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More professional selection circle on heroes (examples inside)

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  • More professional selection circle on heroes (examples inside)


    I know it's not a super big deal, as LoL is completely sub-par when it comes to user interface, but some things are still pretty crude here.

    For instance, the selection box. Here's what we've got so far:

    Basic white circle. Very, very crude. Readable, but archaic and un-professional.

    It gets worse on cliffs:

    Basically it just skewes up and down on the rotation axis and it just looks bad.

    So here is my suggestion:

    Simple, readable and ELEGANT.

    Here's how it works for the first instance:

    And for the 2nd one, I made it how it SHOULD be - the selection circle should never make rotations based on terrain, it should MELD on it (like a 2D UVW map), like this:

    Opinions, comments?

  • #2
    Nice suggestion, I like the idea. Maybe its even good to implement an interface to customize this details.
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        does this really matter? (answer: no)


        • #5
          Originally posted by noblue View Post
          does this really matter? (answer: no)
          Well, we could also fall back to 2D graphic with this. I think having a nice user interface is something that is a must have in a game.
          Why do we have ground textures?^^


          • #6
            I agree that a nice user interface is an important feature, but I don't see how this improves the user interface in the slightest


            • #7
              +1. Looks much nicer, and is a great improvement. I don't understand why anyone would find this as bad, or something to hate on - it looks great and definitely better than what it looks like now.

              Seriously, you guys are going to bash on him for making a small suggestion that makes it look better? Come on.


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                  Aesthetics are important just to make you "like" the game more when you play. Also, this does not seem that hard to do? (Just a guess)


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                    +1, looks nice
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                      Like it. +1


                      • #12
                        Why not it just looks better like that +1


                        • #13
                          +1 ! Circle on cliffs is awful xD

                          Available for any game


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                            I like it,it is much better and more "beautiful". +1


                            • #15
                              So, the "empty" par of the circle always would be against your hero models back? I belive the pictures you've made look nice, but how would it look when your hero starts turning around?