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Official Matchmaking Feedback Thread

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  • Originally posted by bacurbacur View Post
    Not going to play until the MM is fixed. So...probably never.

    Originally posted by Enai Siaion

    Now let us do things our way. Lobbies, visible MMR, visible stats please. Now.
    This. Haven't played a real game in over a month now I think. I might have hit queue real game by accident.


    • Originally posted by complaintant View Post
      I dislike that if I choose to pick a support, I can do absolutely nothing when the game matched me with lower skill players on the assumption that I should've picked carry because my skill is rated higher than the others. If I go into a game knowing how I rank amongst my teammates, I would pick the carry and tell all of them to do something else because I'm sick and tired of having my entire team go carry whilst being terrible at lasthitting... leaving me to have to pick up the pieces and try to ward/support/stun. It's incredibly frustrating and I blame that for my adverse, lower win% in public games.
      That's true.
      When I was playing Newerth, the MMR system was transparent, and you could clearly see with what kind of players you'll play with/against.
      Usually, highest rated players would take carries, and would be more easily listened.

      Matchmaking system DOESN'T work, and apparently they are not looking for a solution, been the same deal for months already, and solutions exists.


      • Originally posted by IWantToHelpAsMuchAsIcan View Post
        MatchMaking wont enforce 50% win rate and it's easy to prove. Most players is simplay always around average level which is 45-55%. Dendi is now an average player.

        Originally posted by IWantToHelpAsMuchAsIcan View Post
        Btw, as far as I know they are working on 1vs1 mode so you can try your luck there and see how's your skill compared to other players.
        1v1 as skill meter in a team game, where certain heroes counter each other. Ok.


        • Match id 60990579

          Level 15, 5, 15, 13, 10


          Level 11, 4, 1, 4, 1

          k thx


          • Originally posted by Aether View Post
            Match id 60990579

            Level 15, 5, 15, 13, 10


            Level 11, 4, 1, 4, 1

            k thx
            Levels say nothing. NOT at all. You could be level 1 and have 10000 wins without a single loss. Just as a hint, no matter how "bad" the system currently is.
            If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.


            • It was obvious 2 ppl never played Dota, running alone into ennemies, never using spells, etc.


              • 61024457


                • Likes: Nothing.
                  Dislikes: Everything current matchmaking includes.
                  PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Only thing you develop are hats, cosmetics, sunglasses, animations, handsome neutrals, changing eye color of heroes... I BEG YOU!!!


                  • valveexperience.png


                    • Last night, I played an axe in a "supposed to lose" game. However, I managed to carry the game to victory despite having 2 feeder supports, with double heart of tarrasque.

                      That was the opening of the pandora's box. The system deemed that since I could carry a "supposed to lose" game to victory, I must be very pro. So my matchmaking rank sky-rocketed.

                      The following 3 matches, I got stomped real bad.


                      And then, the system deemed that I was noob again, and lowered my matchmaking rank. So the next game, I went 18-0-6 with faceless void.
                      Enemy team has a 1-18-3 drow ranger. 0-9-4 antimage.

                      Towards the end of the game the drow ranger and centaur were just running down the lane towards my fountain.

                      It's like the matchmaking system has a perfect idea of the REAL ability of a player. However, it SIMPLY and DELIBERATELY *REFUSES* to put equally skilled players together.

                      Seems like Eric Tams, the guy in charge of the matchmaking system, is a BDSM SADIST.

                      Instead of letting players battle it out and naturally have a 50% win-loss rate, he wants to ENFORCE a 50% win-loss ratio.

                      There is no explanation for this except PURE SADISM. As in a desire for BONDAGE and SUBMISSION.


                      • Originally posted by Spellbreak View Post
               Dendi is now an average player.

                        1v1 as skill meter in a team game, where certain heroes counter each other. Ok.
                        Dendimon troll more than playing seriously. If he would tryhard he'd reach 60% + easily. 1vs1 mirror mode is just a fun mode, not smth which will be officially supported. It may change in future if ppl will ask for 1vs1 MM games.
                        Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


                        • The current heavy-ganking metagame does not help much towards balanced games either.

                          Even professional games nowadays tend to be stomps. If one side has a team fight advantage, victory is almost certain.

                          Carries now have to participate in team fights early on in the game. No more solo farming.


                          • My suggestion is to re-introduce the good old LOBBY MATCHMAKING. Garena Style.

                            Lobby matchmaking, AKA totally random matchmaking, does a far better job than algorithm intensive matchamking.

                            As Warren Buffett says, "beware of geeks wielding complicated equations".

                            Math and computer science geeks at Valve spend their days trying to come up with the best matchmaking system.

                            However, this is what they produce.

                            Mathematics is good for science and engineering, however, beware when applying it to thing that involve real human interactions, eg. Finance, multiplayer gaming, crime prediction, etc.

                            Dota 2 feels like a "brave new world" where the gamers happiness are not earned by themselves, but decided by the MATCHMAKING SYSTEM.


                            • Originally posted by crash777 View Post
                              So dota2 unplayable without friends, in the sense that you can never improve your rating level once you get to a certain point unless you are FUCKING AMAZINGLY good, better than dendi, to carry 4 other players 75-80% of the time. Not just high K/D good, but 30-0 good all by yourself. I can not play with friends, mine do not play dota. unless I go hunt them on forums or something. So I am basically stuck not being able to play dota.

                              I believe quite a few of the complaints here are probably from midskilled players thinking they are better than they are, but some of us are literally 'banned' from high level gaming in dota even when we know we have the talent, because of the way the MMR system is.
                              Ahhh this is why i can never quit this thread for too long. It is post like these that makes me feel good. Speaking from xp as someone who jumped into dota2 solo queueing the vast majority of my games and breaking into very high bracket, I assure u to win a game you do not/ can not carry 4 other players. No such thing. I am not fucking amazingly good nor do i profess to be better than pros, but the fact i can solo queue my way to very high playing support most of the time shows that u dont pick proper heroes.

                              Why do you not say you cant support 4 carries instead of carrying 4 players. Cant support 4 carries is a very valid argument. Heres how i overcome this problem back then. I found out u dun get abandons when u leave during the pick heroes phase so i just wait for everyone else to pick and if theres 4 carries I dc. problem solved. Unless the problem was that you were one of the carry/hunter.

                              Furthermore i realised that u can improve on ur mmr the fastest during ur early game. jes win a few games in a row and ull be in high lvl. I met someone with 43 wins and hes at very high lvl already and playing with him I know hes good. So that shows that our mm system is very good at placing ppl in their skill lvl even on a low number of games. Therefore after a lot of games I can only say mm becomes even more accurate. As a true believer i have to reiterate the consolation prayer. Ur mad coz ur bad. So dun worry, god and the world aint out to get u, ur jes bad thats all.


                              • I think we all should take a chill pill and STOP PLAYING DOTA UNTIL MM IS FIXED. ty

                                Anyone up for x-com:eu ?
                                Originally posted by Vasilev
                                You're not matched vs better enemies when you win, you're matched with worse allies.