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Common Suggestions and Hero Balance List

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Suggestion for All Pick:
    If you haven't pick a hero when the timer reaches 0, the game auto randoms and you get no extra gold, just like Random draft

    Dota 2 mmr boosting


    • Please bring Captains Draft back. At the time it got removed, the reason was that not enough people were searching for Captains Draft and this led to longer queues and a lot of unbalanced games. But I think nowadays a lot of people would like to play it again, especially when they are sick and tired of patch heroes like Doom or Leshrac in the last big patch.

      It's the perfect combination of All pick and Captains Mode. It brings a lot of variety to the games and makes it more interesting. There could be like a trial period - something like 2 weeks. Just to see how many people really search for it and if it could be implemented permanently again.


      • OP last edited 06-23-2014...
        Dead forum.
        Anyway I want alternate walking animations when the hero is invisible. Like some heroes have different animations when they are affected by haste, then why not invis rune?


        • Hello everyone! I have a few suggestions how to improve the Dota2. You should add a new function before searching the game we can choice our role in the game. Let say I can choice my role as a carry or mid lane. So every game will be mid/carry/support/jungle or roaming. If someone select Hard line and he want to go Mid line he can't get exp around 10min on mid line. Honestly I'm really tired my every single game my teammates fighting because of mid line. Sometimes in our team 5 carry and nobody wants to a support. You should add this function will be a great.

          Mid line: SF, QOP, Puck, Invoker ect.
          Safe line: Sven, AM, PL, PA, Medusa ect.
          Hard line: Batrider, Darkseer, Broodmother ect.
          Support: Dazzle, Disruptor, Lion, Rubick ect.
          Jungler: Enigma, N.Prophet, Enchantress, Naix, Lycan, Wraith King ect.
          Roaming: Bounty hunter, Pudge ect.

          Dota 2.jpg
          Last edited by Joe Sayonara; 02-07-2016, 12:53 AM.


          • Please add:
            [Suggestion] Show patch notes in match
            [Suggestion] Show patch notes in match
            [Suggestion] Player of the Match


            • Please think about this:
              [Suggestion] - Items
              [Suggestion] - Heroes
              [Suggestion] - Aghanim's Scepter


              • Can you add this too pls ?
                [Suggestion] - matchmaking and punishment system needs an update


                • [Suggestion] - new Orb (freezing), new Weapon (poisoned) and some connected Reworks


                  • Etheral Blade rework.


                    • fix pudge flesh heap game id 2745684321 ,like wtf??? 8000 hp ,you try to kill him
                      fix phantom assassin ridiculous crit most heroes have 1500-1800 hp ,but pa mange to get 1900 crit ,wtf???one hit kill gg
                      fix slark essence shift 120 sec ,sometimes he will get 60-70 agility ,no item in the game give this
                      fix blood seeker speed 700-800 ,wtf this is real
                      heart of taraque shoudn't stack with itself,and not heal when the hero takes damage form any source ,over power ,you can easely destroy a tower and no damege done to you,


                      • So about those new "epic levels". Devs, any chance in a future to customize them? Like maybe new two equip slots on a hero - one to each of brunches. Of best way - let player script them directly - and then equip those twecked/changed "epic levels" in the game, so heroes would be more customize. Values on current "epic levels" is a dull +x to some stat, or - change bool from 0 to 1, anyway. And since for the most part the values is determined by "balance formulas", - there should be not to small risks to "overpower" charterers by those custom "epic levels" tweaks. For example those +X% to XP is just waaay to situation, how about to let players to change it trought custom "epic level" load-out to something else, like +100 mana, or something. Just "balance" those changes by automatics "balance checker". Because as i said above the standard values is determined by "balance formulas" to begin with, so even a simple script may check custom values on custom "epic levels" to determinate do they are "balanced". Well one way or another, but a customization of "epic levels" would be nice.


                        • i hope you consider some or all of this since i like passive abilities since it makes the game less harder for slow players like me


                          • I believe that having only one MMR that works for both party and solo queue would be more efficient, due to, for example, I want to play with a friend Party Ranked, but the issue is that his party MMR is 4200, and mine is only 2000, while my solo mmr is 3500, and his is 4300, so the 2000 MMR cap would not apply here and we could play without a problem. Making the MMR system comparable to the CS:GO one, that unites both Solo MMR and Party MMR.


                            • Nerf alchemist (ultimate(cd, or regen), stats, or 3 skill)

                              Nerf tinker
                              1(this hero insta hex any hero until die, and cant do anything vs it, add to ultimate 1 second rearm, for enemy can press any key 1x)
                              2(marche of machines 3 skill, cant go highgrownd) 1 hero deff all team. (for example make this: if enemy going hg, than marche of machines deal 50 percent dmg on highgrownd)

                              Nerf techies (tallent respown time 60s) - its too much for it. Dota going pick all heorres who have this tallents. (respown time)

                              Nerf magnus (ultimate radius, or add more second to colldown)

                              I think this heroes have more impact in dota than all, and they can win game solo.

                              And make an aghanim sceptre can use like moonshard for all heroes. Nobody not buy aghanim scepter for some heroes coz its useles have it in inventory.
                              Last edited by BEST_; 04-05-2017, 10:55 AM.


                              • Nerf meppo's dmg into buildings, or remove boot of travels for every meppo. I mean only 1 (real) meppo can use boot of travels, other meppos cant.
                                Slow down his snowball somehow.

                                Tinker. Meppo unbalanced.
                                Last edited by BEST_; 04-30-2017, 04:48 PM.