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How to detox a account?

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  • How to detox a account?

    If the valve bots feeds/trash talk/afk on every match and do not give visible commends (i deserve 3 times more commends cause i back to play DotA and im a helpfull monk now lul bots don't give me visible commends).
    A recent example of that: match 5006656225 (3 bots in my team), they feed and trash talk for the entire match and dare to give me 2 reports for no reason? rly valve?

    Yeah we have valve bots since 2013 initialy to make the matchfind to be lower. In the "dota 1" era, start a match in 15/20 minutes it was very common. As far I know in 2015, the bots started to simulate real players in gameplay and voice/text too (do you realy think that Bill Gates is gonna waste hes time and influence to praise some kind of stupid and common AI? Exist a billion of games with AI and surely the valve sell this kind of technology for others companies). Volvo use those sh't-bots to "punish" toxic players with 300% more toxic in isolate pools (aka LP 2.0 rofl).. so if you use dynamite against the dynamite problem it fix the problem, it make sense but..

    account_flags: 3 (yeah I know what means, trying to fix it but the cancer report system and valve bots do no help me even if do not use any kind of communication/toxic gameplay.. fairplay? I play with only one hero, where is the fairplay in games with 8 bots, moderators abusing of server commands to laggy players/disconneting bots to get more gold/changing heroes skills/no fow (garena mode lul)?.. bots with aggro in just one guy, im not Roshan man rofl).

    behavior_score: C+ (no matter if i just play without any kind of toxic gameplay, the dota moderators do not let it go down, my dotabuff have my recent matchs.. there is no a single reason for that).

    I must mention the SA dota moderators abuses too cause it disturb the matchs and force the toxicity in games, like modified heroes skill match: 5006741923 this PA crit/bash rate 50%+ do not come joke about it I have trillions of dota games played and there is no lucky related in this match LuL. The sad thing is that this kind of sh't is common when we have dota moderators+bot accounts, even in ranked matchs it happens - yeah I have made supports tickets about that with proof but do someone think that valve care about account boosting server side?

    Resume: I just want to detox my account. F. your sh't bots/south america moderators valve move then away from me. I just want to play silently, fy n thanks!
    (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA

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    Played this sheet ranked just to show how the tards SA valve dota moderators boost accounts with bots.
    The sheet SA dota moderator choose safelane, pick Doom (click hes hero in the replay and check hes shoplist icon) and stay forever in jungle, rarely do something for the entire match, he just give infinite space for luna/medusa/am/tinker/jesus everyone can farm safe. The bots, naga mid killing bots in the oppose team and going back thats all, Lich afk pushing my lane from start helping in nothing, abandon then back to the game e go jungle/far away of something, ES.. have one? nothing jungle. So i can't stop the boosting by myself cause i can't win 1x5 so stopped to play minute 40. Must say when i get disconnect in the game I get somehow crashed for someone. WP Valve, good game sh't staff!
    (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


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      detox is easy, ask for commends. i think since i got 8k commends i didnt get into low prio even when at one point i got 8 or 9 reports


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        Originally posted by midnightblaze View Post
        detox is easy, ask for commends. i think since i got 8k commends i didnt get into low prio even when at one point i got 8 or 9 reports
        Unfortunately this is not a reality on servers in South America.
        All my Conduct Summaries after creating this topic and currently:
        My first Conduct Summary has 3.223 and Behavior F (or C+ can't remember) when I opened this topic.
        Pretty funny that my behavior score get to Normal after very few games played after I opened this topic too, what this mean? magic?
        Now, the match related to my most recent Conduct Summary: 5016794197, and in the my next game (5016850621) surprise mdf look what the wonderfull SA staff (BH player +3 bots) have done in this game. The game is a pure cancer, no courier no wards, nobody choosing theyr lanes in pick phase, im pretty curious to see some dev come here and justify this valve-side-1x9 horror show for no reason. Must mention that I don't get alot of commends to waste per game recently as if I was playing lobby?... I never played lobby in this account!

        I'm trying to detox my account but valve staff is disturbing the d4mn process.
        I hate having to come here just complaining but I see no option.
        (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


        • #5
          And the romance of South America continues ...
          Match: 5023533740
          I was happy with one effeminate presence onto my team, then I declared to my dear dota-moderator (Sniper) to be the terminal cancer of the entire America, he happy with his good popularity (in hell) put aggro in the dota-bots of the match on me, and Slardar, who was another, was happy to use Sprint on a wave of creeps + 2 enemies and whenever he could try to dispute farm with me (in fact it's turbo so it doesn't even matter the farm, only the constant suicide attempts bothered me). CK and Riki were picks against me (I had the hero tagged from start in the pick phase) and of course aggro, bash-on-hit the usual idiots. Funny that I doubt any hacker currently manages such a feat of having 2 heroes on each team under his control. I just wanted to post this game (there are 4 others) but I'm not expecting anything from Valve but this SA mod is so f.a. and r., and this post is about hes behavior FFF+
          My most recent conduct summary that came out several matches before
          Note that Summary and Behavior are irrelevant, just like MMR, a decorative number.
          Bjunda Gaben seu lindo mam„e te ama.
          (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


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            After winning a match my rank dropped from Guardian 3 to Herald 4, not that I'm concerned about to this fraudulent ranked system with boosting by valve's employee on server side, I'm currently playing ranked for the solo queue restraint function, nothing more.

            But I can not play in peace because people with access to the Brazilian server commands keep changing my Cluster connection to give me a high ping, preventing me from playing and doing my role in the game, like in this recent game 5067035042, 400+ ping for the entire match cause some dog changed my cluster (my console show the change), nice.

            And to top off the slapstick, the moderator dared to give me 3 low priority matches after this game rofl.. rly? I've already been muted 24 hours with by abusive reports in accounts that he controls (they show to be disconnect in-game/bots and another thing I use the chat like in 10 matchs of 100 rofl). Another thing is that he constantly uses then to insult me ​​from the pick phase haha. Needless to say, he feeds with these accounts in 90% of my matches (both sides). All I can do is just report those sheet accounts by the steam client because I hardly get any post-match report to spend for some mysterious reason in this month, LuL.

            Note that I've been recently playing with various heroes on role sup 5 and it is not to troll, i can just fill the team with what hes need in that match and I can just play well with 90% of heroes (not with 400+ ping if that dog change my cluster hah) and I can do my sup 5 with heroes like Axa, Pango, Mars, AM, anything but Meepo and PA and I do it VERY WELL. I do not seek for approval of the abusive SA moderation that reports me with multiple bots accounts per match haha (fkng dogs), Im a very good sup player and don't care to the sheet valve b!tch kid opnion/approval.
            5066888546 mars
            5066729837 pango
            5061361644 axe
            5058523589 arc
            5058388400 wk
            5057157579 techies
            5055138517 am
            Even Invoker.
            Can I play this fucking game in peace valve or is it too hard? Take away those low IQ kids from South America Servers, that will only create problems and massive player losses to you. The gorgeous Plus thing could be sold by 10 more times, but you manage this fucking South American server with the butt, honestly.

            I've been a toxic player again, we can of course thank your Valve employees who give me the good example 👍
            Last edited by Kie; 10-13-2019, 01:07 AM.
            (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


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              Here we go again.

              For some mysterious reason valve allows a moderator from another server (Peru / Chile) to start games on the Brazilian server and run bots to do the only thing they can do: account boosting.
              Match: 5087105196
              My Conduct Score: 6.136 (very recent) | Image
              Account Behavior: Normal

              The role reports are stupid and we have alot posts of it in this forum. People just abusing it and nobrain kids from LoL who only play with 3 heroes and barely know how to play with 10 even more. It's funny for Valve to allow a lousy "player" to report haha. In this match the Nazi SA Moderator (Lifestealer) still had the boldness to report to me in the role being that he marked mid lane and goes to the safelane to fed the Ogre that co-incidentally is a valve dotabot, curious right. You can often see him canceling attacks on him even during the game, poker face.

              Some facts of this match:
              1. The cancer moderator was playing on an old Valve bot account. Those old bots that didn't communicate and play passively like in 2015/2016.
              2. Troll, Zeus and Ogre are bot accounts, so Pudge and Dazzle has been successfully boosted.
              3. I got 1 day ban in MM and 4 LP matches, not because of role abuse or really too much reporting, but because although Valve doesn't openly declare anywhere, it is forbidden to use certain words in chat, especially boosting on Valve's server (regardless of this being a fact). The idiots with negative IQ sheet-sa-dota-moderators love to tease me and they often do that in my games. Remembering that I'm shitting for mmr do not care for those useless medals that represent nothing.
              4. [Client] Players: 6 (1 bots) / 64 humans | fake games for along time, reason? I unbind my chat key and muted all kind of incoming chat in alot of my recent games, thats it? rofl
              5. I've installed LoL after this match
              6. This is just one of MANY recent matches that happened the same thing and other abuses.

              If Valve wants to censor chat so badly, create a system that blocks words she doesn't like. It's 2019 not the medieval era but Valve should cut a few heads on its staff in South America. There is always a way to create a legal problem for a company.
              Last edited by Kie; 10-26-2019, 11:15 PM.
              (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA


              • #8
                SA cancer mod still running bots and reporting people.
                So, 2 reports for not playing the role in my Mars, rly? Check the chat too please.
                (Suggestion) How to fix the Community of DotA