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[Suggestion] Later Feature - Campaign?

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  • [Suggestion] Later Feature - Campaign?

    I honestly think that introducing such an optional feature much later on would be great. Something like a campaign for each hero, explaining their lore, rivalries, putting people up for the challenge when they don't want to PvP. It would open up many new possibilities and would also act as an introducer for new players (so they get to know their hero overall). It would also expand the lore universe of DotA 2 and make it more colorful. It could also further the character lore (not just limit heroes with their backstory, but also expand their current status or even go further). It could also introduce new enemies, or even new, later on-implemented heroes.

    For example, I would love to see Broodmother's campaign (somewhat like the battle with the master of the Magnetic Ziggurat).

    Please leave some constructive criticism, thanks!

    EDIT: (Sorry I couldn't hold out much more, it's just a Suggestion)

    Broodmother Campaign

    Prologue + Mission 1 (Bloody Beginnings):
    Breeding for eons in her own spider infested caves and tunnels under Mount Pyrotheos, undisturbed she lived there. But, as Ptholopthales arrived, all the peace was broken. She and her brood slaughtered countless adventurers and travelers, but now an horde of treasure hunters has arrived. Use the darkness and shadows of the caverns to your own advantage and kill all the treasure seekers.

    Mission 2 (Tomb of Azjin):
    One of the adventurers' brought cannons has opened a new passage in the caves - leading to a tomb where the ancient skeleton lord Azjin and his armies were lying. Disturbed and awaken by the sounds and shaking, the unliving have risen up to retake the mountain for themselves. Destroy all enemies, both living and undead alike, in your path and find a way to enter the Tomb of Azjin.

    Mission 3 (Azjin (Bossfight)):
    Use your knowledge, cunningness and ferocity to put the skeleton lord back to sleep. Forever.

    Mission 4 (Running Greed):
    Enter the outer cavern-chamber of the Magnetic Ziggurat and quickly find a way to open the first gate leading to the Ziggurat.

    Mission 4+ (Darkpools of Pyrotheos (Optional)):
    If you wish, enter the Darkpools of Pyrotheos and find the long lost treasure hidden there by Azjin's Empire. Beware of the lava.

    Mission 5 (The Second Gate (Bossfight)):
    Quickly find a way to defeat the gargantuan golem monstrosity named Bor'luur and pass the Second Gate.

    Mission 6 (Third Time's a Charm):
    Enter the main cavern-chamber of the Magnetic Ziggurat, defeat the armies of Ptholopthales, deactivate the ziggurat's defenses, defend yourself against the incoming treasure hunters and destroy the Third Gate.

    Mission 7 + Epilogue (The Vizier of Greed (Bossfight)):
    Defeat Ptholopthales and end his reign.

    That would be my suggestion if-this-idea-ever-came-to-life for Broodmother's campaign. Tell me what you think
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    Brainwashing people is fun.

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    i would like to see icefrog pay much more attention to game itself (interface,bugs,mechanics, competetive play, mechanics, stats etc. U see there are many things to be done and needs to be improved) rather than a campaing which would take a lot of icefrog's time to introduce.


    • #3
      I agree with your idea. I love to learn and play through the story of the heroes. But i personally think that the campaign should be done after they've finished with the Multiplayer itsel. Let's just focus one thing for now.


      • #4
        already addressed by gabe in a gamescom interview.. let them finish copying DotA first, then we can worry about branching out.

        but for the record, it would be pretty awesome. and if valve doesn't do it then other people will, with the SDK.


        • #5
          Yeah as I wrote "much later" I meant after they are done with DotA copying itself :P
          Brainwashing people is fun.


          • #6
            I think it would be awesome if done correctly. Obviously, the campaign would need to be something other than a series of bot matches to be effective, though.

            But, there are certainly a lot of possibilities. The game may be multiplayer-focused, but the mechanics could certainly work in a single-player setting (again, as long as it's not just a series of standard 5v5 bot matches).


            • #7
              Can this be implemented in to tutorial so there is actually a fun tutorial for the new players and for the testers : )
              We would have to have a tutorial for each hero though. This might not be worth it. It could be considered in the long run maybe.


              • #8
                A tutorial for each hero wouldn't be a bad idea, if there are enough resources to devote to such a thing. After all, each hero plays quite differently.

                Come to think of it, there may have to be multiple tutorials for each character, given that many of the can fill very different roles & are played very differently when doing so.


                • #9
                  I don't agree with the tutorial-campaign idea, as in my view campaigns would be challenging; something that the tutorial is not. It could serve a teaching function but only on the start of the campaign (in my view each champion would have different campaigns, based on their backstory, explaining it further) and a skill-honer, but that's it.
                  Brainwashing people is fun.


                  • #10
                    would love it

                    with much later is ofcourse 1-2 months after full official-release
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                    • #11
                      If implented would be DLC I think. Might be interesting but it's a lot of work.


                      • #12
                        Brainwashing people is fun.


                        • #13
                          Added a suggestion
                          Brainwashing people is fun.


                          • #14
                            Something similar to Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne's bonus orc campaign could actually work.


                            • #15
                              Oh dear god no.

                              I mean, it's a terrific idea and all, but think about how much effort it would take to make this for all 128 heroes. I'd much rather see Valve spend that time fine tuning the game (balance, cosmetics, matchmaking).