Hi, the golem have magic resistance, making it hard for spellcaster to farm, But the
imbalance is that spell cost mana while atk cost nothing but time. So not only do your
spell do less dmg, but it cost u mana resource. i get that it stop aoe spell that burst
farm, but even when spellcaster get alot of gold, they cant amplify their magic damage
with many items, only their HP, while physical carry that aoe, like medusa/gyro, can
amplify their dmg so many different ways with so many items to help them be offense.
(summary: medusa flash farm and cost 0 mana against golem, spellcaster flash farm with
spells and [COST MANA] and yet still slower than medusa against golem.)

Suggestion: have another creep that have 200hp, but have 50 armor, and 0 magic
resistance. That way support can farm for gold for sentry and this also help the carry
out, since 50 armor will make it take too long for carry to farm that camp for it to be
efficient.(gold per time taken to farm is too low)

Suggestion for creep: Right now there is only siege creep that is very different.
I kinda wish there was an assasin creep that is strong and only target hero when they are
in range, this might make some interesting pull dynamic.

Also i wish there was a creep that when it die, it spawn a mini-tower. Only one
mini-tower per lane.(it wont spawn this creep if there exist already a mini-tower in that
lane). (i am not sure how this idea will work out tho, just something i thought would
be fun to play against. Maybe a mode that allow this in next year TI battle pass)

(all idea free of charge)