1-remove guild limit members. (in 1 guild can be milion players example.)
2-Make guild wars (new options when game search) This event will be avileable 1-2 days per week in holydays (like battle cup) Every guild will have their rank on leaderboard
3-Mmr for guild games will be +120 when win and -60 when lose match.

On leaderboard Guild will be displayed summary mmr that players get in this 2 days of this new event. And it must work with avarages tho.

for high avarage players it start from 6k

low avarages is start from 1k to 3k example - 1 avarage
and 2 avarage is start from 3000 to 5000
Event mode is ALL PICK
all heroes for both of teams will be hided (you cant see what enemy pick) and you cant counter anybody.
And reset mmr ty.