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Few things on Abandon and Punishment

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  • Few things on Abandon and Punishment

    Okay I've gotten a few Abandons recently and so it sparked me to bring this up.

    Firstly, I think that either the time allowed for players to reconnect be longer than 5 minutes, or the pause system be improved considering that 99% of the time the opposition will unpause immediately without mercy.

    Secondly, there should be a voting system for the players inside the game to decide what to do with the player who disconnected. They would have more details on whether it is a possible intentional abandonment or a disconnection. I almost always play with my mates and even if they know I'm having connection problems or my computer just crashed, they would be powerless to help me as all the pauses have been used. The voting option would allow players to decide if the disconnected player is (A) a leaver and hence be punished, (B) needs more time to reconnect plus items and gold are kept intact or (C) unknown if intentional disconnection or not, but distribute gold.

    My last Abandon was ironically because Steam screwed up, leaving me on the "Connecting..." window for 5-7 minutes, plus the "Updating Steam" window. I had 3 mates in game and the game was won nonetheless, but I still got a loss, abandon and low priority. Our pauses were immediately unpaused by the opposition (needless to say we reported the player). This can be avoided a more intelligent system such as my suggest in-game voting.

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    you are right, your mates are punished enough already, having to play with you.

    when playing with 4 mates, you have 7 minutes (!) to reconnect to the game. if you would bother asking politely, you will surely squeeze out 1-2 extra minutes in most of the games. the blame is really on you and your unstable connection.
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      4 times I've got an Abandon, I actually reconnected and won the game. That's also out of 200 games I've played. So while shit does happen even if you're not a leaver, it doesn't mean you need to be punished for it. Moreover punishment because Steam is having problems is like getting detention because the school bus broke down while you were in it.
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        First and foremost, get your stability issues solved ASAP. That's way more important than having a super lenient abandonment system. The system was made strict for the very reason that disconnections/leavers really disrupt the game, which really encourages people to only play if they have a stable environment.

        No offense to you as a person, but if you are playing with an unstable internet connection or a crashy system, I don't want you playing Dota 2 as my teammate or as my opponent. Games can be pretty long as it is, and having to add another 5-6 minutes of waiting so that you can restart your router or computer on a regular basis isn't really fair to everyone else, not to mention the game's fairness goes out the window.

        Now to your point, when someone disconnects, I think the afflicted team should be given at least a 1 minute pause that cannot be interrupted. If they are taking more than 60 seconds to reconnect, then something worse has probably gone wrong, and the opponents should not be "forced" to wait for someone that may or may not come back.


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          Hey there, thanks for the reply, and I respect your opinion.

          I want to point out that as mentioned earlier, its 4/200 games. I wouldn't really call that unstable, shit just happens, and its more troubling when the the problem is Steam, not anything on the users end.

          Also I'm not suggesting forcing everyone to wait. My suggestion is for the team to vote what to do with the disconnected player, while the game continues. He can be booted and punished, or given more time to reconnect.


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            4 out of 200 is very unstable. we are in the 21th century now and not 54k modem era. I am having 1 abandon out of over 400 games and i didnt even leave that game. I have disconnected a few times cause of steam problems or reconnect issues, but i have always made it in under 5 minutes. I am not running a high end pc.

            I find it really disturbing, that you take time suggesting a abandon system, that doesnt improve anything, rather than you sneeking around justified abandons on cost of your teammates, while you should invest that time in fixing your systems stability.
            Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

            Contributions i'd like to highlight:
            My Suggestion: Coaching System
            My Sticky: Intended Changes List
            My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


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              I got an abandon because my housemates reset the router while i was playing. I tried reconnecting 5+ times but i timed out even after my connection was completely back up and i had restarted steam. that was all within the 5 minutes, but i still couldnt reconnect. I guess my 1 abandon doesnt really matter in the long run, but its annoying to see the one in the abandon column on my profile.

              might be nice to have dota 2 detect if you attempt to reconnect and fail. beyond that, ide hae to agree its better to keep the system the way it is. also, 4/200 is not a stability issue, thats an engineering certainty in the court of law. so relax a little.


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                Before proposing ANY system that is in ANY way lenient towards leavers/dcers, there is something you always have to ask yourself: Can this be abused?

                If it can, it is a bad idea. Any sort of voting system can easily be abused, and is therefore a bad idea. And, any sort of auto-pause built in on top of regular pauses could easily be used for even more trolling. I've had games where a team of 5 rotated pausing between all of them just to mess with their opponents. With an autopause, the could do that ever more by leaving and rejoining.

                Also, the other team can't unpause immediately. I'm not sure what it is off the top of my head, but they have to wait a certain amount of time.

                Finally, "First and foremost, get your stability issues solved ASAP." This.

                Sorry dude, but 4/200 IS a stability problem. I'm about 150 games in and have no abandons. Abandons will happen for things you cannot control (power/internet outages). However, it doesn't take 5 minutes to kill steam.exe, reload Dota, and rejoin a game. I know because I have done it a few times.


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                  There's becoming too many threads about this topic, so I've created a sticky for it:

                  Please move your discussions about Win/Loss/Abandon topics there.
                  Please read Common Discussions, Common Suggestions, Common Technical Issues, Common Bugs, and do a website search prior to making any new thread.
                  Use the report () button to report flaming, illegal discussions, offensive content, excessive spam, trolling, advertising, or duplicate threads