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Common Suggestions and Hero Balance List

This is a sticky topic.
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  • What if Macropyre instantly kills Lich and Ancient Apparition?


    • Random should be disabled in ranked all pick.

      UPD: Crimson Guard and Pipe are still underpowered. At least, Pipe needs to retain its minor stats bonus from Headdress (+2 to each) and cost a bit less. Crimson Guard is designed to be a counter-measure to physical casts, however most of them are not affected by damage block (death ward, exorcism, veno wards).
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      • I like playing support. Lich is fine as he is, but I just want them to improve Crystal Maiden's base intelligence and/or Arcane Aura. She's been my favorite hero since long before the recent Arcana update, by the way.

        Maybe have her INT growth become 3.0 per level? It can't be any higher than 3.1 because Lina's gain is 3.2 and, lore-wise, apparently she's the smarter one. To compensate they could reduce her AGI gain to 1.4.

        EDIT: Changed the suggestion form 3.1 to 3.0.
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        • Developers, this is the worst meta I've ever played in. Too many games with cheapass juggernaut, axe, troll, and then you have people picking sniper all the time for no reason.

          When the Year of the Beast B.S. ends, I want to see this meta as dead as the dodo.


          • If the OP is keeping this updated, I'll mention that All Draft actually was implemented into the game; it's known as Ranked All Pick. The only suggestion I would add to it is to bring it to unranked as well, but AFAIK that idea was toyed with and tossed out. Otherwise, the mode in effect and damn good.


            • To avoid 300 minute games i suggest to fix buybacks. Every use uf buyback should prolonge buyback cooldown for 1 minute.


              • New solo MMR system that depends only performance individually rather than team victory
                While team mmr remains the same


                • All I hope is that a mod reads this. I love dota , but some things in dota do not make sense to me , maybe I am wrong but here is my opinion on things.

                  I am talking about the current 6.83c update.

                  Each hero must have a strong point and a weak point , that being said some heroes do better than others depending on their role and what stage of the game is.

                  Heroes that in my opinion are OP are Sniper , Medusa , Troll Warlord , Shadow Fiend and PL. (juggernaut is fine)

                  For items , I think that Mask of Madness and Assault cuirass are quite overpowered and I will explain why.

                  1. The new Shrapnel and the fact that Sniper has 2.90 agi gain. I also have a problem with Agility carries that can lane mid effectively (sniper and SF) , that can also have teamfight presence and a strong late game right-click. It does not seem right in a game that everyone has to have a certain soft point.

                  I suggest that either nerf Sniper agility gain or reduce that slow and shrapnel dmg so other heroes can effectively lane against him.

                  2. Medusa is in some way countered by Sniper , but she has a BKB piercing and a HUGE teamfight presence that makes everyone flee each time it's on. The problem with her boils down to her ulti and her nuke. She has too much lane presence , too much teamfight presence and still a very good lategame.

                  I suggest making her ulti not pierce BKB and/or make Mystik Snake do less dmg. Maybe even a reduced base attack time.

                  3. With Troll the only way to make him acceptable without destroying him is to nerf his str. gain from 2.2 to 2.

                  4. Shadow Fiend is as I stated before a agility carry that can lane mid and be strong all game. Have him lane mid , OK , but make his lategame less powerful and again in my opinion an agility gain nerf would be acceptable.

                  5. PL only needs a nerf to his nuke by decreasing the dmg at all levels.

                  * Some of you might say that each of this heroes has a counter and each team has a different strategy and I can understand being stomped by a better player , but let him stomp me by being better than me at the game , not by abusing a hero that is stronger at every stage of the game.

                  In terms of items i feel like the gold nerfs are not as impactful as some people think (it gives to much mobility and attack speed for 1800gold) , that being said I feel like the best way to nerf mask of madness is to increase the dmg taken from 30 to 50% , because it;s becoming ridiculous on jugg. I have no problem with jugg coming to me at 450ms to omnislash , but give more of a bigger chance to rightclick him down after he uses spin to run away if he failed.

                  Last but not least AC seems to me give much more to you and to your team at a lower cost than a butterfly in terms of dps. I suggest increasing the recipe cost.


                  I will not talk about BUFFS because it seems each patch gives rise to new heroes and my opinion is that Icefrog is trying to give each hero a brief moment of greatness , the Icefrog rotation

                  That is all , maybe I am an idiot , but these are my 2 cents.

                  God loves and hates us all.


                  • Killing a level 12 Storm Spirit as a level 5 Techies should bring Techies up to level 11 at least.


                    • I think the list in the first posts should be updated. Some of them are in the game now?
                      Originally posted by katsaroulhs
                      Also, I am laughing so hard because you people actually expected smth better from Valve. Some of you have been here for years. Some of us have been here from the beta, watching this mess of a game getting developed. And you STILL are surprised when you are fed shit. [...]


                      • Make activated Armlet HP removal to heal Abaddon while his ulty is active.

                        Aren't items made to complement abilities so they can make good combo? It's like Axe's Berserker's Call and Blademail for example. I can't see the reason why it is not the case with Borrowed Time and Armlet.

                        This won't make Abaddon OP, it's not a huge heal, but will make Armlet more useful on him. And most players don't go for Armlet with Abaddon at all.


                        • Replace ranked All Pick with Blind Ban

                          That is all


                          • Just a thought, yet it would be nice for Ranked AP to have 1 ban for each player available: you pick a hero first, then select one to be banned.


                            • Techies should be removed from the game.

                              UPD: Centaur needs a Hoof Stomp cooldown buff, why? Let's compare it's uptime to similar AoE stuns/disables:

                              Slithereen Crush: 2,5 sec stun (350 radius) + 2 sec slow with only 8 sec cooldown -> ~31% uptime (without taking slow into account);
                              Berserkers Call: 3,2 sec taunt (300 radius) with 10 sec cooldown -> 32% uptime;
                              Earthshock: 55% slow for 4 secs (385 radius) with 6 sec cooldown -> ~67% uptime, this one definitely needs a nerf;
                              Thunder Clap: 55 move/attack speed slow (400 radius) for 4 sec with 13 sec cooldown -> ~31% uptime;
                              Hoof Stomp: 2,75 sec stun (315 radius) with 13 sec cooldown -> ONLY ~21% uptime.

                              To make this disables well-balanced, increase Earthshock's cooldown and decrease Hoof Stomp's one (I'd recommend around 10 secs for both).
                              Last edited by siveZ; 08-24-2015, 06:53 AM.


                                • Buff Alchemist
                                • Increase creep gold
                                • Decrease hero gold