : 10 games to determine our FINAL MMR rank.

                    Limit Option Choice :
                    Game Mode : Stays the same, no limit to how many modes we wanna play.
                    Region : Region limit to 3, 2 being free to choose and 1 fixed choice based on the players location (American in US, Russians in Russia, European in Europe, etc...). **
                    Preference : Language limit to 2, 1 being free to choose and 1 fixed based on the players location (Again same as above)(If player location does not have the language preference then those players are free to choose 2 languages). **

                    ** Reason for fixed choice is because well lets face it we wont be getting any region lock so by forcing a fixed choice the chance of those "bad players" will team up and play against other "bad players" will most likely increases (feel free to bash me on this one, I don't care if you hate it).

                    Muted Players (NOT in-game mute) :
                    When valve said that LP players cannot play ranked game that was the best thing they did. On the other hand muted players who plays MMR cannot speak or say anything due bad behavior which drastically lowers the team performance. It's fine to tolerate then in MM since win/lose there wont affect anything but in MMR is a completely different story.

                    My suggestion is, just as valve banned LP players from playing MMR why not ban muted players from MMR as well ?

                    Game ID : 440947620
                    Silencer (Muted), see game to know reason for this suggestion.


                    • You cant mute players in ranked games! this ruin the game for all team members not only the muted. If you want to punish them for verbal harassment prevent them for playing in RANKDED games. Or something else. I got 3 games in row 3 muted players in my team. This cost us all 3 games. I lost cause of this, even if i have never being muted and this is UNFAIR. The mute system gives an advantage to the other team that they SHOULDNT have. Remove it now


                      • No problems have been solved. I'm still put in teams with people that have 200 wins and 400hrs dota that only know how to play like....2 heroes.

                        I still get non-english speakers from other regions on 300ms +

                        I still get unskilled opponents every single game.


                        • Likes: - there is nothing to like
                          Dislike: - I really can\t see the difference from the old MM. It doesn't matter how good you play, if team loses u still lose ranking points, so what is the purpose of these ranking system if it does the same thing as the old one?
                          I really had a good impression about Valve but really all I see from them is just greed. Go more for hats please, and wait 2-3 years to make a ranking system that does nothing.


                          • Today I had 3761 rating in solo. I ended up playing a game with Lich support in CM, where we had a captain nearly retarded and our midder was just throwing the game by diving towers left and right. We struggled and lost eventually. I ended up with 5-2-8 as freaking Lich, had Meka and Scepter farmed in 30 mins as a goddamn support. I wasn't even stealing farm from anyone, did my job as a support throughout the game. Had a Lion who was warding constantly so he played fine also. Our midder and 2 carries were just retarded. And somehow I go down in my rating to 3732. I don't see the point of playing good if my team is sure to lose. If I have potatos for a team, I might as well troll around because I'll lose rating anyway right?

                            Stupid system.
                            Got banned for a month for insulting a brony.. totally worth it.


                            • Likes
                              - Better players to play with
                              - Like others said the stacks vs random ppl
                              Solution: All hail to solo queue

                              - Some real newb who only knows how to blame but he, himself, is a feeder and talk like shit.. dire side
                              - Don't know their role even though their ally first picked something and tell their role, they'll still pick something bad.
                              Solution: Proper calibrating and proper rating


                              • Likes
                                - The percentage of good games is better now, not much but some.

                                - I dont care about being matched with parties if the guys from my team atleast know how to play, I keep being matched with guys that have less than 500 games in general, and usually (90% of the time) this games end not well for my side, all the good games that I had, and with this "good" I mean the most fun and pretty balanced games, was with other 4 team mates with the same RMM skill from me and more or less the same ammount of games that I have. Its obvious that a guy who have 1000 games and have 4000 MMR dont have the same experience from a guy who have 3000 games and have the same 4000 MMR, they can have the same skill, but the guy with 3000 games have been put through more different situations.

                                How to solve?
                                - Try to give more importance to match people with atleast closer number of victories than it is right now, people will have no arguments to complain if the guy his team mates have the same rating and same number of games/wins as theirs.