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Commend/Report/Low Priority/Mute Feedback

This is a sticky topic.
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  • pgjtuy0w
    damn this system works perfectly, i got 5 lp because i raped my enemies, i humilated them with my high skill so I MUST PLAY FUCKIN LOWPRIO GAMES ty gaben(or the fuckin retarded person "who behind the fuckin retarded punishment system") die soon cheers

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  • Iratus
    So, I got muted because of what?

    The whole team reported this useless Peruvian shitter and somehow I get muted?

    Fuck this system and fuck all of you at Valve. You don't give a fuck about fixing your damn game. You don't even care when it doesn't stream well for 2 days at the Majors.

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  • skroweder
    Low Priority system

    Hello dev dota! Last week i got confused so hard... I have around 6k games om main acc (since 2012) and ill NEVER HAD a low priority through all this time, BUT last week was smth just incredible... I got LP x 2
    Like im trying to bi nice with people, trying to communicate... But i got report every single time when dont do what they expecting me to do... first time i got lp after game when im trying to def as much as i can with good score and my anti-mage just selling his items and feeding around... i were fucking shocked but alright i played those 5 games... so after lp i wanted to try out faceless void safe lane and i got around 5-8 reports JUST FOR PICKING VOID AN IM IN LP AGAIN
    As i said before i have around 6k games and I NEVER LEFT THE GAME, NEVER USED COUR TO FEED, NEVER FEED MY SELF (like going mid etc (i have those feeders in almost 505 of my games)), im trying to be nice and play as good as i can and at the end of the day IM GETTING LP??!?!?! 2times in 1 week? I just can t get out of this.. Im ending 1 lp im getting another one...

    PS: I got permanent pocket lose (5-60%) after reborn, how to fix it?

    i dont know what for DB but w/e:
    Last edited by skroweder; 03-19-2016, 07:03 AM.

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  • StealthPeasant
    Report system is actually shitty.

    The report system is shit because anyone can report you for any reason.

    Oh you picked techies? Reported
    Oh you missed a ulti ? Reported
    Oh you had a bad game and had more than 10 deaths? Reported
    You failed in mid ? Reported

    even pros report random people for doing bad plays. Have you ever watched RTZ and bulldog?
    Those reports add up in 10 matches.

    You accidentally killed the courier ? Reported
    You flame someone? ( reported in feeding not communication) Even if they win.. LP
    Pros call people retards and never get reported but we do.
    Walk down mid lane and sell items like RTZ at the end match because its 3-22 ? Reported

    Can we make a thread of what you've been reported for?

    What is the * more info* bar mean? Oh wait it's fucking automated.

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  • pgjtuy0w
    Hello i got mute after a bad game (i couldnt carry it ""solo""). then i got mute. Myb i flamed but i didnt disturb anyone also they can *mute* me with button near my name at scoreboard!,
    what kind of logic behind the "mute punishment"?.Do you think you can improve game quality with this? from yesterday to today i already played 5 low priority games for doing RAT. I had to play 10 games for solve that. Let me say the new style of lowprio games is deterrent. I very rarely ruining and abandoning games, if you stay near me and watch me while playing dota you will see how much times i got OVERPUNISHMENT.
    Nvm if we turn about mute system How i can communicate with my teammates? with 3 signal rights in 30 sec or smth like that? When i want to say " GUYS THEY ARE AT ROSHAN LETS GO" or " SLARK HAVE DD LETS GO BACK " i have to spend 5 seconds instead of 1 or 2. When all seconds important at dota how u can improve game quality?


    mydota id . 107695385
    game after i get lp : 2226776166
    game after i get mute : 2230839270
    Last edited by pgjtuy0w; 03-18-2016, 07:14 AM.

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  • Qookie
    Please remove low priority system

    Reporting is sufficient enough and if they hit a threshold, they should be put on a cool-down so they don't join start another game tilting the entire team and being absolutely toxic. 4.3k mmr here and I was about to get out of low priority until my internet gave out, and it was my last game. Guess what, I abandoned the game cause my connection was out for more than 5 minutes, I joined back, carried the team, we won. Now, I need to win five more games again.

    Before you say its my connection, unfortunately, this is not something that occurs usually, and its a rare occurrence. They are changing the wiring infrastructure in the area and it happens to be on the hour that I'm playing my last low priority game. I'm sick of it, and it makes me wanna quit but I enjoy the game. I know designing a system is no easy task but this is just frustrating. If someone is bad-mannering, you mute. Why communication ban them? Let the players decide if they need to mute them or not. Sometimes they say relevant stuff in higher-tier games, even though they bad-mouth. No need to temp-mute them.

    This low-priority system is horrible, punishing and should be altered and changed. Remove communication ban as well.

    Thanks. Feel free to share some thoughts.

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  • vladn
    After 1 LPQ game, I got muted as well =)) EPIC Volvo!
    And the LPQ game didn't count, 5 more to go...

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  • vladn
    Got 5 LPQ games because I lost my last normal game. Thanks volvo!

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  • aystro
    On getting muted ban :

    Being the best player in a match. I was explaining how we could stop losing. So i gave advice to several other players. Got reported LIKELY for this. I don't know by whom.
    Then guess what. In the next match a player asks me what best item to get first -_- . This mute system is seriously flawed. Either way best players or those with high experience accounts should not even be considered for mute bans for sure. This is ridiculous. What is next? Player with the highest assists and kills get's auto boot?
    If a player is disliked by somebody. Let them mute him like you can do already. Why should good players have a chance of being banned. And the unskilled that keep making mistakes just quietly dig the grave for the team?

    Match ID:2208264724
    Last edited by aystro; 03-09-2016, 08:53 AM.

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  • DarthCidious
    Just ended up in LP again after playing with a stack against a stack and i managed to destroy the enemy AMs yasha when he dropped it to pick up a gem, got 5 man reported for it by them and ended up in LP
    GREAT IDEA guys

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  • Quendishir
    So, I just played 12 games in low priority. Two of them with a three-stack, one with a five-stack. Having gotten out of low priority, the group of five went on to play one game out of low priority because we found ourselves back in it. And once again, I am the culprit. The team uses Teamspeak for voice comms, so no need to talk in-game. And while Peruvians love to talk shit because they can't play, we don't. It's a rule for us.

    So this means, contrary to the claims made by Valve, that reports in LP count. Another lie told by this shit-ass company.

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  • Quendishir
    Low Priority: Where it doesn't matter how good your team plays, it's all about praying your opponents are more dysfunctional than you.

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  • dark1
    I got low priority after a won match because the enemy reported me for using Winters Curse on they're mid every fight and losing because of that.GG WP Valve ,very pro system

    Edit: The system where you must win X games is very very bad , you need to change it.
    Last edited by dark1; 02-20-2016, 11:03 AM.

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  • todor1
    Hey, i won a game in low priority, but it ddidnt count, still says i need 5 games. A guy left the game few mins before the end, but he was in our team and we eventually won. Match id 2165669686. Thanks in advance

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  • Fiercy
    Guys I got in Low Priority for nothing again how do I fix this I don't want to spend more then 11 games just because some dude reported me for something I didn't do or he had a few friends he made report me as well? What can I do? I have replays you can watch it what ever. i was playing spectre and got 3 4 13 cleary I din't do any intentinal feeding and clearly I can't use any ability abuse because I am Spectre but after that game he reported me and I got to low priority what do I DO?

    Match ID 2161492588

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