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Team mate finder for DOTA2?

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  • Team mate finder for DOTA2?

    I don't know how many other people experience this type of difficulty, but I have played DOTA2 since October 2020, and have not been able to find regular people to play with.
    This unfortunately relates to that I've been trolled by the Russian security serves, which has included people approaching me on discord with a trolling intent so to speak, and ending up into matches from solo queue with Russia trolls in them. And I don't mean ethnically Russian people who spam the chat Cyrillic letters, but rather people who are related to the Russian security services and for one reason or another, are out to troll me. And this is a long standing problem, and started *several years* before I even bought this computer and started playing DOTA, so this Russia-trolling/harassment problem did not originate in DOTA, rather, it has extended itself into DOTA, as it has before in several other contexts.

    I don't know why it's so difficult for me to find anyone to play with. One possible explanation might be the Russian harassment scheme. I've posted ads looking for people, and left my steamid for them to invite me. How do I know if I just don't receive the invites, for some reason, even if there have been people.

    Due to these issues it's highly likely that my difficulty of finding people to play with, is not something other people suffer from, but is due to this trolling scheme. However, I'm not certain of that. Maybe there are other people who have trouble finding people to play with, despite having spent several months and hundreds of hours in the game. Somehow this doesn't super likely. Additionally, I'm currently rated at like Herald I, with 100 MMR. This is almost certainly due to the Russia-trolling scheme - The Russians even went as far as to hint they're doing this on purpose, but to explain how exactly, I'd have to go at length to details which are otherwise irrelevant to this thread. It's also possible that due to this being at the other tail of the Bell curve, the size of the playerbase at these ratings is comparatively small, and it adds to the difficulty of finding people to play with. Normally I tend to rank, at least in so far as I know, in competitive games of this type in the [+1,+3] standard deviations range, but in DOTA2, I'm ranked in [-3,-2] range and I experience trolling which by it's methodology is very similar to the trolling I've experienced from Russians before, it doesn't take too much faith to assume these two anomalies are probably very much related. I wouldn't mind having 0 MMR, for an example, if it was actually the result of fair play, but that almost certainly isn't the case.

    If it happened to be the case that others also have difficulty in finding people to play with, perhaps then having a feature in the DOTA2 client, that would allow you to search people to party with, could be helpful to many. For an example, I posted this template thread: on steam community forums, in which there's a template that people can fill in, and leave as a comment into the thread, and then hopefully end up inviting each other to parties. I think it might be a nice feature, post an ad that you're looking for a party, and browse through ads by others, and then invite someone etc. Though I imagine normally people can simply invite other players from random public matches, but in my case this option is highly limited, due to getting a lot of Russia trolls in all/most matches I play, which kind of has the effect I'm not very motivated to invite people from those samples. So I've tried finding them elsewhere - posting on Steam community forums and reddit - but so far almost no one has added me using the steamid. Unfortunately.