In this thread I'd like to suggest a module, in which the team captain has an additional task of micromanaging NPC related things, such as upgrading and repairing towers, upgrading and assigning creeps to lanes.

1. At the beginning of the game a team member is assigned the manager role
2. There is an interface panel that can be opened to manage
3. Interface panel is similar to the minimap view, displaying icons for creeps and towers
4. A team gold value is tracked, which accumulates automatically over time, and as the team members gain gold, some gold is added to the team gold account
5. The team gold can be used for the following features:
- repair tower (slowly)
- tower upgrade: True sight radius around tower
- tower upgrade: Increased damage
- tower upgrade: Increased armor and health
- tower upgrade: Increased health regeneration and armor buff around tower
- creep upgrade: Creep melee attacks gain (Example: Orb of venom effect)
- creep upgrade: Creep damage increased against buildings (Siege creep upgrade)
Upgrades are assigned to specific towers and lanes, instead of all towers / creeps being upgraded

This would increase the strategic depth of the game. The exact features need to be designed somewhat carefully, and attention needs to be paid to incentive effects especially related to how creep and gold,xp accumulation dynamics work. There may be some unpredictable counter-intuitive gameplay detrimental effects, but if you apply reasoning and common sense, there oughta be a fairly easily codeable and predictable expansion that can be worked out like this. Not everyone might like this commander module, but it could be toggled on/off for games.