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Commend/Report/Low Priority/Mute Feedback

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Ah.. I see that devs aren't even responding anymore.. nicela


    • I was playing party with my friend whos mmr lower mine (he has 1800 I have 3400) and matchmaking system give us opponents whos average rating was the same like average in my team, but my own rating was higher. I got ban for 1 year for boosting but it is my main and I was playing with my friend (not a booster with a client). We won 3 matches and loose 1. What should I do?
      Here is my DB to proof it was my (you can chess my actions on map, build, items layout)


      • steam name : DIGIMAN

        steam profile:

        ID: 389458525

        dotabuff :

        so last day i got mass reported by a double party 3 games in a row because they didnt like my playstyle and because of that i have been putted in low priority plus a week ban from matchmaking. i have no problem with playing in low priority although its unfair but 7 days ban for matchmaking is something else. i never fed. i never grief my team. i always play my best and its unfair to give me a 1 week ban. my behavior score was constantly going up before this. in last summary my score was near 6500 and it was green. my last abandon was 2 month ago and the last time i was in low priority was 3 month ago. in my opinion 7 days ban is so unfair. please check my account and reconsider the matchmaking ban. i love dota and i never give up in my games. in my last summaries i always got <3 reports. please check my account dear devs.

        best regard


        • I am having the problem of constantly being banned. Not from toxicity, but just from playing bad. I am usually playing mid or carry as I like the roles best, and I am not trying purposefully playing bad. I am quite low MMR player and sometimes I just have smurfs or better players against me, so I'll die a lot. This time I got another 7 day ban after going on a massive losing streak and as always the mid player of carry gets reported. I didn't purposefully feed or was even toxic in these games. Hope you can reconsider my ban.



          Best regards,



          • Originally posted by Tontsa View Post
            I am having the problem of constantly being banned. Not from toxicity, but just from playing bad. I am usually playing mid or carry as I like the roles best, and I am not trying purposefully playing bad. I am quite low MMR player and sometimes I just have smurfs or better players against me, so I'll die a lot. This time I got another 7 day ban after going on a massive losing streak and as always the mid player of carry gets reported. I didn't purposefully feed or was even toxic in these games. Hope you can reconsider my ban.



            Best regards,

            My experience too! I'm a new player and a lot of the time playing with old-timers in ranked mode. I get reports from playing poorly for an example if I choose to random a hero I've never played before. The system should warn you, you can get banned for randoming a hero if you get bad score.

            I think the developer team wants to save money, as it would be a great waste to have staff actually go through these events and analyzing them, so allowing the players to do it and relying on statistics - surely those at the lower end of the bell curve must be doing something wrong if they're getting reports, right? Not so, and this is in a sense also a failure of statistical understanding, which is difficult and it's easy to make mistakes of this sort. There are all kinds of confounding factors, and if you have a background in science, you know - as often said - correlation does not strictly imply causation in the strong logical sense.

            This system, though intended to save money by avoiding staff to do this reviewing, as it's designed poorly ends up *costing* a lot of money for Valve. Why is that?
            For an example, in my case, I just got suspended on my account for a week. This time I played two games which I think were the reason, in one I chose Lina and my lanemate and I had a poor coordination, and I ended up doing 0/17 and maybe slightly tiltish, but I didn't really try to play badly, I kept trying to catch up but it was too late. Second match was that I decided to random a hero, got clockwerk, which I've never played before. I didn't know how to build it or what to do, still I think I did okay in terms of score, like 5/6/11 if I recall correctly. But because I didn't know how to use the hookshot ability properly and all kinds of stuff like that, it may be that my teammates reported me.... And I got suspended. So now I'm like, wow randoming a hero is pretty risky if you can get banned.

            In addition to this, I've been targeted by Russian trolling in *various online environments* and I know this for a fact, and it has involved real life elements and Russian speaking people, subtle death threats and also not so subtle threats. Because of this I suspect part of my problems maybe related to this trolling - In my experience I have learned that part of the Russian methodology is to look for and create a plausible alternative narrative as a coverstory for operation, which also helps with maintaining the loyalty of their recruits - if there's a plausible thing for someone recruited that they seem to be doing, despite the ulterior motive for that action being something entirely different, then those people don't experience that they're necessarily doing something wrong and sinister, much less that they're actually committing a crime, or being an accomplice to one. So, in my case, there's the chance that given DOTA2 has this problem with the reporting system and people getting banned unjustifiably, the Russian trolling probably saw that as an opportunity to use it as a cover. So I believe they hacked the matchmaking system, and used that to enable getting trolls into the same game with me, and in some uncanny ways provoked negative behavior such as having team mates who played intentionally badly when I was around, but not otherwise, and having opposing teams who mysteriously seemed to all gang up on me, and also by having clues and references in the usernames of players to my previous experiences related to Russia trolling.

            I think the faulty report & commend system accelerates the shrinking of the playerbase of dota, and therefore ends up costing a lot of money to Valve. The return of investment value for fixing this system would probably be really high so I urge you to look seriously into it.

            For an example, during this week's suspension I got, I would have wanted to play DOTA, but can't. Instead I'm playing LoL now. However, I don't like LoL since it's a worse game than DOTA. I think DOTA is made much better otherwise, and I prefer it strongly. But I imagine this isn't the case for everyone, and some people once they go on and find something else to do - won't come back.

            Additionally, I just put funds on my steam wallet and was thinking about buying model aesthetics for the dota characters. I'm even thinking about getting a year's subscription - but now I'm facing this issue of potentially getting banned for no reason. (By the way it's also possible that the Russians hacked the entire ban system, and I'm fairly sure Valve is totally unequipped to have any chance for detecting this nor dealing with it, but nevermind about it for now). So can I risk getting a subscription, if there's an erratic system that might give me an unfair ban? Do I get a refund? Can I complain about an unfair ban if I've spent money?

            Considering the above paragraph, you can probably see how this kind of major flaw could cost a lot of money for valve. I hope it gets fixed!

            PS. I'm also from Finland and I have contacted the Finnish counter-intelligence about being targeted by the Russians.
            This is a problem that's very prevalent in our country but not widely known, because of our history of Finlandsierung "Suomettuminen" i.e. KGB having major control over our political (and other) institutions during the cold war. Despite the collapse, this problem hasn't disappeared.


            • After losestreak i got banned for 6 month ppl reporting me playing bad cuz i am core player i really dont know my conduct summary was 9k+ before losestreak pls help me i just want to play dota
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              • Gimme second chance please
                Last edited by ManchuTulga; 12-04-2020, 11:32 AM.


                • Hello, how many times I get a weekly ban due to complaints from players (7000mmr), and I don’t abandon the game, I don’t ruin anyone’s game, I don’t manipulate the rating. And it is completely incomprehensible to me why players who send absolutely unfair complaints do not receive any punishments, but on the contrary, because of them, many accounts are banned. For example, due to a small rating spread, players with a rating much lower than mine may decide that my account has been purchased, and therefore they send a complaint. And I don't even understand where to go and what to do in order not to receive complaints (I have already stopped responding to insults to people ...)


                  • Hello dev team if u read this.

                    I just got banned without real reason there is my screen shot:

                    23commends and 7reports in probably last 30games.
                    Last conduct was with 2 reports or less<3 so i think thats 2.
                    In those 2 games ONLY LOSES i got reported 5 TIMES :

                    First game with venge i had spectre who start blame me for trying to pull bcs he pushed wave he was with shaman grim offlane. he start talking not good thing me then i tried to swap lanes bcs me and him not working well he said other to report me probably same nationality as him so they stack together and reported me (2reports)

                    Second game i was phoenix TRYHARDING max to win game but had drow who dont know wheres is place to farm (1000mmr) and more mybe below my rank i just said bro we taking shit fights bcs we are trying to help u and then he started rage on me actually all 3. They was 3man party and they reported me (3reports)

                    IN TOTAL thats 5reports, So how i can build my beheviour when this is happening to me i was full PMA trying to win games bcs i already dropped around 800mmr and finaly start winning.

                    My steam. Lift ban its really for no reason!



                    • Originally posted by Tontsa View Post
                      I am having the problem of constantly being banned. Not from toxicity, but just from playing bad. I am usually playing mid or carry as I like the roles best, and I am not trying purposefully playing bad. I am quite low MMR player and sometimes I just have smurfs or better players against me, so I'll die a lot. This time I got another 7 day ban after going on a massive losing streak and as always the mid player of carry gets reported. I didn't purposefully feed or was even toxic in these games. Hope you can reconsider my ban.



                      Best regards,

                      Still getting one week bans, and just got a message that the next one will be six months. I don't know how I have deserved this by just playing the game I love. Haven't been toxic nor griefing and have even improved by my gameplay, but got into a losing streak and instant one week ban. Could you dota2 developers really look into my account and see if it has been wrongfully banned. If I got banned for a reason (extremely toxic, griefing and feeding) then let the ban be. I feel absolute miserable and it would mean the world to me if you could look into the ban.



                      Best regards and early happy holidays,



                      • I solo queue a lot, and this report system is becoming unbearable.

                        I am not toxic, dont feed, always do my role to the best of my ability, genuinely try to win games. Not going to claim to be the best player out there but am a genuine player.

                        But right now, if you make 1 mistake, or pick a hero your team doesnt agree with you can pretty much guarantee you are getting 4 reports in a game.

                        This morning, played a game where the enemy team simply overwhelmed us, they played very aggressively and pushed us back, we had a viper who did feed repeatedly, but after a bad teamfight I decided to buy back to try and prevent them winning the game, the rest of my team had buybacks but didnt use so I ended up dying trying to def 1 v 5 while they all watched. And because of that they reported me, am now banned from matchmaking until Monday?!

                        The system is broken, people can just abuse it and report you just because they can, and there is no punishment for those abusers.


                        • So Monday I got unbanned since the last malicious reports from players.

                          Had a few games and... oh look ive been re-banned until the 23rd for yet more malicious reports.

                          The report system is so toxic its ridiculous.


                          No intentional feeding, no disruptive gameplay, hell I dont even talk in games anymore.


                          Will some dev sort this out already?


                          • I see I'm not the only one here with this problem. I haven't played DOTA2 since a month thanks to how the report feature has been repeatedly misused by people who happen to be the actual ones responsible for ruining the game. I missed DIRETIDE when actually I was beginning to enjoy it. I got reported in two, three games and BAMM, I get a six month ban? I remember I wanted to level up my Drow to lvl20 ( platinum tier ) in dota plus so I paid for a one month's subscription package. I did reach lvl 20 for my Drow but I still had a week's worth of time before the subscription expired. Just when I refresh my Warlock's, Legion Commander's and Lich's challenges after the game, I get a notification stating that I've been prevented from matchmaking for a week. At first, I thought it was just another one of those halIoween jumpscare moments but then quickly I go all the way back to the main menu just to see the 'PLAY DOTA' button in Dark Red. Wow. Just wow. I mean, I literally had a guy in my team who was sorely responsible for the team's defeat but instead, I get the reports because I 'i cOUlDnT WaRD mID' or 'gANk'. Seriously, I could come up with a better excuse just to blame the guy in your team who you hate. That's pretty much what this is all about. If your lanemate doesn't like you, then you get a report, win or lose, it doesn't matter. Whatever happened to sportsmanship? Jesus Christ! Oh wait, I forgot. This is DOTA2, not football or basketball. Sportsmanship! pffft...

                            Yes, I received a week ban exactly when my 1-month-dota-plus-subscription was about to expire within a few days. I blame black magic, for now...

                            I come back to playing DOTA2 again after my 1-week-ban got lifted and I was ever so excited about the DIRETIDE event. Oh how I wanted that Drow's costume so badly... I kept playing ranked games as usual along with one or two DIRETIDE games in between. One fine day, I click DOTA2 and see that my account has been flagged for extreme negative behavior. This - "Matchmaking disabled due to excessive reports, failing to ready up, abandoning or other negative behavior' just won't go away. This was beginning to feel like I was in a bad dream. I remember getting reported and abandoning a few games and later on, I get penalized for 3-5 games of low-priority ( understandable ). But this? This is just purely absurd. My conduct summary hasn't been refreshed since two months? My commends to reports ratio is 5:1. Ofcourse, there's always a guy who hates me because of how I interacted with him during the game. Reports are like everyday potholes on the road. You encounter them regularly, especially in SEA server. But this time, boy I just managed to drive into a big freakin' crater.

                            In short, yes this rant is about me expressing my honest opinions on how the report feature is hilariously broken. I've been playing DOTA2 since 2014. I've invested so much of my time and money in this game, just to realize that I'm getting banned for a total of SIX MONTHS thanks to typical steam users who create new accounts just to calibrate and troll online games. Please, take a look at my steam account and see if I truly deserve this six month ban. I've had no problems in finishing lp games but this SIX MONTH BAN just has to go.

                            The new update is here and sadly, I can't seem to celebrate this year's DOTA2 winter event thanks to this ban. I hope the kind dev reads this help request. I apologize if I was being a bit rude but I just cannot wait to try out the new changes.

                            I'll be sharing a few screenshots as well to show you how 'toxic' Iam.

                            Here's my steam account -

                            You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                            This gallery has 10 photos.


                            • Please fix the report and behaviour score abuse! Once you get matched a toxic party of 4, or 2 toxic parties of 2 people despite ur behaviour score, these 4 people keep feeding, diving and doing things that are clearly lead to a fight that they won't win. Once they lose that fight they keep on pinging and doing stuffs that are quite reportable. however, nothing happens to them as in the end, they commend each other and 4 abuse their reports. 1 player who is not toxic cannot report all 4 because u dont have enough reports.
                              So, real toxic parties are actually abusing their report and getting the reports back while keeping their behaviour score intact!
                              So basically report and behaviour score abuse have to stop for the system to work.
                              The report system should look for patterns instead of looking for the number of reports. For example for how long 1 player is just following another player? Then for how long 1 player did not gain any exp? then who is warding the jungle camps? there is a lot of patterns to follow to design an intelligent report system rather than this failure of a system we have right now.
                              Secondly, same people's commend should not count toward improving your behaviour score. that's pure abuse. that's even at all 10k behaviour score game more than 50% of games are toxic.
                              Also rather than commends these patterns should determine ur behaviour score. Introduce AI or hire moderators to look for these patterns instead of the failure of a system we have now.
                              Someone is doing bad so, he decides to bring the whole team down and nothing happens to him because he is in a party of 3 or party of 4!


                              • This thread is good as dead as the devs. feelsbadman