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[Suggestion] Implement a Looking For Group Tool

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  • [Suggestion] Implement a Looking For Group Tool

    After the disabling of 4 man parties in RMM, having to find extra players to fill a party has become a more common demand.

    There's a lot websites and community forums that provide this kind of "service", some of the currently active and popular are:
    Dota2pubs Subreddit
    Team Liquid's Recruitment Thread
    joinDota's People to Play With

    These sites are great but the procedure is normally slow, you need an account, post there and wait for a relatively small player base to answer/invite/recruit you.
    There's also the possibility of finding people through Dota 2 Chat Channels, but there isn't any really popular chat to look for a group, and you canít provide any personal information in there.

    Remember the Guilds feature? It's understandable if you don't, who still uses that?
    It has Open Party Looking for Players as one of its most interesting yet unused parts of the UI. This was done before the implementation of Ranked MM, and it quickly became obvious that Guilds were just another incomplete addition to the game. Now with RMM stats being hidden to non-steam friends (no matter if you want it not) itís still very hard to get in a decent party without knowing them first, not to mention the 1k player limit of guilds, resulting in a useless feature.

    My idea is to incorporate some of these features in an improved UI and make it available through the currently lackluster Community Tab/Career Profiles.
    There you put your info:
    • Region/Server(s)
    • Language(s)
    • Solo and Party MMR is automatically shown
    • Game Mode(s), Looking for unranked, ranked, team match.
    • Time Availability
    • Voice Chat
    • Roles
    • Profile Description Box

    Once you are done, go to Career Profile -> Tick Looking for Group. Info is saved in your profile, and will be shown to others if you enable LFG. You can still find a solo match while LFG.

    As a group looking for players, go to Community -> Look for Players, there you can filter down players, selecting Region/Language/Skill Level Range, etc, manually select someone to your liking, and invite him to your party without having to be Steam Friends (that can come later)
    • Filter: group average +/- 100-200-500, slide
    • Filter: Ranked
    • Show abandon %

    You are also able to add a message to the party invitation, which will be shown under the improved Pickup Group Invite
    The invited player should be able to look at the group playerís profiles/ratings to evaluate if he wants to join. There invitee can also see what settings the party has in common with his profile.

    Solo Queue Implications

    Since the removal of the solo queue and the addition of ranked match making, there has been many requests to add it back. In my opinion one of the main reasons for Valve to allow ranked match setups like 2+2+1 vs 3+2 or 3+1+1 vs 5, is that they donít want parties to have higher queue times and greater skill disparity in their matches, at the cost of a less friendly setup for the solos. If two 5k ranked players decide to play a ranked match, thereís just simply not enough equally skilled 3-man parties searching for a match at the same time, so the system needs 2-man and solos to make even matchups.

    This gives the opportunity for solo players without friends available to easily find a group, and groups with missing players to get a full team, play against other 5 man pugs and all in all enjoy Dota the way it should be played: as a 5 man team.
    If this feature was successful, ranked games could move forward to straight 5v5 Public Party and a 5 Solo vs 5 Solo setups. 3 and 2 man parties would be forced to fill their slots or play unranked (just like parties of 4 now), but at least they have a handy tool to help them find those players.

    This suggestion also covers a couple of things that many people have requested but were seen as ineffective for an automatic system to handle like Role Based Matchmaking and Language Based MM, but would be automatically solved by players being able to browse a list according to their expectations, and control that everyone follows their group requirements (use certain language, communicate through voice chat, play a particular role, etc)

    At the end of the match, another Survey message could pop to evaluate positive/neutral/negative of the group and each player. I haven't thought much about this because it could be easily abused, but we could all agree that the current commendation system is lacking and could use a revamp.

    I expect you guys to help me point flaws and find ways to abuse my proposed suggestion, because one of the most important aspects of a community feature is that it has to be functional and successful at first or else itís very hard to make people use and believe in it again (check guilds, the first implementations of solo queue, team matchmaking, etc)

    Let's keep this thread fresh with ideas on how to make this game more social yet competitive.

    Other ideas:
    • Find a group. Alternatively groups of less than 5 players could add themselves to this list, and players or other groups (for 2+3 parties) could filter the list the same way as groups browse for individual players.
    • Find a coach. Do you want to coach for free? Make your offer here, set your profile up. Players will send a coach request, and then you can get in contact if interested. Every time you coach someone, you get 1-5 star votes from your students that are later shown in your coach profile.
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      Should be wonderful...EXCEPT the part where no one wants: Russians, Portuguese, Spanish and other countries.(those are just examples, I'm not discriminating) => Region locking.
      But if it will be implemented it would finally fix the Language preference problem and also region locking discussions.

      The other problem might be that this information if it's not obtained automatically players may lie in order to ruin other's games.
      Last edited by vladn; 05-09-2014, 02:28 AM.
      This is how Dota2 games should look like! Game 1_Game 2_Game 3_Game 4_Game 5_Game 6


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          let me add this to the common Suggestion list rly quick
          If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.


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            Seems interesting.
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            Ember Spirit
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              to much work for volvo
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                It looks similar to the teambuilder from LoL. I am not against it.


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                  I understand this would be useful for 4man parties...... but why would an unknown solo guy want to join them?Ľ

                  Simple and obvious things that should get fixed/added asap: SCOREBOARD, Ingame friend list, Different Ping for Roshan, Add Notes to Players, Accept Button while tabbed


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                    Originally posted by Luffydude View Post
                    I understand this would be useful for 4man parties...... but why would an unknown solo guy want to join them?Ľ
                    Because he would be:

                    - able to control and play a game in which everyone in his team speaks the same language as him
                    - potentially has the same mindset (casual, screw around, learning, tryhard, etc)
                    - knows what everyone intends on playing or what hero/role does the team expect him to play
                    - Focus on 5v5 instead of 1v9
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                      Originally posted by Luffydude View Post
                      I understand this would be useful for 4man parties...... but why would an unknown solo guy want to join them?Ľ
                      If he doesn't want 4 peruvians\russians\serbians\ukranian faggots that don't know how to play properly\bought acc with 5k mmr.

                      Kryil-: User has been warned for this post. Keep it mannered guys
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