This is more of a fix than anything else, a small quality of life thing.

Currently, when the lassoed target turns invisible, the lasso draws towards the target's last known location, making it stretch the further Batrider moves away from that point. To unexperienced players, this may look like the lassoed target stays behind when turning invisible, but this is not the case. The target actually gets dragged normally still.

Therefore, I suggest to make Lasso provide shared vision over the target, similar to how e.g. Silencer's Last Word, or Spectre's Spectral Dagger does. This would make a silhouette of the target visible and the lasso would draw properly. Alternatively, it could be made to apply regular True Sight on the target, but this would be a buff. Shared vision, although revealing the target's position, would not allow you select the unit for single target spells, while regular True Sight would.