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Official Matchmaking Feedback Thread

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  • Originally posted by Apokita View Post
    Can, really, please, I will pry you you, valve, cypher, any game dev, anyone, to just go to the dota 2 code and ERASE EVERY LINE writed about this matchmaking?
    can you please do that? and give us just a channel and the private-lobby games?
    We are all tired. This game is a year old, this can not be like this anymore.
    and stop developing the stupid bots, nobody pay with them. and focus on the core things. I can wait for Medusa for a Year if you gimme a better matchmaking system-private lobby system.
    There is already private lobby -_-. U can play amongst urself if u want. Ive tried it out b4 pretty cool features


    • If you think that your teammates are bad you should watch this:!
      Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


      • Originally posted by IWantToHelpAsMuchAsIcan View Post
        If you think that your teammates are bad you should watch this:!
        as entertaining as it might be. not even that game is one-sided.
        thanks for the hilarious link though.
        Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

        Contributions i'd like to highlight:
        My Suggestion: Coaching System
        My Sticky: Intended Changes List
        My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


        • DISLIKE
          -I CAN'T UNDERSTAND MY TEAM 60+% OF THE TIME. Language "localisation" NEEDS to be seriously considered.

          I need to have English speaking team members. Match games, or more specifically TEAMS, by server AND language. You can match them against a different language, opposing team's language is irrelevant, as long as team members can actually talk to each other.


          • This matchmaking pissed me off again.
            The guy who did this algorithm NEEDS to be fired. GIVE UP for being a programmer. For the love of God.
            I'm getting shitty teams every time. That kind of people that try to win hardly and get 0/15 in a game. This game is making me so angry, i'm about to return to dota 1. RGC and Garena has 'better' noobs.


            • Originally posted by blash365 View Post
              so let me summarize:
              you had a "streak" of losses with a few wins in between. so you technically are not on a streak at all.
              Thats technically correct, its probably more to do with me being pissed at losing a large percentage of my games over a short period, although that seems to have subsided now.
              Originally posted by blash365 View Post
              then you say you have 450 wins and assume that you are better than a player with 120 wins for some unknown reason.
              Nowhere did I say that. I just find it odd that it decides to match me with people at 120 wins, as opposed to lower skilled players who are also at 450 wins.
              Originally posted by blash365 View Post
              let's assume for now that you are correct (which you are not).
              so you are on a "loss-streak" and you suddenly get "worse" players in your game.
              you state that this is a malfunctioning matchmaking system.
              why do you come to that conclusion?
              That conclusion I can come to due to anger, in hindsight, yes that was wrong.
              Originally posted by blash365 View Post
              you lost significantly more games than you won, so the only logical response to that is to lower your skill rating which should bring you into games with people of lower skill.
              which assuming that your assumptions are at least to a certain extent correct did in fact happen.
              Yes thats correct
              Originally posted by blash365 View Post
              do you expect to stay on your skill level when you lose most of your games? your expectation of matchmaking seems odd.
              No I would have expected for my rating to drop, however the issue I have is the way the matchmaking system sometimes decides to drop you by playing one sided games, not by matching you evenly (However some of the losses i did have were quite even, which i have no problem with)

              Originally posted by GrandBreaker View Post
              Blash I want you to do something. Go find the dotabuff profile of the guy your talking to up there. Now watch the replays of his games, and find his teammates and his enemies. Did he lose of his own lack of skill? Or were his teammates simply far below anyone else in skill, annoying trolls/ragers, were the games fair at all? Even if he makes a few small mistakes, small mistakes don't usually cost someone a match until extreme endgame when people have superb items. You still think match making is supposed to hold people to a 50% win rate and you will never understand match making or have a good match maker or be qualified to tell anyone else how their expectation of match making seems "odd" until you fix your own view. Thank you.
              I have no problem admitting some of the losses would have been my fault to some degree or another, it was more me speaking from anger at how the matchmaking system almost seems to determine your outcome before it even begins in some games (It feels like the majority of games, both for wins and losses)

              Originally posted by Ladar View Post
              I went through herohunter94 profile.
              He never had a 20 game losing streak. His wins and loses were more or less random in pattern. He has a 52% winrate over all. There are plenty of games where he has the lowest kill and highest death rate by far (His Nightstalker was particularly bad in one game.) He does incredibly noob things like build Shadow Blade on Bountry Hunter (I know it stacks with his crit but it's still silly.) and on Lone Druid.
              Hey i won that lone druid game, and yeah my nightstalker that game was woeful. Also I never said I had a 20 game losing streak, I said I was 20 wins down on where i was before my 'streak' started, my winrate now is back up to just over 53%, a fair bit shy of the 54.3% it was a few days ago, clearly the matchmaking system didnt like me being that high and arbitrarily decided to force me down.

              Originally posted by GrandBreaker View Post
              So he is more or less in the correct "Bracket" since he makes small mistakes and plays some heroes horribly, but is overall an average player?
              I wish i knew what 'brackets' even existed. Making the ranking system public would allow significantly more accurate feedback.

              For what its worth I wish there was a public ranking/mmr so I at least know roughly what my skill level should be, I mean during that loss period I got matched with some amazingly bad players (And me being the amazingly bad player sometimes), and 2 days ago I was matched with [EG].Fear, i'd love to know what was happening to my 'rank' during all that.

              Edit: So I won 4 games earlier this morning, and I predicted the matchmaking system would match me with retards, boy I was not left disappointed, theres nothing like a drow ranger who picks last and decides to screw your lanes completely and feed, that was loss 3. Loss 2 was actually not so bad. But loss 1, the one I predicted in the beginning. Match ID: 51648096, ill let the scores speak for themselves (I'm Rhasta)
              I'm going for game 4 now, lets see what matchmaking throws at me.
              Edit2: Turns out i got matched with a good friend of mine game 4, both solo que as well. We stomped hard.
              Last edited by herohunter94; 10-21-2012, 04:01 AM.


              • Well, I've been playing with Dota 2 since Alchemist was released (a year ago), and I got to say that half of the matchmaking games i do with random people are usually shit.


                1. First of all, most of the times, all, or almost all your teammates DON'T talk English. This should be a must to fix, but i don't really know how the hell is this fixable. Maybe, doing polls by languages. like Spanish, French, German, Russian, English...?

                2. 0 Teamplay. Most of the people i see, seems to think they're in some sort of Roleplay Call of Duty or something, going Rambo vs 5 guys itemless at lvl 1. I think that the game needs to remember the people WHAT is their task in the team (Support, Baby sitter, pusher, hard-carry, ganker...), because in almost all matches, you will see a team with 4 Hard-carries, you pick support, and they will BLAME YOU and REPORT YOU if the game gets lost.

                3. Leavers, griefers, feeders and all that kind of asshole. Well, i've seen them so much. I think that the report option needs more options to report them, and please, more punishments for them. For example, in one of my last matches, Lanaya asked for Mid. The last guy from the team waited to be the last hero pick, and went Pudge. He went mid, when there was already Lanaya, and started spamming Russian texts. Then, he went to the enemy tower to suicide all the times he wanted, and then, at spawning, he stole the bottle from Lanaya, that was on Courier. And not to mention, he left me, Shadow Demon, doing solo in Suicide lane vs Chaos Knight and Venomancer. Then, he started spamming more russian texts, and the enemy team replied to him. At the end of the match, Me and Lanaya where the only two guys who reported Pudge. At the next day, I WAS IN LOW PRIOR POOL. And you know what? I added Lanaya to friends, she was too.

                I know it's difficult, but i think all reports should be watched 1 by 1. Not only that, if the player deserves it, please, do something more than just leave him in low prior pool. Even ban hin to play the game for weeks, months, years or permanently if he deserves it.

                And, finally, items. Leavers should NOT get items at the end of the match. I'll give you an example:

                I got Random Bloodseeker once. The game was going well. Then, our Sven decided to go Mask of Madness and Divine Rapier. He lost that Rapier at going 1 vs 5, and the enemy Spirit breaker got it. I know, that's feeding and shit, but he insta-leaved the match. We waited, even the enemy team kindly waited a bit, but he didn't came. At the end of the match, he got the mythical Axe's axe. And noone else got items. The hell? I don't know if it's a bug or something, but it needs to be fixed before people goes to a match, leaves, joins another one, leaves, joins another one, and keep leaving them just to farm items like a complete douchebag.

                Well, that's all. I don't know if they will even take a look at this post, but the Matchmaking is getting messed up and totally ruined, and it's a shame, Dota 2 is such an epic and beautyfull game.
                Last edited by BadassFreeman; 10-21-2012, 05:19 AM.
                Too lazy to write something with any sense. That's why i spam this here: My DevianArt account, my YouTube Channel, and my Steam Account.


                • Well there are 50000 - 120000 players playing at a time, there are bound to be some noobs there lol. According to what I read, the more you play, the less likely you are going to be queued with noobs. =O


                  • let me correct you, more you play, noob amount is constant, but you're more and more pissed about them


                    • so, one time for few days I manage to climb up to very high bracket while in duo stack, 2 days after I myself get into high pool while solo queued. After next 5 days I'm in playing with ppl that doesn't build boots, yet I still lose bc fact teammates are that bad, there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

                      Fix this shit already!!!

                      edit: next game I should probably expect this kind of stuff, right?
                      Last edited by Monse; 10-21-2012, 05:18 PM.


                      • Below is blash's response to my thread on MM which has been "closed". Presumably his attitude reflect's Valve current stance. It's suffice to say that he/Valve think the majority of posts in this thread are "invalid" - I guess we're all wasting our time in this thread (which is what alot of us suspected in the first place).


                        "this forum is to provide feedback about the current state of the beta.
                        it is not supposted to act as a blog.
                        when the devs have questions about certain aspects they will step up and ask them.

                        also if you actually cared to read through those "300 pages of complaints" you would get a better idea of how many of those complaints are actually valid.



                        • i have more than 1000 games and just today i got some incredible feeders in my team, for example a game where i had 6-0-8 invoker and my team had 2 guys with 1-12-0, 1 guy with 3-15 and a last one with 5-10-3
                          The matchmaking is horrible. There is absolutely no Ranking or something to pair you up with other players of equal skill level.


                          • I'd like blash to show us a single 200+ page thread on the official site of ANY competitive game complaining about MM. He can't, because none exists. Check the HoN and LoL forums, also ARTS games. Once in a while you'd get a random newbie who'd complain MM was keeping him from increasing his rank, but would be INSTANTLY debunked by people disagreeing with him. On the HoN forums people also experimented a lot by resetting their stats and then climbing back up through solo queue. Biggest example is Alucard, who solo queued very rapidly up to 2000+MMR (which is pro level rank), thus showing that MM DID work, and made sure you got to the rank you deserved.

                            But there are a TON of people complaining about Dota2's MM, and furthermore, its just not newbies complaining, many high skilled players also think MM is broken for solo queue. I have a friend with two accounts; one in normal, the other in high, and he is maintaining said ranks on both. How can this be possible? He is either a normal level player, or a high level player, he cant be both at the same time. One of those accounts is measuring his skill inaccurately and failing to get him to the rank he deserves.
                            Last edited by JeanLuc; 10-22-2012, 03:01 AM.


                            • Now we know why there is no visible rating: there is no invisible rating either.

                              Better buy Riot stock before this hits.


                              • This MM is fucking broken. Why the fuck are losing streaks so much more prevalent than winning streaks.