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Why QR-Code Cannot Be Used to Fight Smurfs In Ranked Matchmaking?

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  • Why QR-Code Cannot Be Used to Fight Smurfs In Ranked Matchmaking?

    TL;DR: If Dota+ can be used as a tool for players to play in a better environment (by clicking and avoiding bad players), then what if I say players who permanently verified his "phone number" to the Ranked Matchmaking can receive Dota+ service for free? Valve is a company that has rules saying selling and buying of accounts is illegal. Well, to me, a permanent marked phone number on an account can be gave for serious players in Dota 2. If a player want to play Dota 2 in the Ranked Matchmaking, then he must link his phone number, right? However, if he want to abuse the matchmaking by receiving his account back after a boosting or smurfing by others, then he has to face one problem already.

    What I am proposing here is, if a phone number is used as security on Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator (SGMA), then the owner of the account should own that number. In addition, that SGMA should be changed into a new type of security, which is QR-Code. What I would like to say here is, any player who wants to proceed into the search of Ranked Matchmaking, he must use the QR-Code scanning from the SGMA to scan the QR-Code generated on the Dota 2 PC application. If the player fail to do so, then he cannot proceed to press the "Find Match" button.
    Note: Validation will expire after 10 seconds, which means if "Find Match" button is not pressed, then the QR-Code generated on PC will expired and the player has to generate a new QR-Code for the SGMA to verify back.

    I know that Valve is not a super big company like Facebook, but Valve is still a very rich company. If Facebook could afford to use QR-Code for their users in the security stage, then why Valve cannot use the same concept like how Facebook use on WhatsApp where user must use their WhatsApp application on smartphone to scan the WhatsApp Web QR-Code generated on PC?

    If such QR-Code is a compulsory verification for the players, then Valve can add in another step where a phone number that has been linked to an account for Ranked Matchmaking will be banned for 1 year if being removed, and any permanent linked phone number to the account for Ranked Matchmaking cannot be removed anymore (will get free Dota+ & cannot contact Steam Support if anything happen to the phone number).

    I know a lot of smurfs or boosters will read this and then simply debate my idea here. You can just leave your comments below because I really want to see the thoughts of everyone.

    EDIT (adding for better understanding, may assume as FAQs):
    1. Some people might ask how it works if a smartphone is needed for Ranked Matchmaking.
    A: Yes, smartphone is needed because a phone number is needed to be linked to an account if a player who using that account want to join game in Ranked Matchmaking. You cannot say, not everyone has smartphone and it is something impossible. To me, it is something possible because the implementation of "linking phone number" to an account for Ranked Matchmaking game playing will force you to own a smartphone too (don't tell me you are using NOKIA 3310 now?).

    2. People said repeating of scanning QR-Code is wasting of time?
    A: Using QR-Code to verify yourself is better than using the 5-alphabet-digits code generated by SGMA because the current 5-alphabet-digits code generated by SGMA can be used for security purpose and it has longer expiry time while this QR-Code generated for Ranked Matchmaking will be made into much shorter time (expire after 5 seconds?). Fail to use your smartphone to scan that QR-Code, then you cannot play the Ranked Matchmaking and must refresh for a new one.

    3. Does SGMA 5-alphabet-digit code will be removed?
    A: No. It remains but this QR-scanner will be added into the Steam application (mobile), which means that 5-alphabet-digits code is used for Steam login and trading purpose while this QR-scanner is for Ranked Matchmaking purpose.

    *FAQs will be added when I found good reply to be added as question & answering.
    *Will be edited from time to time.

    Thanks for reading.
    [ SEA & Western English are different ~ please understand ]
    [ If I accidentally insulted or post harmful content, please do notify me or remove it ]