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Faceless Void Rework

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #91
    Bane's model is scary/creepy as hell (wtf those tiny deformed hands). In my opinion Void should also have monstrous feats (as night stalker has a child-eating mouth).


    • #92
      Yes; Void has been a conundrum ever since it was voted -- I've thought about what you could do with the task.

      You probably have an aversion to change Void much, as there's an amount of items and an amount of iconic characteristics. Yet you could change Leoric to the Wraith King, so a large change is also not out of the question.

      I like the idea of free arcana treatment as it would fix problems with older items, you could reverse it and give out, or sell(!), an "old void" set for the sad people.

      Now I can think of a direction, somewhat supported by some of the posters here: I feel that the Lovecraftian direction is the way to go. Please remember how the Venomancer was changed. You took the low-res banana and made it into something out of this world which is actually extremely scary creature.

      I think that Void could benefit from similar treatment.

      I dare you to start imagining Void as something asymmetric, having misplaced eyes, teeth, tentacles and or other unknown body parts here and there while keeping the iconic shapes intact. Shifting transparent areas (think of Terminator 2 time travel stuff appearing, but just shimmering around); bunch of tentacles instead of legs; a mismatching hovering hand; some geometric shapes which make void to be an extension of some weird other dimensions; an impossible shape (think of those perspective error illusions); I'm just throwing shoggoth poetics around.

      So: sprinkle Void with madness-inducing elements.


      • #93
        Ok, so Void has that look of a 'cool guy'. You should make him more sinister, he should be badass but not in this greaser style. Also, his cosmetics shouldn't resemble fungi perhaps? They're really poor looking. Perhaps he could sport an armor or a shirt lol cuz there's plenty of bare chested heroes anyway.


        • #94
          Didn't read through all of the thread, but I imagine something like this could be done:

          Replace his face with a "void" that shows some kind of galaxy or nothing-ness in it.


          • #95
            I'm pretty sure people didn't even know what rework means, if you have to update him now, just add more polys and higher textures, maybe even add those fluid animations like SF has.


            • #96
              Originally posted by Unleash_ View Post
              Give him more of a Lovecraft look. More Eldritch Abomination and less Saturday morning cartoon monster of the week.


              • #97
                I don't like his face.


                • #98
                  He's one of my favorite heroes visually, so I'll focus on the aspects I really enjoy about him and then mention the aspects I wouldn't miss so much (but that don't really offend me either).

                  I love his plainness. He's smooth, his body has few distinct features, and the distinguishing features that do exist aren't intricate. Not only does it give off the vibe of being outside the complexity of time, but it resonates with the simplicity of his kit, and I think that's probably THE most important thing to retain. If he must be changed, please just keep the "heart" of his design in the same direction.

                  I love that his bracers are atypical in shape. They look more like the sleeves of too-large robes than bracers since they flare as they extend toward his hands instead of being a tight fit at the wrist and growing with his arm towards the elbow. It gives it a very judicial feel to me, like he's some sort of dark judge, which really synergizes with his pulverizing people with a mace thing. In this same vein, I like the bareness of his back. He's toned but not overly muscular; this is true of many male heroes, but something about the exposure of his back makes me think of punishment again. Perhaps it makes me think of being lashed or absorbing the heat of the son as you work? I'm not sure. I love that he uses a mace (I'm a fan of blunt weapons, but unfortunately Omniknight has too little "do shit" potential for my taste and CK is rarely as effective as alternatives, but that's another topic) and hope that he retains this, especially since I really like the Timebreaker. I have mixed opinions about his face/head (which I'll address below), but do want to mention that the Tentacular Time Lord face is one of my favorite cosmetic pieces in the game and hope that it is able to stay more-or-less as-is after his update.

                  So, his head. I like that it's hammer shaped, but it's a little too round, I think. It welcomes comparison to a hammerhead shark too openly since the comparison doesn't really do much for him. I like the "Mouth of Sauron" grimmace he has going on, though. Unfortunately, with the droopiness of the sides of his hammerhead, it makes him look more sad/annoyed than like a mysterious evil. Maybe give him long dagger-like teeth, making his mouth a bit longer vertically. Next, I'm not especially attached to the symbols on his back. The crop-circle/unown-like symbols that appear there have utilized in some of his sets too, and they've always felt inappropriate to me. The lines are fat, short, and round (circles and the ends are rounded instead of abrupt) whereas the hero is very sleek: long, slender, sharp curves on his bracers and head. His back definitely needs SOME manner of detail to keep it from being too bare, but I think that those symbols are just disconcerted with his other features.

                  As others have said, his hooves can go. I'm not really attached to them in any way, and honestly don't really have constructive criticism for how I would like them to appear. The bottom line is that legs often don't matter on heroes due to the angle they're viewed from in-game. However, I've seen some people mention they dislike his hands, and I have to say that I actually like the style of his hands in the way they grow in cartoony proportions from his wrist outward, including that he only fits a few fingers in due to the size. Too many heroes are plainly humanoid. Keep some alien features on him. I mention his hands here instead of above because I'm not especially attached to their current execution, but do like that lone aspect of them.


                  • #99
                    With all this talk about removing hooves and stuff, I guess you guys might be able to get something out of looking at Saga Frontier's artwork. There is this awesome guy in that game called Time Lord or Prince of Time.
                    You could kill him and steal his powers if you were doing Blue's quest.

                    Perhaps you could remodel Faceless Void and give us a Japanese server at the same time in honor of the inspiration for the remodel. Just a thought.

                    According to the video's description, you can find the Time Magic at 11:34 time.

                    There's another video that shows Blue fighting him.

                    Simply put, although I have no problem with Faceless Void's current model, I agree he could look much better by possibly resembling much more a human than how he does currently. I personally don't really care what you guys do with his model, but I really love the artwork for that game and that game in general so that's why I think about it sometimes if people complain about Faceless Void.
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                    • Originally posted by MW28 View Post
                      Nobody said anything about the mace yet. I think his current mace looks OK and it does even have a (mediocre) particle effect. Maybe a bit heavyer looking mace with a nice moving particle effect(in an infinity 8 pattern or something more time/universe related) would be cool. His model is currently not very detailed and has a lot of repeating things (his purple skin). Especially his back. And pls don't change his face too much (no tentacles/keep the hammerhead).
                      Edit: Scratch that last one. If you make his face epic like this( ) i don't have any problems with this.
                      Valve, we have a winner.


                      • -Improve texture quality around areas like his mouth / abs
                        -Keep basic shape of Void but improve key areas like his head - Post #70 as an example

                        I also agree with post #11

                        Focus all other efforts on Viper and surprise the community.


                        • so we got void remodel before zeus viper and slardar, more than half compendium owner are school grader?
                          if it was a close call between them valve need to remodel both


                          • The Mouth. If he is called faceless he should have none.

                            The Maze. Its weird. It looks more like a sceptre or a staff and it would make more sence if it looked more like hammer.

                            The shape of the face. Its to weird. It resambles a hammer shark waaay to much. Tbh, whenever I see his face and his scepter-ish weapon the first thing I think is "is he bashing with his head?"


                            • The first gripe i have about his are those legs, I think it is rather silly to make him have goat legs.

                              Design wise, he is rather bland and generic. He is a being of time itself, so why is he just another purple alien thing? Also, why is he so buff? Like basically all male characters?

                              I think he could be a tall, slender human, lacking ALL facial features (yes, I know that describes slender man as well). You could also throw in some cloths on him like with death prophet, have them sway and move when he does. And maybe attach some light blue particle effects to move around and him sporadically; pausing for a moment every time he stuns or is in chrono, and going reverse every time he backtracks.

                              Edit: the reddit hug of death is real.
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                              • Originally posted by Charles Stover View Post
                                I don't like his face.
                                This would be my number one complaint as well.

                                Other people mention hooves and hands but I haven't really noticed them when playing(I almost never played him because of how ugly he looks myself though), but now that you mention it, im all for changing it and making him look more humanoid - or at least the hooves, if the new idea for the model is to make him have a more lovecraftian appeareance.

                                If theres something else I would change, it would probably have to be his skin color. Make it more blue like his WC3 counterapart.

                                That aside, I definitely agree in making him look more lovecraftian-esque, like in this suggestion here, as that's how he looked like in the Warcraft 3 DotA anyway.
                                Originally posted by Unleash_ View Post
                                Give him more of a Lovecraft look. More Eldritch Abomination and less Saturday morning cartoon monster of the week.
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