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Proving that MMR/ELO hell exists, and suggestions

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  • Proving that MMR/ELO hell exists, and suggestions

    I want to show you that ELO/MMR hell DOES exist in solo ranked, just with a screenshot:


    These are my last games. I know stats are not everything, but they do matter. My current MMR is 2700, my maximum was 3200. I was around 3K for long and got down recently to 2600.

    You can see that even with a support I perform extremely well, with 26 assists... (ok it's undying, I know). With a carry I just own every game, even when I lose. Teamplay is not my problem, actually I started to play more selfish when I play a carry and the results are way better.

    Why I'm playing Riki right now? I am very good with him, I know he's not very useful if the other team just buy dust, sentries and gems, but is really weird when in a game almost every enemy players have detection items like they should, and at this there is no difference between 2,6k or 3,2k, in fact, I find that there is no difference at this 500k range at all. This makes me think that MMR is really random and means nothing, at least between maybe 2,5k and 4,5k. There could be a difference between 2,5k a 5-6k, but I think that 1k or maybe even 2k mmr more or less means... nothing.

    Why this could mean that MMR hell exists? Well, you see my performance for 13 games is +1 win. This means +25mmr for around 9 hours of play. If play 3 hours a day (which is a considerable amount of time for me), getting to 4k from 2,7k would mean more than 5 months. Seriously??? More than 5 months just to get to a better level adjusment games for me?

    Even if MMR hell didn't exist, this points out that MMR progression is too slow. I don't need 5 months of 21 weekly hours to improve, I am a fast learner but I think common people doesn't need that amount of time to improve. Two months just for 500mmr? 90 hours??? And this in the best of the situations and being optimistic. I think it probably would need even more time.

    Also I want to note that all my friends have at least 3,5k+ mmr except maybe 2-3 of them, and I played a lot with them and there was not a big difference between their level of play and mine.

    Oh, and what's the reason I lose those games? Mainly leavers and retards. I know you give more importance to leavers/retards in your team but I don't lie when I say that I find more of them in my team than enemy teams. In my last 20-30 games I had like 4-5 leavers, the enemy team had 1. About retards I mean things like picking BH after my Riki pick, people going afk, support heroes who want to carry mid or feeders like Snipers mid with 1-12-0... etc.

    That's why yes, mentality is VERY important. Getting frustrated is one of my problems, I'm aware that a lot of people think they are better than they are blablabla, but when you really notice that you play a lot with people way worse than you and you can't get out of there is very frustrating. Things like when you tell to your 2 supports to buy wards/detection/whatever and they ignore you (and that's very common) among other things, 5 carry picks, lockdown pudges on selection screen when they see you select Pudge and show in minimap you are going mid...

    I love this Juice experiment, but I think he's an exception. He has the right mentality and he is really better than most players in solo ranked, that's why he's a top solo ranked player. Doing this experiment with a very good player (but not a top one) wouldn't be the same. So... May I be another exception? Don't know. But for sure, ELO hell does exist for me.

    By the way, knowing which is the MMR middle/average point could be nice, I don't know why Valve don't show that.

    Then my suggestions are:

    - Progression should be faster. Not sure how, I'm not a mathematician, but this +25 win -25 lose is not working.
    - There should be some ranking, or at least, some way to see what is the average MMR and try to understand where you are. I'ts weird hidding this information... and suspicious.
    - Maybe a reset function that allows you to go for that 10 test games again once every 3 months, once in a month... something like that. When I started ranked I didn't play for some weeks and I think that I was put in the wrong MMR, even when winning more than losing (I think it was 6/10 or 7/10).
    - A "Coordination chat" for solo ranked, around 30 seconds before selection screen could make really better games. There is no single communication in selection screen at least in my MMR.
    Last edited by Jabba; 04-14-2014, 06:46 AM.

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      It is very nice that you reply a post without even reading it, but my post is also there, dude...


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        See if any of your 3.5K+ MMR friends has an alternate account calibrated at 3.5K+ MMR. Ask for the account and play 100 games on it. Let us know what your MMR is after 100 games.

        For reference, I'm sure you know that this guy tried to prove that he, a 3.2K solo MMR player, could "hang" at 4.7K+ MMR. And I'm also sure that you saw that "hanging" meant trying to play super defensively with Treant. Which is fine, but he is not a 4.7K player.
        We need a player review system like Overwatch for DotA 2. Get real people to judge communication abuse, intentional skill abuse, and intentional feeding.

        merci fenix


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          please use the PlayDota thread for this since we here dont deal with such things
          If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.