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League of Legends hero - more interesting for female players?

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  • League of Legends hero - more interesting for female players?

    Overall the art style of League of Legends is in my opinion inferior to that of DOTA.
    League champs have more feminine characters.
    League has characters that are more likely to appeal to female players and teenagers.

    - Seraphine, which is some kind of a female teen karaoke star. (though many [females] probably find it obnoxious as well)
    - Zoe with the hair of radiant colours
    - Miss Waterloo with some appeal factors
    - Sona that is a musical character and also a healing support (It also has a somewhat clumsy rhythm ability system but it's something alright)
    - Morgana, a sort of witch character, elegant goth lady
    - Poppy that's kind of cute (Chibi style character like a baby or something like that) [Closest thing in DOTA2 is Riki. Okay.]
    - Kayle the righteous with also some religious aesthetics
    - Evelyn, who is very seductive
    - Cassiopeia has perhaps more appeal for female players than Medusa in DOTA

    So if you think about all kinds of female personalities out there in the world and in highschools and such, I think there are more characters in league who express something about what these women also want to express, and who they can relate to. The two games though have a rather different art style. In League the characters are perhaps in a sense more realistically human figures,
    but personally I find DOTA2 art much more interesting.

    One way to increase the appeal of DOTA to female players might simply be to introduce personalities for the existing heroes such that there's a female version of each hero available.
    Personally I got bored with League in a couple of days, and since then have gotten hooked to DOTA2. Unfortunately, I've to mention, I've mostly had to play with local trolls recruited by the Russian security service FSB, due to targeted harassment from the Russians. E.g. my client doesn't connect to games normally, but instead I always get these troll recruits as team mates / opponents.

    Although there are also interesting female characters in DOTA2, like Crystal Maiden, Lina, Windranger, Drow, Queen of Pain, Legion Commander, Dawnbreaker. Maybe someone has done a survey if there's a gender difference in the LoL, DOTA player populations?


    Other factors which might be related to the popularity of league over DOTA

    - The neutral creeps in League of Legends have some more interesting aspects which are the roaming river creeps and the respawning Roshan imitators (Nashor etc)
    - DOTA2 takes a lot of space on your hard drive, which means a slightly higher threshold for getting started
    - The starter items might make lane roles a bit more intuitive for new players
    - The pregame stage of selecting summoning runes adds another layer of complexity, though personally I think the system is gimmicky

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    Yeah, League of Legends is a very cool game and I believe that it's a nice one not only for women but for men as well. I hope that you will check it too.


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      Yeah, I agree with the last comment there, it's a nice game for any ages and any gender as well. Besides, if you love playing in this game then you will definitely like this website on because you can find some useful stuff for yourself there. Best wishes