I have made an new account just to show one thing: Valve is punishing the wrong players
Let's see this account;

completed_game_streak: 179
casual_games_played: 163 (few turbo games)

Then, few games after that and in a few games I intentionally complaint about hax in text chat and there is the results:
account_flags: 3

Meanwhile, let's see what happened to 2 players who were actually using hax and get reported on steam days ago:
Match ID: 5434118847 (copy of replay)
Player: Puck
Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199060813113/
Hax: Scripts Auto Last Hit and Auto Dodge (I think)
Check hes cursor @mid, auto lh. When I see hes profile that day, he has already an 0 day Vac Ban, however playing without problems. He was not prevented from playing by the match coordinator after get banned, nor disconnect by the Steam Client, he just get a ban but can simply playing forever as long as he doesn't close Dota or exit the Steam Client I think.

Match ID: 5434325185
Player: Drow
Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198802328326/
Hax: Maphack, drawing the enemies TP for the entire match in minimap, very easy to see in Replay.
Surely another player from my team reported he too cause this hack make he very pissed. He has one old vac ban but I see today and he not get a new one... maybe he still playing cause vac ban = nothing.

Copy of the replays here (Mega.nz folder)

So the only thats realy get punished is the player who reported them (and others) and complain about that in the chat > Nice

I am particularly not going to report any more cheaters, waste of time.