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Common Suggestions and Hero Balance List

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Item Suggestion: Ring of Sacrifice- Ring of Protection+Quelling Blade. Passive:Same as Ring of Protection and Quelling blade + Denied creeps give half(changeable for balance) their intended gold and disables gold gain from enemy creeps for 15 seconds. Provides half bonus Quelling blade damage on friendly creeps. Active: Same as Quelling Blade (Makes another use of Dota2's unique denying mechanics, and allows supports that have to stay in lane to protect a farming carry a means to make gold while they are boxing out the offlane. Numbers or concept in general might be too over powered though. It is possible to add recipe cost or remove the bonus deny damage)
    Coach UI Suggestion. Bring back the old coach mode that basically had real time player perspective. And you could make like little yellow blips on the screen that the person could see and be like "Click here then here". The old dota2 coaching was way better before the reborn overhaul.


    • Some patches ago ancients was nerfed, coz tinker there buy very fast travels, in my game, jungle tinker buy travels on 6-7 minute, its faster than on line. Its always same timing when tinker go jungle for radiant.
      Suggestion what need nerf:
      1- Radius marche of machines on 1 - 2 -3 levels. (like nerf alchemist from previous patch 1 skill)
      2- Add 1 extra second for tinker ult rearm. For give to enemy heroes chanse press any key 1x. (because tinker use dager, hex, until enemy hero die, and dosent metter, its str hero or agi.)


      • ill gladly see the wukong command soldier got its bash again from basher or abyssal ,
        removing bash effect from wukong command its like discrimination where the effect of bash is erased and other effect
        like slow from eye of skadi , minus armor from desolator remain the same.
        i dont mind the new wukong command grant armor instead of attack power , its make him more tanky in early game.
        he probably get some vanguard and upgrade it to abyssal later on.
        i dont want that abyssal is Useless in wukong hands .bash wukong would make him valuable to team.

        hope you guys (DEV) read , and do something about this.


        • I got a few hero to feedback with.
          1) I think Sven need a bit nerf on the God Strength either its damage bonus (80%/120%/160% to 75%/110%/150%) or its Strength gain (12/24/36 to 10/20/30)

          2) Choas Knight skill 3 (Chaos Strike) is Overpower Right now. Have you guys think he can hit so hard that he can lifesteal to full HP, example if he Crit 1000 HP damage he can lifesteal 650 HP.

          3) Orge Magi Armor is too High at start please NERF IT. 8 Armor is too MUCH make it to 6 Armor, if he need more Armor please increase his AGI Gain instead.


          • I have a suggestion about Bane and Fiend's Grip. The hero hit by Fiend's Grip receives a reverse linkens blocking ally spells and items(not consumables) meanwhile the Fiend's Grip are channeling. For each level put in Fiend's Grip it will block 1 more skill/item (blocks 1 on lvl 1, blocks 2 on lvl 2 etc).

            The the reason for this is that Bane is supposed to be the strongest disabler in the game with 3 out of 4 spells being disables.
            -Enfeeble being more or less just a linkens remover(yes people buy alot of linkens vs Bane)
            -Nightmare being removed by summons, illusions, and in lower rating games teammates that doesnt know how the skill work
            -Fiend's Grip is supposed to be one of the most powerful channeled disables in the game but if we for exemple compare it with Flaming Lasso that have lower cooldown, lower manacost, not completely blocked by lotus and is not a channeling spell still is harder to break with spells. Spells like Aphotic Shield, Astral Imprisonment, Disruption etc. will all break Fiend's Grip but not Flaming Lasso.

            This change would make Fiend's Grip one of the strongest disables in the game like it's supposed to be. Removing some of it's easiest counters(or at least making it harder) and moving the focus more on to disable Bane(the way you try to counter a enigma throwing a black hole) and making bkb a more viable option for Bane.

            Bane being the only support hero not banned or picked at TI 7 we will probably see some buffs/changes in some way soon.


            • Update 7.20 is truly unbalanced. The latest episode of Dota 2 WTF Moments (303) showcases a few prime examples:

              Keeper of the Light: Will-o-Wisp is WAY too strong. It's essentially a black hole variant with no channeling and bigger AoE
              Juggernaut: Omnislash being also counterable with miss chance (like KOTL's blinding lights) is unacceptable. It takes away the very essence of what the words "Omni" and "Juggernaut" means
              Lich: Sinister Gaze needs to go back to Sacrifice. Sacrifice has been core to Lich for years and gave him the ability to slow down enemy exp/farm during laning phase. Sinister Gaze is just too unnecessary during laning and too OP during fights (it's essentially a stronger stun)
              Bloodseeker: Why on earth is Rupture no longer lethal? There are already so many ways to counter it, especially late game when enemy heroes have satanic, linkins, heals, etc.
              Map: The 2 warding spots near top of Dire's right jungle are too close to each other if Tiny is capable of tossing a unit back and forth from them.


              • Whoever thought giving Troll Warlord his own Shallow Grave tied to his ult should be fired.
                Petition to remove Single Draft. All Random is more balanced than Single Draft.


                • Who CARES about new heros, when the gamemode ALL RANDOM isnt ALL RANDOM!
                  WE neeed Techies in the randompool, and we also need the REPICK-option!

                  Fix the game!


                  • Who CARES about new heros, when the gamemode ALL RANDOM isnt ALL RANDOM!
                    WE neeed Techies in the randompool, and we also need the REPICK option!

                    Fix the game!