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[Suggestion] How to fix the Community!

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  • [Suggestion] How to fix the Community!


    Hello, first of all I'm sorry, my English is bad. I must warn you that it will be a little long, but you can close the topic now before posting it you did not read. I am 10 years as a casual player of DotA and I have in mind the desire that everyone have fun like me in the first 3 years.

    It is very common for players after a considerable amount of games (e.g. 3000+) to disregard the fact that they win or lose as a goal in the game, they often crave games played (both teams playing well together) in a friendly atmosphere. I consider this to be the future of most DotA players and my reason for creating this topic!

    This topic aims to bring together ideas for developers who honestly show cowardice in making necessary changes in the game in a sense! I read the featured topics, I have no intention of being disreputable, I really need to create a topic.

    [A positive sign]

    During the maintenance of March 27 if I'm not mistaken (which took more than the expected 5 hours), I was following Dota streamers (I played two) and noticed something interesting in all the games I saw.

    As none of them counted for mmr, reports and perhaps dropouts, all players were simply playing without major concerns and strangely helping each other out and playing everyone together during the matches.

    It was clear some quick rubbish talks but had no continuity and I did not see any abandonment even in matches with one of the much superior teams.

    I played some games the next day and we had the bad and "toxic" DotA today and that feeling that you're playing 1x9.

    [Main source of the community problems]

    Well, I literally see the Ranked system as the tumor of the Dota community, all origin of evil no doubt. How to get back to the good DotA we had? only remove the Ranked matches? I would be happy but we just need to change its purpose which at the moment is:
    • Make players cracked in increasing useless numbers
    • Condition a false joy based on victory
    • Take you away from your noobs friends who made you lose 100 mmr yesterday
    • Acting aggressively and selfishly at the slightest stimulus
    • Forget completely your age and act like a baby almost always
    • Destroy your physical and mental health as a whole in the process

    Let's face it, most Ranked players are sick and unhappy. The basic proposal of a Video Game is to entertain people correct? but where is it?

    Looking better at its negatives, we note that;
    • Stimulates selfishness in a team game (my lane / my tangos / my hero / my precious mmr)
    • Makes players obsessed by a number that simply fails to represent their level as a player: for example; we have the AP mode as the most played and mmr does not evaluate picks / builds for the games in question, nor their number of matches or versatility as a player (as you may want to match a player who plays well with 100 with another who plays well with only 5? Ridiculous!)
    • Stimulates vanity and use any gimmick / flaw in the game to gain an edge in the game against other players - it's routine to see suspicious accounts ruining ranked matches for boost every day among other things
    • Does it by impulse drive us away from people in a game that brings people together?
    • It changes the 'meta' of the game that was to have fun for the simple fact of playing an incredible game, to: create suffering players who only feel a false and temporary joy if they win a match. We look like drug addicts wanting another dose, it's a dumb way to trap players in the game!

    The DotA community has already had a super bad experience with the Garena Ladder. With the incredible prize of appearing your nickname in a top 100 of a silly page of the internet, the Ladder brought to us: Custom Kick, Map Hack, Trade Hack, Regen Hack, DDoS. Many still remember what a horrors show .xon means. I always associate Ranked with the Garena Ladder automatically, it's sad.

    [Suggestion of change in the Ranked System]

    In order to play in the new Ranked you must:
    1. Have at least completed the All-Hero Challenge in matches against bots. This is actualy a good way to cut down on the huge number of smurfs / boost is the All-Hero Challenge be required before it can unlock the search for matches against players in all existing accounts.
    2. Must play in a formal team, no solo queue or party 5, real teams. Justifying: 80% of Ranked players have the illusion of BEING something similar or close to a professional player or that with a high MMR will be paid to play (magically). Solo MMR? only makes sense in 1x1 matches, DotA is essentially composed of 2 opposing teams, not 10 players but 2 teams.
    3. Establish a minimum MMR level (title) as a basis to allow teams to perform test matches (manual analysis of team skill as a whole) to gain the right to participate in base tournaments, in view of a large pool of teams.

    The intention is to create a scenario where we have the vain players who seek visibility and those really interested in becoming professionals can have a place to start. Putting a touch of seriousness on the Ranked in this way I believe will raise the average level a lot and attract investors into promising teams. In my mind this simple change works, but yes, that idea needs to be improved.

    Okay, so would we now have most of the community players playing casual matches that basically are not worth anything, all happy and all settled? No, we will still have some old problems in the eyes of the players like the regional MMR, language that is not treated like official language and other things that will not be treated here. Other issues I commented in the part about the new players in the topic, but that are worth for all essentially.

    [Type of Match based on Player Feedback]

    I remember that there was a pop-up for a while after leaving a match in which you gave your feedback if you had fun in that match, thinking about that I make the suggestion after you start the match search (casually in case), ask to the player which type of match he is seeking based on his predisposition (physical / emotional) for the game:
    • Competitive Match: It would be a match where the player is committing himself to commit himself, to collaborate to actually fight for the victory of his team. Theoretically 10 players giving their best.
      Does not satisfy your ego? Do you want something more challenging or do you want to be flattered? you can search for players or a team to play Ranked, simple!
    • Relaxed Match: Just a friendly match, for players who like to talk and drink can play without major worries or pressure, enjoying the game and the company.
    • Silent Match: There are actually many players who play, but if they communicate little or nothing, they need a place made for them.
    • Troll Match: No rules or reports worth everything. I justify that any player at any point in a match disturbed or indeed intentionally ruined a match, we need a corner from which he can do this ... extravasate.
      * Those who have never done so are an extreme minority.

    Another thing to think about is to also group the same type of players based on their type behavior during matches. In that case could enter at some point a questionnaire for players to fill in their profile of the game. We have here players: silent, communicative, noisy / trolls, sporadic, stressed, Zen Buddhist (extremely patient with any kind of player)

    In view of this questionnaire, I also suggest changing the Communication Abuse report option to something related to this (your type of player behavior specifically) in case of filling a false and Troll type disturbing silent type games for example.

    The communication abuse report does not make sense if you can silence text and voice, and if it is possible to also mute the minimap and the mouse wheel on the Scoreboard within the game it could be perfectly altered. In the hero selection screen, we need to be able to mute voice and text currently.

    [New Players]

    Finally we have a serious problem where the new players are really badly treated. Something like players with a minimum of X matches can enter into specific Coach system accessible to new accounts to request help / guidance. Instructors may have some minor awarding system for things like loading screens, lower value items or something else.

    It is important to educate players to ALWAYS train new heroes or those who still do not dominate in games against bots which is in fact a great option that the game itself. Training new heroes against bots once was quite common and trying to train in normal matches was considered a great lack of respect. Thinking about why not for something permanent in the game as a mini-mission for each of the heroes, it sounds like a mini-campaign at the same time for all to train the heroes and why not to win a very common or specific set for this training in the Last?

    I emphasize the training of heroes in games against bot and the All-Hero Challenge as permanent tools against toxicity within the community, we are aware that players currently hour or otherwise train heroes in mid lane Ranked, and this automatically irritates the players for being pure disrespect . Small things like showing that an opposing team player has given you commend, has a very positive effect on community health and should be further explored.

    It is important to instruct new players that the role Support is the most important and difficult in the game and it must be seen as well since once they play well in that role they become better Carries for example. Many enter the game wanting to be the "KILLER" of the team and when there are many of that type in the same game it seems that we are playing Mortal Kombat haha.


    Happy community spends more. It was for Valve to be making 3 times more money if he prioritized the happiness of his players. The great merits and attractions of the current DotA can only be seen through the eyes of new players who will see all the many qualities the game really has long before noticing what serious problems in the community exist. I am sure that everyone desires only qualities for the great DotA.

    Please do not post anything if you have no interest in just having fun playing and being so happy that you call everyone you know to play our loved DotA!
    Last edited by Kie; 04-13-2018, 03:55 PM. Reason: Added note about Garena Ladder
    (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA