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Load-testing Steam Broadcasting

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #31
    Can normal users broadcast games at 60 fps?
    I mean, having the stream running at 60 fps, not only the game.


    • #32
      The image need some adjustments, but the quality overall outclasses twitch so hard.

      Its impossible for me to watch twitch above 480p (medium), and in this stream is so smooth even on 720p without 2 seconds breaks on the transmission.

      Nice job


      • #33
        On 1080p, after pausing, when I restart the stream, the stream stutters for a while. Reproduced it once after the first occurence. It might be an issue with buffering, but I have no clue.


        • #34
          Originally posted by LittleBro View Post
          The fact that I can not watch it with Firefox just Chrome or Safari makes me mad as hell!
          This is mostly a Firefox issue. Use a better browser.


          • #35
            A little blurry, but its ok.
            Would be good if i could check the chat on fullscreen.

            There are item drops in the broadcast stream?


            • #36
              The quality is great, the stream loads so fast as well. 60 fps working nice.

              Great thing!


              • #37
                You're apparently using 3.5 Mbps for [email protected] The TI5 qualifiers coverage hub on Twitch is using the same bitrate for [email protected]

                And to be frank, it shows. While the fairly static hud elements look good, anything in motion suffers considerably in quality.

                I've taken a screenshot and sized it 2x as an illustration. Look how blurry/overcompressed these three heroes look. You can't even make out Leshrac at all. He's just a glowing blue mess.


                • #38
                  Hi, I am from India, and the stream is kinda laggy on 480p and fine on 360p. i have a 4mbps down connection. also stream looks a bit dark.

                  edit: also the chat doesn't work. "unable to join chat"


                  • #39
                    I'd really like for a higher bandwith option, seems like 3.5mbps sacrifices a bit much for 1080p @ 60fps.

                    Or could we get a 3.5mbps option for 720p @ 60fps?

                    The stream looks smooth, but the compression is a bit much.

                    This is what "1080p" looks like at 60fps and 3.5mbps; it looks bad.

                    Last edited by ogarza; 05-29-2015, 11:52 AM.


                    • #40
                      From Bangkok, Thailand using steam browser [as firefox can't so click that load in steam client button]
                      watching LC vs YES 1,300 viewers
                      Local Time 1:27 AM [ very low internet load] My Internet is Cable line 10 Mbps

                      1080p smooth as silk. quality is ok, but will notice a bit streaming quality when look in full screen but it's ok. (Watch while also open DotA2 TV watching the same thing. The broadcast seem little like 5 sec behind ( but probably from when I change the video quality ))
                      New to Dota2, never play Dota before| Ok so it's been half a year, still more new thing to learn. The game is awesome. | It's been 3 years, still don't know how to play half of the heroes. The game is the other half of my life now.


                      • #41
                        Do you have any other feedback about the stream?

                        FIX THE "Reconnected to chat" ERROR

                        Also please make this count towards watching games in client for drops. I want to play some doto, but I can't because I feel the need to watch in game for compendium drops. pls volvo


                        • #42
                          Video lagging badly on 1080p, even though this is my internet speed (audio is fine) (I'm from Singapore, and watching using steam client)

                          However, 720p is totally smooth, no lags.
                          Last edited by xiiliea; 05-29-2015, 12:57 PM.


                          • #43
                            Watched the stream for a while in Firefox (Dev Edition[Aurora] and Nightly). Works great, except that once the chat stopped working abruptly (after working fine for a while) showing "Unable to join chat".

                            Meanwhile I got this error in the Web Console:

                            Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS request failed).

                            Looks like one of the many policy/security/HTTPS issues the Steam website has.
                            Last edited by norder; 05-29-2015, 12:36 PM. Reason: edited to clarify ffx release channel used


                            • #44
                              To test with Firefox either:

                              1) Get the latest development version of Firefox from Mozilla:


                              2) Disable the built-in whitelist that blocks Steam Broadcasting from accessing the streaming video extensions in Firefox. Go to about:config and flip "media.mediasource.whitelist" to false.

                              Compatibility of Firefox with Steam Broadcasting is tracked here:


                              • #45
                                Brazil, ISP GVT 15 mbps, browser Chrome. The auto quality put the stream on 720p, but 1080p runs fine

                                Stream/video quality: 10/10, really excelent
                                Audio: 10/10

                                problem: reconnected to chat