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Aghs Rework Idea For Legion Commander

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  • Aghs Rework Idea For Legion Commander

    As it currently stands, Aghanim's Scepter does not synergise at all with Legion Commander. She is a hero that needs attack speed and damage so that her duels are fast and furious. She needs to be in and out as quickly as possible. By buying an Aghanim Scepter she just locks herself down for a longer period of time, giving her enemies a better chance to destroy her.

    A more worthwhile Aghs upgrade would be to make it so that Legion AND her target BOTH become magic immune for the duration of the duel. It would be similar to when Phoenix uses ult and becomes a magic immune egg. Allies and enemies may only intervene with right clicks.

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    I don't like that much the current LC's Agha effect either, but your suggestion would work as a huge buff or a tremendous nerf depending on the situation. For example, combos like LC + nuke (Skywrath, Lina, Lion, etc.) would no longer work.

    Agha effects are always a clear improvement, sometimes very good ones like in WD's and Tiny's cases, sometimes pretty mediocre like in Gyro's and Silencer's cases. Never situational like in your suggestion.
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      situational aghs: axe, brew, doom since the nerf to damage, earth spirit (there are so many stuff he can buy with 4k gold), elder titan, naix, sand king, sven, tusk, wraith king and this is just the str heroes. Everything you do in dota is situational, your picks, your items, your movements. Anything. Lc aghs is just another situational pick up. You might have an enemy farmed storm spirit that you want to lock down long enough for your team to take down. You might be playing some strange tanky build and you duel the enemy hard carry to give time to your team to take on his squishy allies (mostly in cases where a carry creates a chaos in fights like spectre or phantom lancer). The whole "be in and out as quickly as possible" is just public mindset where everyone is playing pretty much alone and you as a lc picker, i assume, you find joy on picking off so you ask for a direct buff on a hero that is already strong enough.


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        "Situational" may not have been the right word here, but my explanation should have cleared it up.

        Anyhow, again, OP's suggestion, unlike any other agha upgrades, would not be a definitive improvement to LC's skills, but either a huge buff or a tremendous nerf to LC's ulti depending on the lineups.


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          How about aghs giving a higher chance on the passive and no change to the ulti?


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            Originally posted by gjvolvo View Post
            How about aghs giving a higher chance on the passive and no change to the ulti?
            That makes a lot of sense and can be tuned up not to be too OP.


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              I disagree with the idea if Legion Commander's aghanim gives her and her duel-target magic immunities. For many support heroes like Crystal Maiden, Treant, Io, do you expect them to support with their physical attack? In Dota 2, support role or support heroes played by a player doesn't mean he should buy all the necessary items for team only. Support role/hero has to play his responsibilities in helping the team to deal greater damage by adding self damage, memorize time for team, observing the minimap, guide teammate(s), stack creeps for teammate(s), etc...

              Go by logic in a war, if you want to rework aghanim for Legion Commander, I have a suggestion here. Since Legion Commander is a hero who always duel a single target, I believe a lot of players who using LC prefer to solo hunting the enemy in order to earn her permanent damage. This cause the team formation to break up ~ How if adding aghanim will just prolong the time of duel but if Legion Commander wins the duel, her allies within an area of radius will gain temporary damage or vice-versa for enemy? Don't you feel that temporary damage is way better and not too OP?
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                4200 gold
                it's effect should not worth more than bkb on LC :]
                sometimes these effect on agh is a buff on rubick not on the hero itself

                i think the most suitable buff on agh for LC is " GET RID OF CAST "


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                  It's wrong forum to balance discussion. Anyway, her agha is fine, you dont have to play this hero as dps, you can play her as a tank who simply takes most farmed enemy carry and keeps him bussy while your team wipe all other.
                  Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


                  • #10
                    They kind of implemented OP's idea in 6.86

                    Still think it's very situational, but I can find some useful scenarios like permadisabling a Silencer or Omniknight.