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Commend/Report/Low Priority/Mute Feedback

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Ban.

    Hi, i quit dota 12 months ago. 2 days ago i wanted to give it another shot play some games i bought the compendium 2019 aswell. Since i am collector of items any items actually i got like 7 000+ items 5 000 of them are for dota 2. 2 days ago i start play the game and because i have old computer i had some issues during the loading screen of every match which causes me when i click the ready check button the loading of the picking phase of all the heroes that u can choose from not to load and as this hapends the game crushed during the launching of the screen after i ready checked the start match button. I reinstalled windows and lower my graphics after this hapends almost every 2 of 5 matches during the loading screen and the problem disapear even if the loading is still very long atleast it didng crash now. Today i played few games i even muted all chat now i dont read the toxic words of other players in order not to get triggered and i also dont type anything since i removed the option from the game to chat. I never feed/troll or abandone my games since i once more start to play this game 2 days ago. And now my last game i went top lane offlane with my hero after the game finished and my team won the game the guy from top lane said he will > report me cause i took his lane < i asked him where to go with my hero in the post chat after the game finished i cant go mid lane i cant go bot lane cause its already taken i can go only top lane with you since in dota lanes are always 1 guy mid lane 2 top and 2 bot and from time to time some1 goes woods so its 5v5 games and lanes are 2/1/2.
    I played after that one more game we won also. And when it finished i received ban from matchmaking until Saturday so i cant play dota at all. I quit dota 2 12 months ago just for that reason and also because i was scammed for 200 euro worth of items and dota support and steam support didnt help me return them.
    Now my Conduct Summary shows that for the last 25 games i have 0 abandones of games 10 commends for good player from players and only 3 reports 2 of witch i got from the games i played 12 months ago.
    I paid to play and i do want to play in calm environment thats why i mute my chat i dont want to get insults from others and i am not typing too and i still got banned. Nice!
    I want to ask now are you guys gonna remove that ban so i can play some dota since i invested in this game so much time and money from my life that i feel stuped really. Can you swap the saturday ban which i dont deserve since some kiddo choosed to report me just because i took *his lane* which is not even mid lane and we also won that game why are u doing this to me ?
    If u cant remove it can u atleast swap the ban with some number of low priority games so i can actually play some dota thats all i want ...
    If u cant i guess this is not game for me anymore and i probably will went back to play lol. wow and hots since atleast there i am not ban hammered for days just because and after some kids decide hat i * took his lane* when actually i carry him the entire game cause he left the lane lvl 1 and went in the wodos to farm he was sand king i was tiny. So he didnt even play to win and just trolled the entire game not leaving woods.

    and this is the particular match ID: 4756437223



      match ID in question - 4892543228

      I don't understand how I get put into low priority and muted when, while not perfect, I am nowhere near as toxic as this guy, and never ruin games, unlike him on a regular basis. He has been in a few of my games on various accounts, and I have had enough of it. The fact that he has created more than one account, calibrated them numerous times, and reattached unique phone numbers to his accounts to get into ranked should show that he is clearly trying to avoid any and all punishment, which in and of itself should be a violation of the Steam TOS, no? Look at his wordmap nonetheless. Feeding the courier in games, trying to get the team to falsely report me when I am NOT griefing and making an attempt to win. It doesn't make sense that people that clearly abuse the system go relatively unpunished, while I get reported and negatively punished just because he wants to abuse the rather lax system valve has in place.

      look at his youtube channel, too, plenty of proof of him intentionally ruining and griefing games. Come on, Valve. This is inexcusable.
      Last edited by wubs; 07-08-2019, 06:15 PM.


      • The reporting system and conduct summary is broken.
        that's it.

        It tolerates players to be toxic while other players to get abused.
        Even the good players becomes toxic due to conduct summary.
        Nobody wants to play a bad draft. or a 6v4 scenario.
        and Valve just lets them fall together with those who were affected.

        The conduct summary breeds injustice over those afflicted due to ganging up.
        Valve has to realize every person has a limit.
        Democratic reporting won't properly judge people.
        The responsibility falls both on player and devs.
        but it falls more on the devs knowing that the system is flawed and never acted upon

        I stick to it due to my 16 years DotA experience and bond.
        Some may still persist simply because they don't have any other choice.
        until this matter was never acted upon.

        This system ruins people's moods.

        DotA 2 may never die. but it will still be a game that will ruin your day.
        DotA 2 is a great game made by the community.
        It's just sad that the matchmaking system is flawed.

        I doubt all of high ranking players were really good.
        Some were just hindered by this system.

        Ranked roles is supposed to be the solution, but limited only to DotA plus.

        Another month of inactivity due to unjust low prio


        • bloodseeker support got reported

          i was calibrating my rank as hard support and i choose bloodseeker we totally outplayed the enemy and after 2 matches i got placed in low priority
          here's my 2 match id 5038458008 5038409365 . I choose bloodseeker as support role


          • sheet raport systein

            Bad reporting as it has always been from the start, giving any would-be "player" (first define what a good player would be and able to judge carefully why punish another player) is and always will be dumb, the same as to give a bazooka to a random child on the street ..

            Match ID: 5114533757
            New account to pass the time in turbo games, and I get a mysterious blank report (not commend / avoid / report). Tell me now, who reported me, why and how.. and I tell you an old problem we have on South American servers
            Last edited by Kie; 11-15-2019, 08:46 PM.
            (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


            • 0 commends + 1 report in DidNotPlayRole = LUL
              Match: 5117269767
              WP Valve

              So let's see what happen in the follow match, OH SHEET the cancer SA dota moderator with 2 edited accounts (zeus and void) trollying..
              Its hard to say how toxic the valve employeers are, its an another level of cancer play's, hacks are nothing near to then.. and yes he abuse the report system again
              Last edited by Kie; 11-17-2019, 02:58 PM.
              (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


              • volto staff do a random OD (wasting team gold) Hard Support and report me at the end, that's ok Gaben?
                (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


                • Matchmaking report system is broken.

                  The reporting system is broken. I fall in games with people from the team destroying their own items, warding their own jungle, and I took 12 reports in 10 games, even with 35 commends, I was banned for 1 week.What does the ban generate? New account. People who want to play simply make other accounts, now smurf accounts, because the system is broken. If the unfair punishment is a 7-day ban, people end up making smurfs, because it's free, there's no point in this broken Dota mechanic.Reports and unfair ban >>> New smurf account >>> unfair game for newbies >>> newbies take reports and are banned >>> create more new smurf accounts for neebiers below. This is the Valve cycle of thinking for competitive games.


                  • It's sad but you devs at valve have turned this game in to a elitist game, where everyone have to be elitist players or they get reported. You support this vision valve whether it's indirectly or not. You need to remove the current report system, and put low priority games purely when getting reported, like this you will kill your player base becouse, you prevent them from playing the game at all, some people are even afraid to play due to how toxic this report system is. Commends mean nothing since you can have 25 commends and still get a 1 week ban, you dont put value enough on how many commends you have. Your system is designed to keep players at low behavior in a spiral that never ends. Atleast re-implement the old system where low priority could only contain games and not stacking time, dont you realize how insane it is, people want to play dota but you put them in a endless spiral of toxicity due to how de-valued your commends and other stuff are.


                    • Reporting and behavior score system is the worst thing that ever happened to dota.Every ranked matchmaking you get 5 cores for example magnus position 4 which just goes straight jungle.Im so mad i dont even want to write everything happening in ranked matchmaking.


                      • Hi I have been issued an abandon lately for no reason. I have had no abandons, not that much reports!!! however I got the abandon which I dont know why!!! my conduct summary is green!!! How can I ask to fix this bug? I'm actually playing battle pass and losing battle points everyday for this.


                        • Hello from 2020,
                          It seems to me that today players have an excesive amount of availble reports since they wasting a disruptive gameplay report for someone who just refuses to do what one is saying, yet it's a common game where each player is equal so no one has right and power to issue orders in a free matchmaking. One can ask but be ready for his request to be declined. I keep in my mind that it's a game about teamplay and some decisions have to be made by the whole team (and since that the player who thinks the other way must follow the rest) but some not.
                          Also there is an opinion that some people report others just for fun only in the low BS (behaviour score) bracket. Personally I didn't played much in a bracket higher than 6000 BS to comment on it, so I can't say that on 10k BS ppl don't report each other for no reason but let's believe the community.
                          Moreover many people say that after they got their BS dropped to <7000 due to any reason (electricity breakdown, technical issues, intentional abandon) they only start falling into the abyss as their BS is only deducting regardless of their behaviour. 7000 is a big number though with the cap of 10000 ain't it?
                          My suggestion (based on another community member's) is restricting the number of available reports per number of games played based on the current BS (let it be refreshed each 15 games, same as the conduct summary updates), which also creates 6 pools of players according to their behaviour (not just 3 as it looks like to be now)
                          >9k BS - 5 reports an ideal pool where all the players are respectful and decent,can be called pillars of the community and are meant not to use their reports ever
                          >7k BS - 4 reports flawed players which need to slightly improve their conduct, so their power is same way reduced
                          >5k BS - 3 reports higher median level, considered doubtfull so their power is severely reduced
                          >3k BS - 2 reports lower median level, their power is ruduced even more yet it is enough to send those who deserve to a lower tier
                          >1k BS - 1 report those who are really toxic and ruining, remain muted, learning normal communication through use of the chatwheel
                          <1k BS - 0 reports since they can't report each other the only way to deduct the BS is abandonig matches
                          Also I expect some changes to values of reports and commends, since the last don't really matter. Can't give the exact numbers because I don't know what are they now. Maybe the number of availble commends should be limited too then, as it used to be when they've been making any real difference.
                          To all those who are about to miss their reporting power I remind that this is a game about 2 ancients, not about reporting each other. Furthermore you still have the power to commend other player or not. Yet I have the strong feeling that people of low BS are interested in reporting others way more than in the playing.
                          Last edited by IUPAK9; 09-25-2020, 06:17 AM.


                          • Racism report.

                            Dota ID: 155940583

                            It's everything in the link. Please report his steam account, this kind of situation can't be accepted. I'm very offended.
                            Last edited by thematheusgb; 09-24-2020, 09:30 AM.


                            • RACISM REPORT.

                              DOTA MATCHID: 5644847252

                              It's impossible to Brazilians play with Spanish South America Latin people.
                              They throw every game and when win are flamers and racists.

                              We need some action.
                              Maybe a RED BUTTON for RACISM REPORT.

                              They don't search games with SPANISH language set.
                              They fall into PORTUGUESE team and start to RAGE or TROLL.

                              DOTA2 is STARTING to DIE with THIS TOXIC PLAYERS.


                              • My steam id is I just got a 1 week ban from 12 "gameplay reports" recently. This is absolutely bullshit because I did nothing to deserve this. It was just other players on my team who thought I played bad. Please help me I should not have this 1 week ban or ANY ban or penalty for that matter. This is absolutely ridiculous.