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[Suggestion] Add player's name to placed wards

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  • [Suggestion] Add player's name to placed wards

    I think it would be nice if you could see who placed wards. Something small like with purchased items in the courier. Have this be visible only to the team who placed the ward.

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    +1 - Easiest way to learn, memorize and print it into your backbone!
    Now your able to remember and invoke extremely fast! Time to focus on your gameplay and execution!

    Scoreboards have been added to, so now your able to compare your performance with others!


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      +1 i'd also like to see the same for summoned/conversed units (and to be consequent: illusions).
      Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

      Contributions i'd like to highlight:
      My Suggestion: Coaching System
      My Sticky: Intended Changes List
      My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


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        Would be cool if this was shown.
        Originally posted by blash365 View Post
        +1 i'd also like to see the same for summoned/conversed units (and to be consequent: illusions).
        Agree, but that stuff would need to get shown the same way it is shown when you mouse over players to see that black box pop-up with their info.
        Would also be neat if an actual timer was shown in there for wards/illusions/summons/conversions if moused over. I know we have that circle timer, but it doesn't give an exact time.
        This ain't ova.


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          make it an option.

          well, for units controlled, it might be useful, but for wards, since they're here : they're here, they won't go away.

          And if you want named wards for sake of information, then "named wards" would be insufficient, you'd need "number of wards bought/placed" for each hero.

          (and since you can buy a ward, then give it to another hero to place it, whose name would be the ward ? both ? mmh...)


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            Agreed! Sometimes you want to know who bought and placed the ward and asking in the chat would take too long. Sometimes the person who bought and placed the ward doesn't even speak your language so...
            Grosse Titten


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                +1 good to know if you're rotating turns to place wards.


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                      This should only be for allies to see and not enemies


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                        Originally posted by poogs View Post
                        This should only be for allies to see and not enemies
                        ^This and +1


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                          should be something like
                          Owned by:
                          Placed by:


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                            Just waiting for someone to say something along the lines of "wasnt in dota 1 breaks the game balance completely. Post balance related discussions in playdota".


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                              +1 don't know why we don't have this yet.