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[Tutorial]: Change Hero Portraits

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  • [Tutorial]: Change Hero Portraits

    Already posted this on Reddit and i thought why not post it here as well. (Though i didn't tell them HOW to do it. )
    I was messing around with the console commands and stumbled over one called "dota_portrait_debug_mode 1". It allows you do get into a menu where you can change the portrait to your liking. It's pretty primitive but once you get the hang of it, it works well. I don't know if you can save the values directly from the debug menu so I put them in manually. (Into the text file "npc".)

    It's necessary to bind the console to a specific key. You can do that by typing "bind f7 toggleconsole".
    After you've edited the text file you can go back into the game and type in "dota_portrait_debug_mode 0" then dota_portrait_reload". This will update the portrait from the text file. You won't see the change unless you select another unit and then go back. One thing i haven't really figured out yet is the hue's. Seems kind of random but if you take the value from the debug menu and divide it by 2 it usually works pretty nicely. If it doesn't, change the value by 10 until it gets the way you wanted.

    Simplified Step-by-step:
    * Right click Dota 2 in your Steam library. Select Properties -> Launch Options -> type in "-console" without the ".
    * Start-up Dota 2. Type in "bind f7 toggleconsole".
    * Start-up a private game with cheats enabled.
    * Choose the hero you want to edit the portrait of.
    * Press F7 to open up the console. Type in "dota_portrait_debug_mode 1" without the ". Press F7 again.
    * Now you are in the portrait debug menu. Change the portrait to your liking. Use space to navigate the menu.
    * Open up the file "steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/dota/scripts/npc/portraits". Use ctrl+f to search for your desired hero.
    * Look at the values on the game and write them into the textfile. You should see where they should be. Be aware that hue's might be hard to get right. (Ignore changing them if you're unsure.) If you however want to change them, try dividing the value from the game by 2. Save the text file.
    * Go back into the game. Press F7 to open up the console again. "dota_portrait_debug_mode 0" then dota_portrait_reload". This will update the portrait from the text file. Note that you need to change unit for it to update.
    * Be proud over your newest creation.
    * Profit.

    Hopefully this will be of any use to you.

    Here are some examples that I've made myself:
    If you want you can download the file i made.
    Link to the file:
    It's just a text file but it tells the game how to render the portraits in-game. The reason they don't change in the selection screen is because it's pictures there instead of real time rendered 3D.
    All you need to do is put the file in "steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/dota/scripts/npc"

    You should also keep a backup of the original file, just in case. Notably too is that this file will be overwritten when the next patch arrives.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll try to answer.

    The heroes changed are:
    * Pudge
    * Ursa
    * Earthshaker
    * Viper
    * Razor
    * Broodmother
    * Nature's Prophet
    * Shadow Fiend
    * Juggernaut
    * Lich
    * Drow Ranger
    * Sven
    * Slardar (he's a lost cause but i think i did decent.)

    Have fun and feedback is appreciated.

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    i like the furion 1 best...


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      Furion's was freaken hilarious.


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        Sorry for the necro.. but I tried this and am getting an error. I made a private lobby with just myself, enabled cheats, went in game and then:

        ] dota_portrait_debug_mode 1
        Can't use cheat cvar dota_portrait_debug_mode in multiplayer, unless the server has sv_cheats set to 1.
        ] sv_cheats 1
        Can't change replicated ConVar sv_cheats from console of client, only server operator can change its value

        Has this method been broken or am I overlooking something?