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Instead of RNG, create a traveling, temporary merchant character.

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  • Instead of RNG, create a traveling, temporary merchant character.

    I like the idea of the new items, but the RNG base for them is just too much IMO.

    Why not simply having a traveling merchant appear at the fountain every say 7 minutes or so, and he lasts for 60 seconds, or whenever the day/night cycle happens.

    The items he sells are free, but they won't appear in your stash until he leaves, with a limit of 3 items per team, and only the bottom 3 people in networth when he arrives can buy an item. The items could just be a rotating inventory of 10 items, being the same lists for both teams. Only 1 of each item can be bought each time he shows up. A few items may be relegated to appear once per game like the mango tree(unless it's used and cut down) or the ironwood tree, and all T3/4 ones.

    Something like that makes a lot more sense to me, and seems a lot easier to balance for.

    Can you also give kaya a proper upgrade that provides break against enemy heros, please thanks. and rework lina as well, just give her passive an active component, maybe change the aghs too, make the pure damage a talent.

    also don't forget to fix public drafting, it might make people play support/hard support more.

    Actually instead of just giving someone an item, it should give them a token they can save up for the items instead of gold, roshan could also randomly spawn with some of the tokens in addition to the aghs and refresher orb to make that a bigger rotation of items. The token would simply show up next to someone's gold count.

    1st appearance is only the lowest 3 networths get a token, 2nd is 4th lowest, 3rd and onward everyone just gets 1 token.

    T1 cost 1 token, T2-2, T3-4,T4-6,T5-10

    And they can only be spent at that merchant, oh and obviously the merchant should be Mr.Midas
    Last edited by LordStreetguru; 12-01-2019, 07:08 PM.

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    it's not RNG, you're guaranteed 3 items per tier due to pseudo RNG. some teams will get their item a bit earlier, but eventually it all equals out. 100% skill.


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      Originally posted by xbon View Post
      it's not RNG, you're guaranteed 3 items per tier due to pseudo RNG. some teams will get their item a bit earlier, but eventually it all equals out. 100% skill.
      Right, but having the items you get, and where you get them, be completely random, is kind of a pain to deal with for balancing, and building to beat the enemy's line up.

      If there's a bit more player choice in the matter, I think It'd go a long way to making the items a lot more useful.