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General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • General Ranked Matchmaking Feedback Thread[READ OP]

    After some feedback from the devs, we are attempting to make feedback more useful for them. Please provide your feedback regarding ranked matchmaking in this thread only. We only appreciate precise, objective, constructive, and to-the-point feedback. Simply saying, "I like/hate ranked matchmaking" does not help the devs to improve it. When posting please post in the following format:


    - I like x aspect of Ranked matchmaking.
    <some comments if you have further suggestions to improve this aspect> (OPTIONAL)
    - I like y aspect of Ranked matchmaking.
    <some comments if you have further suggestions to improve this aspect> (OPTIONAL)
    - and so on


    - I dislike x aspect of Ranked matchmaking.
    Explain why you do not like it. Give examples (with matchID if possible).
    Finally, you must tell us what we can do to improve this aspect. (MANDATORY)
    - I dislike y aspect of Ranked matchmaking.
    Explain why you do not like it. Give examples (with matchID if possible).
    Finally, you must tell us what we can do to improve this aspect. (MANDATORY)
    - and so on

    If you do not follow the proper format in this thread (esp giving your reasons) or post off topic, your post(s) will be deleted. Do not reply to others posts in this thread. If you keep posting again without following the proper format, you may have your posting privileges revoked.

    General Information about Ranked Matchmaking

    - Ranked matchmaking rating changes are no longer dependent on match length.

    - Ranked Matchmaking is currently unavailable for parties of 4 as part of an experiment to measure its impact on game quality.
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    If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.

  • #2
    - The system gives me a good way of comparing my skill level to my past self, my friends, and other well known players.

    - The system gives me no idea of what my skills are in comparison to the general populace. I have no idea if my rating is above average, or below average.
    We need a way of telling where ratings stand in terms of percentiles. Preferably, we should be able to examine a graphical representation of those numbers; That is, a graph of the function f(x), where {x = approximate_rating}, and {f(x) = number_of_players_with_that_rating}.
    This functionality needs to be within the client itself, and updated regularly, preferably automatically.
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    • #3
      - Well, I didn't see any differences, I still get russians, feeders etc. meanwhile same things happened in the old MM. What has changed ?
      Solution : Region locked ranked matches
      - 1 vs. 5 stacks
      Solution : Since there is a huge player base, any matching combination can occur. So 5 stacks should only match with another 5 stack, same for 4 (+1) vs. 4 (+1) and other combinations can be distributed randomly like 3+2 vs 3+2, 1x5 vs. 3+2, 1x5 vs 1x5, 2+2+1 vs 3+2 vs 1x5. But let's force 5vs5 and 4+1 vs 4+1
      - Win based MMR calculation, instead of the roles
      Solution : Gaem is ded for supports and I have to force myself to pick carries to win (because of the first dislike I told, shitty teams make it untrustworthy to support a carry)


      • #4
        - There is finally something to play for.

        - There still seems to be huge skill differences between teams see my last game, with me being the clinkz
        solution: Instead of having lvl 13 to play ranked, changing it to a set amount of games played more than the supposed 150 wich isn't near close enough
        - i Had a game where i picked dk and another guy in my team decides to go invoker. i let him go mid but our team consist of 5 carry/semi carrys so i play a support dk. the system doesn't seem to recognize things like this
        solution: let people after they pick there hero choose a role. you can choose from 2 support roles carry mid and offlane. when a role is picked it is unavailable for all the other people. this should add a more balanced team lineup


        • #5
          - skill distribution seems perfect, overall very happy with it
          - 5 minute queue time max, awesome!

          - in some games there are real noobs in it
          - report system is bad and no comparison to what we had in wc3. Private leagues with paid moderation and their own ruleset, how about that?
          - lack of commendations, 6 are too few.
          - russians on eu west


          • #6
            -There is a ranked matchmaking,finally.

            -5 man-stack parties getting matched with people that are total randoms.WE NEED THE SOLO QUEUE BACK.
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            • #7
              -Decent wait times to find match .
              - Its finally here ..
              - Some what decent players ..
              - Getting matched vs 5 man stacks with 4 other solo players ..
              - 150 games are not enough for ranked still many new players in ranked .
              - The punishment for party abandons is absurd !
              - People selecting all languages for faster match find ( I got invited after a ranked solo match to play with some RUSSIANS who had Chinese English and Russian selected .. And only one of them knew
              English) .... Make the punishment for this meaningful and harsh pls !!
              - No way to see where you stand in the rating bracket ( compared to all the players)
              Last edited by MJK; 12-15-2013, 04:15 AM.
              I used to be a mannered player but then i took a CYKA to the knee ! ValveKnights the new name for Scrub..


              • #8
                • Ranked ladder exists

                • It uses your current MMR which was problematic from the start Put everyone at the same zero-sum starting point
                • Solo option is missing, and fighting stacks is mandatory. Put the option back in, duh
                • Still getting non-English speakers on US servers with the English language checked. Introduce a new barrier in reporting to lock out English for anyone who has it ticked, remedied by simple English questions. Or start allowing personal ban-lists if languages are never going to be enforced.
                • Still the possibility of getting incorrectly ranked players (anti-smurf side effect) New report option that lowers a person's MMR scaled by their current MMR and uncertainty. If it's a low MMR or uncertainty, there would be a next to null effect on the player.


                • #9

                  - There is a ranked matchmaking which might in the end have better people in it


                  - Calibration period starts off at your base rank and makes very little if any difference to your rating (yes, I checked it from the console) - you can have the best KDA, you can do everything you can but if you have a 6-16 farm lane axe who just feeds and does nothing and loses you the game you still lose rating.
                  - Matching solo players against groups - at least show this from the start so everyone knows, groups tend to be better coordinated and you have to play differently for that. Obviously the fairest would be for everyone to be solo, I hope you restore the solo queue in that respect.
                  - Getting groups of non-English speaking people who are not interested in talking to you - I had a game where some people wanted to swear in Russian over voice com the whole game and feed. That puts me off RMM because in all honesty I had better games in unranked with everyone being polite and speaking English.
                  - You lose rating if someone abandons and that results in a loss (seeing you normally can not win 4vs5 it makes sense) - that's really unfair and should not change your rating!
                  - Matching solo players with stacks of 4 who are absolutely awful to balance out the MMR on the opposing team is very unfair and not fun at all if you are that 5th (just happened to me, 2 okay players grouped up with 2 bad players who fed/didn't know how to play the game - there's nothing I could have done to save that game as a support and I lose rating because of them).
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                  • #10
                    I posted this earlier in another thread but this is more relevant :
                    Today I was shocked by the ranked score that I couldn't even get angry ... 2091 ... my story is simple , I have almost played 330 games , won almost 175 games ... every time I play , I play fairly good to excellent in terms of team scores ... ALWAYS buy courier and try to support other players and try to play to win ... I have 14 abandons , mostly because of client issues that I faced , though I confess that I have abandoned two or three games because I had to leave ... Most of the people I read about have 4k scores , some even 5k ... are u kidding me ?? does all my previous games and efforts amount to 2091 ... will I be stuck with bad matches ? tell me so I can begin to hate the game that I came to love. Damn you for taking good players efforts so lightly.

                    That being said , I understand that you want encourage people to win games as a team , rather than playing for selfish gains ... But couldn't you have done that without hurting the people who strived to make dota a better game , with all the attributes you have and all the stats you have ... couldn't you have given a little more to players that didn't have a choice but to lose a game because the carelessness of other teammates , what I am supposed to do if somebody early feeds , farms whole game , doesn't push towers whole game ... how can you base an INDIVIDUAL rank on winning/losing as a primary criteria as you have stated in your blog, a game that you only have control on one hero , so you are only in control of fifth the game ... tell me what will be the difference between this rank and the old ranking system ... how can you match me with other players from my own skill if your basing your ranking on the outcome of a game as a PRIMARY criteria instead of my INDIVIDUAL performance. So in your blog you made it clear PRIMARY criteria is game outcome , SECONDARY is your INDIVIDUAL performance to GAGUE YOUR SOLO RANK.

                    That is a contradiction in terms , It should be the other way around .... don't take the game outcome out of the equation but at least don't make it the PRIMARY outcome.


                    • #11
                      - Tryhards don't complain on boards anymore about not seeing their rating.

                      - The option not to be matched with stacks/parties was removed. This makes the game less enjoyable because parties can contain players of vastly different (read lower) levels of game mastery (f.ex. supports contesting last hits and hard carries going ganking).
                      Please return the option not to be matched with stacks/parties.


                      • #12
                        - we have visual raiting.


                        - the most stupid, retarded way to match people against other people, 2 wrongs dosnt make 1 right. (1 solo person match with 4 stacked versus 5 stacked is still retarded)
                        the old "hidden" MMR (normal high very high) dosnt seem to effect what kind of people you're getting matched against and with in the ranked system (before you get rated)

                        I would rather have the old match making than this shitty fking shit. I rather get carried than have to carry 4 fucking imbecils


                        • #13
                          The same day after the release of this patch my 8+ win streak just drops down to a 15+ lose streak. I dont belive in coincidence


                          • #14
                            - Visual Rating

                            - Absolute Gigantic amount of trolls in this mode (i have 5000 MMR), for example these:
                            I win my mid very hard, my team mates win top very hard, however one of the guys from bottom (DP) uses his ult to farm creeps, buys midas, never joins clash, then calls us noobs and rages at us, then Ability Abuses and Ping spams for 10 minutes in the game. Ends the game with 1 Kill and 0 Assists. Loss of course, although it could have been extremely easily won.
                            2nd game, I tell my team that I want to lane mid, because I don't want to lane against Brood. Enemy brood is mid. So I ask my team for help. However, they say because I asked for mid they won't help me and they flame me for asking them, telling me 100 times it's my fault.
                            I get reported in both of these games and now I have -92 hours mute punishment.
                            THANKS VALVE!!


                            • #15

                              -Freaking bad matchmaking:

                              I just got my MMR, 3730. Then these are the following games I get:


                              In this game I am lifestealer, my team feeds mid, top. The game is 3+2 (me and my bro) vs 5 man stack. The 3 in my team being completely useless feeders and noobs with scores : 1/16 silencer 6/19 slark and 4/14 qop. The early game was a disaster, the feed was unbelievable somehow I found some good chances and got some farm and kills and built up some items, my brother tried to do his best with shaker, not being good at the hero but not generally very bad. Thing is the 3 stack were so horrible and bad worse than my brother playing earth shaker for first or second time.

                              So how exactly this ranked MM is a serious thing?