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[Suggestion] Dota like online poker

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  • simple: theres already been evidence that dota somewhat figures out your "real" skill level in a very small amount of games, simply require, say a 100 wins or 100 game minimum requirement to be able to play in a tournament. if 5 people take the time to play really terribly in 100 games just to ruin low level tourneys, thats pathetic
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    • Originally posted by waldschlampe View Post
      nowadays we have admins for every tournament.
      for this we would need MANY admins every day, cause dota isnt that static like poker rulewise.
      or you make no rules and when a player disconnects, one team has lagg or other issues, they have to play or defwin for other team.

      but still nice idea, maybe one day practicable.
      You don't need admins for low tournies of this format. It is acceptable to have them entirely automated as long as there is some avenue for oversight when it is really needed.


      • blizzard has nice ladder system for starcraft2 players why similar things are not imported to dota


        • i think that disconnection or events should be just like in matchmaking! Any of the teams has some chances to get issues while they play, they should embrace the consequences.
          About the ranking, that’s simple u would get the same points u get by beating other teams in team matchmaking that means depending on the enemy ranking, the difference here is the price! This would make big teams lose interest in small tournaments.
          And for the price it could be steam money or keys, valve wins also if the money can’t be withdrawn is not gambling for legal proposes.
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          • bump

            sadly also this:
            Originally posted by Mittsies View Post
            Anything that gives lower-level players a chance to feel special seems cool - but if you have prizes, then better players will abuse the system by creating smurf accounts just to stomp lower-bracket tournaments to get rewards.

            I'm totally cool with the tournament idea, I'm just not sure how you could stop smurfs from ruining it.

            If smurf wont be able to ruin the system for lower players, I'm all for it.


            • Just to let you remember, in Dota1 in some bots we could make gambles

              For instance, we could type -bet 100 and if we win, we could win 200 points.

              The same idea can be applied in Dota2, and we could win battle points.

              Anyways, my idea is differents of yours, but I really like your suggestion as well.

              Thumb up to your idea.

              Unfortunately, there's 99% of chance that my idea will get lost in this forum... I don't want to make another topic, it looks like so much as your first post


              • blizzards starcraft2 ladder system is all what we need