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[Suggestion & Ban request] 2 maximum couriers per person

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  • [Suggestion & Ban request] 2 maximum couriers per person

    EDIT: You can ignore the suggestions below as well as the topic's title. Go to page 6 and see my suggestion after all the discussion.

    So, I was in that game as dire, when about 46minutes of the game the radiant's Viper sells his items and starts to buy lot of flying couriers, without any apparent reason.
    He sent all the couriers against our team, that killed them, and got very rich, incredbly decreasing the chances of a victory from the radiant.

    The worst thing about it is that the couriers now reappears, so he was able to send the same couriers over and over again every 2 minutes, making the things impossible to radiant's team to win.

    So, I suggest 2 things:

    First: Of course, ban the Viper's player. Nick: ZXE
    Match id: 6324817

    Second: Stipulate a maximum of 2 couriers to each person to buy in the game, then it could reduce the efficiency of that kind of behavior. (I would say 1 maximum courier to person to buy, but maybe some persons could disagree...)
    The point here is: no one should be able to give such amont of money to enemy team whenever he wants. It has no point to gameplay and could feed trolls/stupid people, so I think it should be fixed.

    Edit: Maximun 2 couriers could stop couriers funny trains, so i suggest another thing: There could be a system where only the first 2 couriers killed in a 2~3minutes time would give the money to enemy team. So, If a third or fourth courier dies during that period(surely a troll act), they wouldn't give any money, untill the time has passed.

    Tell me ur thoughts.
    Last edited by Pardal_MK; 05-15-2012, 04:35 PM.

  • #2
    There should be a hard limit of like 4 couriers per team even if they are still respawning....

    or they should be really strict and ban anyone that feeds couriers


    • #3
      There's always that option where you want to mass couriers to feed the other team, thus ending the game faster which you knew you already lost to...
      Welcome to Left 4 Portal Strike of the Fortress 2: Episode 3.


      • #4
        The problem is that it has no point in allowing people to buy more than 2 couriers with the new courier's revival system. It could only allow people to screw up games, by giving the whole enemy team 2k+ gold every 2 minutes... it's like insane.

        If there was a system where people couldnt buy more than 2 couriers themselves, the maximum troll people would be able to do is to give enemy team 300 gold every 2 minutes, what is bad, but not insane.

        Like, watch the replay and see my gold rising when the couriers were killed... stupidly crazy and pointless to gameplay.


        • #5
          Originally posted by AzianStrider View Post
          There's always that option where you want to mass couriers to feed the other team, thus ending the game faster which you knew you already lost to...
          That's not the case of the game I played, we were losing when viper gave us that "little help"... Besides, if u want to allow every single person in public games to decide when the match is over, u want to extinguish 20+ minutes games from dota2.


          • #6
            Sorry I misread your post, was raging through my game and massing couriers as well...

            In your case with Viper, seeing how you guys ended up in a 50 minute game, it sounded like he had to leave but didn't want to take the abandon so he decided to end the game on his own by feeding...

            If it is so then I blame the fact that you can't leave without an abandon... Meh, who knows exactly what he was smoking...
            Welcome to Left 4 Portal Strike of the Fortress 2: Episode 3.


            • #7
              Yea, im not really sure about his reason, but he shouldn't give a loss to his whole team just because he has to leave.

              But, anyway, my own game actually doesn't matter... (though I still require Viper's ban)

              My point is: no one should be able to give such amont of money to enemy team whenever he wants. It has no point to gameplay and could feed trolls/stupid people, so I think it should be fixed. (edited on main post)
              Last edited by Pardal_MK; 03-06-2012, 07:46 PM.


              • #8
                Feeding couriers is fun when you no longer present any kind of credible threat to the enemy team. Of course, it's not something I'd do before the game reaches the point of fountain farming


                • #9
                  Yea, I admit, I also think it's funny, providing the game is already over.

                  The problem is if it starts to happen by raging people to screw up the games. If Valve can ensure banishment for those kind of guys, maybe my suggestion is not that required, but here it stays.


                  • #10
                    I think this is what the report feature should be used for. Just as Chen can troll with teleporting people, Pudge can troll with hooking, and anyone can troll with Force Staff, people can go suicide couriers.

                    I think trying to prevent ways of griefing is just a losing battle since there are too many ways to do it. If someone wants his team to lose, they will find some way to screw up the game. Is it really much better if he just walks down the lane suiciding?


                    • #11
                      No. I don't think restrictions like this should be placed.
                      If someone wants to grief or feed they will find other ways to do it.

                      Also its fun to see people with 50 couriers following them when the game is about to end.


                      • #12
                        Why put in measures like this? It isn't the abilities at all it is the people. I'm pretty sure you can't directly request bans on the forum, and who knows if viper was a troll? Maybe viper was playing around with 4 friends.


                        • #13
                          "I blame the fact that you can't leave without an abandon" you take the prize for the stupidest thing i have read on this forum, if you want to leave at anytime you play a singleplayer game, if you join a online one you should KNOW that you have ATLEASE one and a half hours to mess around with.


                          • #14
                            Same thing here, it was ridic!


                            Koksleiche was his name. Game ID 7003505

                            Guy ruined the game for me and my friend. It was the only game we could play tonight :*(


                            • #15
                              The forum is not the place to ask for bans. Feel free to discuss your courier suggestion though.
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